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Feedback and user rating system

To access user's feedback listing, click on their profile and follow the link next to the "feedback" label. You can check feedback left for you by clicking on "My Profile" link at the top.

Feedback stats consist of two numbers, the total number of feedback entries for the user and the rate of positive entries.

Users can remove feedback entries that they had left for others. This is done to allow direct conflict resolution. In other words, if someone posts negative feedback to your account and later you work things out, that person can remove the negative entry instantly.

The feedback system coverts two types of transactions: buying/selling and trading/swapping.

For each entry, you can rate your overall experience with the user as positive or negative. Additionally, you can enter comments about the transaction which took place. The amount of details in the comments is up to you.

You may not leave feedback entries for your own account, not even in response to others. Doing so skews the ratings.

Buying/selling feedback

From buyers:

When you order a product or a service from another user, please leave her feedback stating that you were a buyer and describe your experience with the purchase.

Your feedback could help future potential buyers decide if the seller is trustworthy and reliable.

From sellers:

When you sell a product or render a service to another user, please leave her feedback stating that you were a seller and specify if the payment was prompt and communication clear.

Positive ratings

In order for the feedback system to have any meaning, ratings have to be genuine. So please don't inflate feedback counts by making up positive entries. Each feedback entry should represent a real transaction.

Other than that, there aren't any rules governing positive ratings. The only condition is that each feedback entry must represent an actual transaction. You can't leave feedback simply because the other person is "nice". This would defeat the purpose of the feedback system.

Negative ratings

With negative ratings, things are not as simple. In general, please think twice before posting negative feedback. If it can be avoided at all, then it's best not to post anything. Negative rating option is only meant for cases when it's obvious that the user's actions were malicious and intentional. It's a way to let others know about dishonest or irresponsible users and prevent any further damage.

Also, before leaving negative rating for anybody, please take into account factors outside of that person's control, such as family emergencies, illnesses, and other objective obstacles which could be preventing the user form fulfilling her obligations.

When leaving negative feedback for another person, please be prepared to provide a solid explanation in case the other user questions your feedback and informs the moderators.

If you receive negative rating from another user, first try to PM that person and find out how the issue can be resolved. Each user can remove the feedback entries they created. So if you manage to work things out, that same person would be able to remove her feedback entry from your profile. This is by far the best way to settle it.

If you just can't agree on something with another user, then please PM Admin and explain the situation.

One thing to note: since all deals are made directly between users, you can't expect the administration or the moderators to resolve all issues. We will try our best, but ultimately it's up to the individual users.

Frivolous or vindictive feedback

Each feedback entry is judged on its own merit. So if one user posts a justified negative rating and gets an unjustified negative rating in return, then the latter one will be removed.

As stated above, the best way to deal with negative feedback is to work it out with the other person by addressing the issue.

DISCLAIMER: Administration reserves the right to delete any feedback entries deemed inappropriate. But users are solely responsible for the feedback entries they leave for others.
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