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Nikon D750 sale
May 28, 2018 13:24:25   #
jccash Loc: Longwood, Florida

May 28, 2018 13:41:32   #
drklrd Loc: Cincinnati Ohio
jccash wrote:

Nice price but my Nikon D7200 has the same resolution even if a DX body. I still have a few ISO numbers above 12800 on top of that before it goes into B&W mode. I think unless you want FF it might be a nice body but if you want to go FF why not just go the extra bucks and get The D850. Over time it could save a few more bucks. The 810 is due to price drop in the next year (I only speculate on this). If I owned Nikon I would drop the prices to all lesser pro type Nikons and then start a new line up of Pro gear. I think Nikon got as caught up with new every year like what happened to computers. Every year you had a new version of the old one. I know there are many, many computers out there in ware houses just waiting to be bought because of the mail order catalogs I get weekly trying to sell me the older models. Just like there are many, many amateur cameras out there that are 8 mpx the catalog guys are trying to sell. Time for Hasselblad to new up to and the same goes for all the other camera companies out there.

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