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Range Masking in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC
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Feb 9, 2019 13:05:34   #
rgrenaderphoto (a regular here)
From Matt Kloskowski, Lightroom's range masking tool tutorial. This is going to impact my landscape photography workflow in a big way.

What else is hiding in the Lightroom interface???

Also available in ACR.

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Feb 9, 2019 13:08:37   #
AndyH (a regular here)
Cool! I will check it out.

So many hidden features in Adobe software.


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Feb 9, 2019 13:15:21   #
Matt has a couple courses I've paid for. They are very good. One is about Photoshop for photographers that use Lightroom.

Another is about creating "light" in post processing. The idea is that you sometimes have to shoot in less than the best light and there are things you can do to improve that.

The third one I have is about "compositing" or blending images in Photoshop. If you shoot multiple images with exposures for different areas in the scene, he teaches how you put them together.

Matt's courses are all downloaded on to your computer. They stay there as long as you want. Once you put them on your computer, you can watch as often and anywhere you want. They will play on tablet while you follow on your computer with the provided practice images.

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Feb 10, 2019 09:37:47   #
Thank you, what a great learning experience that I will find most useful.

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Feb 10, 2019 11:11:57   #
As I was watching the Klowskowski range masking video I needed a sample to work on. I picked a "bright sky" snow scene with my granddaughter in it. It came out so good I made a print to hang on the wall. That's a great tutorial. Thanks for posting the link.

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Feb 10, 2019 12:35:28   #
It is amazing what Lightroom can do and what is available within. I discovered lightroom at version3. I almost immediately embraced its' masking features and they have just got better with each version. It is a great time saver vs. photoshop. I always finish in photoshop.

I have also been subscribing to Matt's stuff for some time now because with the hours I put in at my job, I am sort of limited by the time it takes to learn techniques on my own. So, I simply look up what it is that I am after, and usually, Matt has already covered it. I watch the video and 5 minutes, later, I am good to go.

Now then, this video and a couple others he has on the same subject, has helped to save me a lot of time in photoshop from having to do multiple layering. Sometimes I would have to do 15 layers in photoshop to achieve what I want. By using the masking feature in lightroom, I can reduce that number to perhaps 2, or maybe 0 layers. Pretty cool.

Lightroom by no means is a cure all, nor is it meant to be. This is why I tell people that lightroom is not an "instead of", but rather a "compliment to" photoshop.

For me, lightroom makes my editing in photoshop a lot quick and more importantly, less tedious.

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