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Wedding Photography
A kiss
Feb 21, 2020 15:28:37   #
Canon 6d
85 1.2

Mar 26, 2020 17:03:26   #
bkyser Loc: Fly over country in Indiana
The good. I like the rim light from the sunset. You caught a very nice moment.

Suggestions. As was mentioned in the removed post that offered criticism without any "constructive" a few things to consider when doing staged, vs. a "captured moment" for lack of a better term. I try to shoot from the other side, so you get her ring in the photo.

Another thing that is silly, but my personal preference, is that I've always considered the wedding day, the "brides big day" Face it, most of us grooms were just along for the big party afterwards... and the honeymoon in my generation. In that light, I always try to get her nose to the camera side. It shows more of her face, and she's the star.

Unless maybe you are Ed. I think most of us would always change something about these shots, because we forgot "something." The reason for this section is to take suggestions that you agree with, and try to remember them in the heat of the moment.

You balanced the light well for the background and scene. I personally try to use OCF as often as possible to create a little more dimension, but that's my style. I'm sure they love it, and it is beautiful in the album. Whether you do albums or not, it's a disservice to not suggest that if you give them a disk, that the first thing they do is create an album... Wall hangers come and go, but families, kids, and grandkids always love looking at albums. (OK, I'm preaching again)

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