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Download your copy of our free photography crash course. This e-book contains raw experience and wisdom of over 2,000 photographers, recorded and cataloged by us over a span of 8 years right here on our photography forum.

You'll be able to follow easy step-by-step instructions, so it's simply impossible for your photography skills not to improve right away. Our e-book contains tremendous amount of know-how on every aspect of photography, no matter what you're into.

Download our course below absolutely free.

It contains the following:

• How to make almost anyone look great when taking their portrait. Regardless of facial features, type of face and hair. (A few tricks to position the light and the angle of your camera that work on 95% of people.)

• How to make your landscape pictures interesting. So they don't look flat and boring. There is a simple checklist you can follow to make sure your pictures stand out. Even if you take a picture of the same landmark or location that is photographed by thousands of other people. Your picture will be noticeably different.

• Is there a better way to compose than the "rule of thirds?"

• One simple technique that allows you to use your flash in a way that makes your pictures look as if flash wasn't used at all. (The opposite of deer-in-headlights amateurish pictures you would normally get when using flash.) So if you hate using flash because it makes your pictures look bad, then you really need to learn this.

• How to find willing models for your photography. For any kind of photography.

• How to take HDR pictures without them looking either soft (with no contrast what so ever) or over-saturated to the point of looking like a cartoon.

• How to make sure pictures taken indoors and without flash aren't blurred.

• How to make money off of your photography no matter where you are located.

• How to reduce camera shake without using a tripod.

• How to make those beautiful blurred backgrounds (bokeh) you see in professional photos while keeping your subject entirely perfectly crisp. Not just the eyes or the ears with having to choose due to shallow depth of field, but the entire subject.

• Is it generally better to increase ISO or to lower shutter speed? (for non-action shots)

You'll discover all this and much more. Way too much to list it all here, but you'll love it.

And of course, it's all completely free!

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