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Ljubljana, Slovenia_the first 24 hours
Arrived yesterday after an almost missed connection in Munich. Great to be back. Alas, only for two weeks rather than a year. Will make the best of it. Went for a short walk with camera last PM. I was dragging badly by the end. Woke at 3:30 AM. Went out at 5 for two hours. Meeting a friend for dinner in a bit. Will take camera with one lens.

The first five were from last night. The last five from the walk this AM.
City is packed with tourists. Glad I got to know it in the off-season as well. A different feeling then.

A jazz quartet on one of the bridges. They were good. They got some euros.

Black and white is perfect for jazz.

A lead us not into temptation moment last night. Will give in tonight after dinner.

Shooting through the stalls at the outdoor market.

Airing out a cafe at 5:30 AM.

Frosted glass graphic on the window of Dvorni Bar.

Reflection in a shop window.

Both sides of the river will be packed with people this evening. Perfect weather.

Drawn in by the geometry of this wine shop display. Gratuitous selfie included.

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Simple Question
Will a Nikon D 5600 operate the autofocus feature on my DX lenses. Yes/No
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Sportsfinder on Mamiya TLR
I found a drawer of various Mamiya TLR models I never got around to using, and a 330 pro looks ready to use. One of my first cameras was a Yashica TLR, which I loved, so I am going to try the 330 out. I rather like a solid, heavyset camera, so I seem to be in luck here--it is robust and healthy indeed.

Naturally I focus on the ground glass screen, and since I like smaller apertures, that is fine (especially with the magnifier built in). But if I wanted to use the sportsfinder instead, I am at a loss how to do it. I have the 105mm lens on it, and a 105mm sportsfinder mask, but just how much of the ground glass is masked depends entirely on how far back my eye is, looking throuigh. If you get reight up to the viewing opening, you see all the screen, and if you back up--well, it gets smaller and smaller.

Of course the thing is meant to be approximate (action shooting), but still--there ought to be some guidance about how to use it. Anybody here remember using this so you can guide me?

One could conduct careful tests to see what view matches the lens view, but I hope there is a rule of thumb that works well enough.
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Floyd Lamb Park, Las Vegas, NV

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The rolling hills and drystone walls of Cumbria.England....
...photographed during a visit to our daughter and grandaughters house last weekend.Please check out the downloads.








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The dreaded Buckeye Pine Snake...
Found locally in Richland county usually under pine trees....

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Should have traded some ISO for more time.

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Question about Fuji x100f book
Hello all, I’m wondering if anyone has purchased either of the following: The Fujifilm x100f 101 x-pert by Rico Pfirstinger. The other is The Complete Guide to Fujifilm x100f by Tony Philips. Rico is $18 dollars 216 pages, Tony is $55 and 586. If you have these books is the 300 extra pages worth the extra $37. Thanks for the help!!
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Identification please??
I came across this tree in Phuket recently. The flower caught my eye, but also the way it appeared.
Seemingly it sprouts from the lower trunk, extends out on a shaft, then blooms in bunches.
Can anyone tell me its name or any info about it. It was quite a big tree in the surrounds of a yachting marina.

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Energetic K-9s
Dogs also have friends.

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