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How to set a Canon 70D camera for (mostly) good images not using auto.
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Feb 12, 2019 17:12:05   #
amfoto1 (a regular here)
Blenheim Orange wrote:
Here is how to clear all of the settings your family member may have fooled with:


This merely sets the camera back to it's original, factory defaults. It doesn't re-establish any of the settings the user might have made to have the camera work best possible for them.

I really can't advice what settings to make. The settings I use depend upon the lens I'm using, what I'm shooting and the conditions I'm shooting under. I change them all the time.

But, if/when you get the camera settings back the way you want them, save the setup to the "C" or "custom users" position on your camera's mode dial. That way you can always go back to those settings. Page 390 of the 70D user manual describes how to use this feature (if you don't have a manual... or if the one you got with the camera is an abridged version... you can download the full manual as a PDF from the Canon website).

Worst case, you can always set the camera to the "A+" on the mode dial. That's a "point 'n' shoot/auto-absolutely-everything/might-as-well-have-just-used-my-camera-phone" mode.

Or, "SCN" on the mode dial gives you access to a bunch of different, highly automated "preset Scene modes" such as "sports", "landscape", "portrait", etc.

But you really should learn how to "use" your camera... why and how to set it up under different conditions. Buy a copy of Bryan Peterson's "Understanding Exposure" for a good, thorough overview of how all cameras work. And get one of the guide books specific to the Canon 70D to complement the user manual that was provided with the camera. Looking at Amazon for 70D guide books I see them from Charlotte Lowrie, David Taylor, Doug Klostermann and David Busch... all of whom I can recommend from personal experience. There are also guides from some others I'm not familiar with, so you may need to read buyer reviews on Amazon to decide between them.

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Feb 12, 2019 17:30:18   #
Whiff gave you great advice for finding the information you seek.

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Feb 12, 2019 17:30:18   #
Whuff gave you great advice for finding the information you seek.

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Feb 12, 2019 19:47:38   #
I don't know if this will help but you can look at past posts that you created.

I went through some, back through 2016, and didn't see which post it was that might have helped you. May have missed it. Good luck

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Feb 13, 2019 00:30:37   #
speters (a regular here)
buddah17 wrote:
About a year (or more?) ago, I was asking questions on this site seeking help in making a setting on my Canon 70D camera where I could leave the camera at, and get reliable consistant and (sometimes) good images. The major problems I was having seemed to be with my ISO settings, and the auto focus.. (I am not of the "computer age" and not too computer or digital savvy...
One of the other UHH members was kind enough to show me a system where I could set the ISO to "Auto" and the other settings to various places. The system setup has worked GREAT for me, however last weekend I lent my camera to a family memeber at an event and she CHANGED every setting on the samera and now I don't remember the settings that I had it to. Her image results were mixed with some being amost totally black (it was an indoor event,) and a lot were out of focus although she did have it on "auto focus." Worse still, I'm on medications with a side effect of short term memory loss, and try as I may, I cannot remember the name of the gentleman kind enough to help me set up the system that I have been using the last few years; so that I can put the settings back to where they were. Can anyone help? Thanks.
Hello; br About a year (or more?) ago, I was askin... (show quote)

You realize, there is no such thing as one setting for all times, you set the camera according to what/and when you're shooting. As fast as the weather is changing, as fast the settings are changing!

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