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For the purposes of this forum (and the vast majority of the technical photography world), Macro-Photography is defined as 1:1 magnification (life-size), up to 10:1 magnification (10x life-size), usually captured with a true macro lens. 1:1 magnification means that the captured image on a CMOS sensor (or film) is exact same size as original subject. Macro dimensions can also be achieved by cropping a near-macro image.

Image capture is properly called macrography, photo-macrography, or macro-photography. Viewing is called macroscopy.

This is a forum dedicated to discussing true macro technique, and to share results obtained with macro lenses & macro gear, such as bellows, extension tubes, reversed lenses, ring lights & other macro lighting.
Each thread must have AT LEAST ONE macro-photograph. Accompanying close-up photos, and/or reference or location photos are allowed.

No thread high-jacking will be allowed. Stay on Original Poster's topic, or your post will be removed.

Also, do not post any image on another member's thread, without specific permission from the OP. Unauthorized images will be removed.

"Maximum combined attachment file size is 20Mb. That is the total limit for all images attached to a single post." per

Comparisons will be made to: close-up photography, which is defined as 1:10 magnification (1/10th life-size) up to near life-size; and to micro-photography, which is defined as 10:1 magnification (10x life-size) & greater. Examples of close-ups are allowed only for the purpose of comparison with a true macro image.

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