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Street Photography
~~ Welcome to the Street Photography Section! ~~
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Jan 9, 2016 07:35:41   #
Apaflo Loc: Anchorage, Alaska
The "Street Photography Section" is for images and discussion about the philosophy and techniques of the genre called Street Photography, that records pictures where the subject is life.

We have at least two definitions of Street Photography to help guide what this section is about. Wikipedia of course is subject to random edits, and has gone through many changes in what it says Street is. At present (January 9, 2016) it says:

"Street photography is photography that features the chance
encounters and random accidents within public places. Street
photography does not necessitate the presence of a street or
even the urban environment. Though people usually feature
directly, street photography might be absent of people and
can be of an object or environment where the image projects a
decidedly human character in facsimile or aesthetic.

An opposing view, from a very authoritative source:

"There's no such thing as street photography and even if there
were, it isn't what I do...I photograph animals. That's it! If
you want to do a history of zoo photography, I'll participate."
Garry Winogrand (Only slightly tongue in cheek.)

The rules for the Street Photography Section are fairly simple. We accept almost any inclusive definition of Street Photography, and will not exclude any discussion or image if a member feels it is appropriate to Street Photography.

Heated exchanges are allowed, but gratuitous personal discussions, attacks or insults, name calling or bullying are not (and will be deleted). Otherwise the same basic rules that apply to the entire forum apply here.

Please have fun!

Apaflo (aka Floyd),
Section Manager

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