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Landscape Photography
Introduction (please read).
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Dec 4, 2018 11:33:38   #
R.G. Loc: Scotland
Welcome to the Landscape Photography section which is for anyone who is interested in sharing, discussing and giving feedback on landscape photos.


To most people the term "landscape" to a large extent means "scenery" of one kind or another. We intend to keep the definitions loose and largely non-exclusive, so urban landscapes and seascapes are included in our definition. In this context we would expect the scenery to be the main subject or one of the main subjects (for example a shot of a barn where the rural setting is at least as significant as the barn itself). If the landscape was an inadvertent element in a shot where something else was the main subject (for example a group of people), that would not be seen as appropriate for this section. Where casual snapshots are concerned, if they were taken with little or no forethought there's a very real possibility that they will have little or no value. However, that doesn't apply to well-spotted grab shots - which in some cases have turned out to be the shot of a lifetime.

As far as style goes we are leaving it similarly open, so realistic, impressionistic, abstract, unprocessed and highly processed are all OK, as are B&W (black and white) and infrared.

Where scale is concerned, anything from wide angle to telephoto shots are seen as OK for this section, as are intimate landscapes and even the more focused "study" type of shot.

Discussion threads and tutorials are welcome and encouraged. That also applies to suggestions for ongoing series (provided you are willing to post the first example ).

One of the things that differentiates this subsection from the Photo Gallery is that the Gallery is primarily about sharing, whereas this subsection is as much to do with feedback as it is with sharing. That being the case, if you post images in this subsection, expect to be given feedback (and possibly suggestions) - which you will hopefully receive graciously (see the FEEDBACK section below for suggestions and advice).


We can all benefit from seeing landscape shots that were carefully considered and carefully executed. However, in addition to that we should try to think of ways to add value to a thread. This can be done by including comments on why you took the shot (what your intention or vision was), whether you consider the shot to be fully or just partly successful and whether you had limitations to work around. Relevant background information and back story can also add much interest.

The section is open to people at all levels (including beginners) so it will often be very helpful to include extra information on your procedures, camera settings and any special considerations that were required when taking the shot. Concise descriptions of any post processing involved (limited to the main points) can also be very useful.


Our expectation is that any participant in this section will treat others with respect and will acknowledge their right to have whatever opinion they choose. It is not our place to judge anybody's opinions, preferences or tastes. Most feedback is going to be subjective (i.e. opinion-based) and one person's opinion is rarely everyone's opinion. Respect views that are contrary to your own.


When offering constructive feedback, be sure to explain the why of your opinion. Understanding the "why" may help the OP (original poster) to see a problem more readily and gives the OP a basis for evaluating whether that specific observation or suggestion is relevant to his/her intention or vision.

It's in nobody's interests to receive feedback that is excessively discouraging or that provokes a defensive reaction. Be kind and constructive. It helps to lead with positive comments. Feedback is typically a mixture of positive and negative comments, but don't feel obliged to always include negative comments.

When receiving feedback, be gracious and keep an open mind. Most of us have the potential to react negatively when possible faults or mistakes are pointed out to us. It can be helpful to look at a respondent's own posting history: are their interests and objectives the same as yours - e.g. SOOC (straight out of camera) vs. heavy PP (post processing)?


We intend to apply the forum-wide rules in this section. For example one shouldn't edit (alter in any way) another's image unless permission has been granted. A request for permission often results in permission being granted. The same stipulation applies to re-posting someone else's image either in this section or elsewhere in the forum. Many forum members include such permissions in the signature area under their posts.

Occasionally going off-topic is to be expected but shouldn't be done to an excessive extent. (That would be seen as hijacking).

Arguing, bullying and rudeness will not be tolerated in this section.

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