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Canon EOS 7D Mark II for Dummies
May 25, 2015 22:02:25   #
DWU2 Loc: Phoenix Arizona area
For those who might be interested, here's a review of this book I posted on Amazon:

I was thoroughly disappointed with this book. The title should be changed to "Canon EOS 7D Mark II for Dummies Who Know Nothing About Photography, But Bought Themselves a Pro-Grade Camera." When I buy a camera-model specific book, I expect to find information specific to that model of camera. Instead, this book was padded with information on fundamentals. Most of the book consists of instruction on the basics of photography, including exposure, the rule of thirds, composition, depth of field, how to pan, how to avoid camera shake, motion blur, how to shoot landscapes, macros, portraits, how to photograph sunsets, wildlife, and defining your photographic goals. There's a lengthy section on using the full auto mode. Really? On a 7D Mark II? This isn't the Canon T5!

Furthermore, whenever we approach anything a serious photographer would want to read, the author repeatedly states that space doesn't permit him to address the topic. When discussing custom functions, he says, "Unfortunately, I'd have to buy my editor a year's supply of hair coloring product if I covered every custom function." Hey, that's why I bought the book!

I know this is a "For Dummies" book, but I've read many in that series that were seriously detailed. This one isn't.

Unfortunately, it appears that the publisher of David Busch's excellent guides may have run into financial problems, and his book on the 7D II won't be forthcoming. Here's two alternative suggestions. You can either buy the Kindle-only Canon 7D Mark II Experience book, or if you want a paper book with Busch's level of detail, you could buy Busch's guide to the Canon 5D Mark III. Sure, it's a different camera, and there's some significant differences between them, but the menu structure of the 7D II is quite similar to that of the 5D III, and most of the advanced features work the same.

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