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Critters everywhere!
Got to take a drive thru Glacier National park this weekend and then drove thru the National Bison many critters! Just missing the Elk...they stayed to far away for any good pics. Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did.
Grizzly Bear Cub

Grizzly Sow...Momma

I think he sees something!

Awesome Muley


Wow...what a rack!

Awesome Whitetail



Bald Eagle

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My Daily Visitor to the Back Porch
Green Anole...

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My Lonely Hummingbird
Hoping her mate is somewhere close by. She stayed for a week fueling up for her trip south.

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A Special Visitor to The Ranch
An adult and a juvenile Crested Caracara stopped by the other day. I’ve seen these quite a few times but rarely at my place.

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"Dually Heaven"
A local guy has collected all these old, "dually", farm, stake trucks. His dad used to operate a junkyard in our area. He graciously allowed me to take their portraits today. More to come in days ahead.

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Racing Stripes...
Crescent Island, Lake Naivasha, Kenya

one of the few places considered safe to walk unarmed (arms are not legal in the Kenyan bush anyway),
we were treated to a short boat ride with a hippo audience, running zebra, and a minutes-old giraffe that was still moist.
Where was mom? She was about 50 yards away trying to lead us to her instead of the newborn.

Nikon d60, Nikkor 18-200mm, available light (and not much to spare)
hand-held pan

Was a race to the top...

Trusty boatman

We're gonna need a bigger boat !


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After the rain.
A little break in the rain and here come the hummers. Panasonic GX85, 45-150 kit lens, cropped.

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Hungry Bug
Found this hungry bug looking for nectar at Chicago Botanical Garden last week.
Camera: Nikon D800
Exposure: Aperture-priority F16 1/3,200 sec, ISO 2000
Taken with a 105 Micro Nikkor 2.8

Enjoy..Comments appreciated

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Nikon D750 past recalls
I don't know where to look to see if this issue has been posted before, I have been toying with upgrading my D700. I've
spent two evenings reading about recalls, 3 for the same problem of lens flaring and then shutter issues. I'm having alot of
problems pulling the trigger with a D750 purchase. I have a fair amount of money invested in Nikon glass so I don't want to change
systems. Has Nikon corrected all these issue? Any D750 shooters care to ease my frayed nerves after reading all of these reports?
I don't think a D810 is my answer.
Thanks in advance.
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more bug shots
too windy to go to far.

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