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Arsenal, a followup on previous discussion...
Feb 15, 2019 17:43:23   #
gessman Loc: Colorado
I got Arsenal out yesterday and hooked it up to two cameras a Canon 5d2 and Sony a6500 using my Samsung S8+ phone and two different Android tablets, one older and one newer. I used it in both auto and manual modes and found it to work at varying speeds depending on the age of the devices I was trying it out with.

There are a couple of things that do not work yet but should be fixed soon. Those things do not keep the device from being very useful for anyone interested in using it for what it purports to offer. I was pleasantly surprised after having read reviews and watched video reviews on youtube. I can unequivocally state that most of the reviews you can find online are old, done very early in the life cycle of the product, and do not apply to the current state of Arsenal.

Depending on the age of the camera and controlling device, it can seem slow especially if you're impatient but in reality, it is a lot faster than you can achieve the same things doing them all manually. In a stacked image, shots are about a second apart, and stacking takes perhaps 30 seconds but you can view the finished product and send it out via email, text, or other social media and have it there long before you can get it there from onsite doing it all by hand or any other way unless you own a late model camera that will do all that for you.

I will just say that it is effective as best I can tell allowing that it may work differently on other cameras and phones/tablets, etc., but I would urge you to not believe the reviews that are online about it. If you're interested in what it says it can do I would suggest that it's ready for you now and the one or two things that remain imperfected will likely be fixed very soon in the form of a firmware update. I don't think you will be disappointed with it the way it works now.

I will say one more thing - for most Sony cameras it uses the onboard wifi rather than the short cable all other cameras require and Arsenal have provided instructions to get that working. With Canon and Nikon it's a matter of plugging in the little cable that connect the camera and Arsenal and downloading the controlling app from Play Store for Android and that other place for iPhone.

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