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Venus ,the Moon and the thunderstorm
I was bound and determined to get some shots of the moon and venus last night but the thunderstorm kept interfering ! I shot during some breaks in the clouds

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Shooting the Milky Way,
I was given the opertunity finally here in Washington State to do some night photography in the mountains on a Moonless night. The Milky way was awesome since the sky was clear and we were at about the 8000ft level in the snow still. Seems like all the videos I watched and studied for the last several months just went blank when it came time for the set up. I have included a few examples and your advice is always helpful.
These were taken with a Canon T3 using a Tamron 28-300 DI VC Aspherical Lens and of course tripod.

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Initial Pictures from my weekend Road Trip
This past weekend I traveled from NOVa to Myrtle Beach.
I traveled the western route stopping at:
1 The National D Day Memorial
2 The Virginia Museum of Natural History
3 The North Carolina Zoo

I hope you enjoy them

Gold Star Families Memorial Monument - Front

Valor, Fidelity, Sacrifice

Gold Star Families Memorial Monument - Rear

Gray Plaza

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Travels With Bob.......A Humorous Moment in Barcelona!
This post will finally complete our cruise from Florida to Barcelona, Spain that I've been working on forever!! This humorous moment occurred on our last night at dinner in Barcelona before flying home the next day. Picture story ahead.....Bob
(1) HI.....Bob here! The date was May 2, 2016 & we left our hotel seeking a place to eat. A couple of blocks away we choose this contemporary restaurant. We were seated by a window that overlooked the patio outside. Within seconds this happened!

(2) Feeling a bit uncomfortable.....I asked for a different table! (I actually walked back to take that photo & the reaction was the same!)

(3) About the same time....this guy walks in & snaps my I snapped his! I think he thought I was going to shoot him as his hands went up! Guess I did!!!

(4) A couple of inside shots. It really didn't dawn on me till we were back home that it appears that they thought I was someone else! Sometimes people think I look like Chuck Wollery, the game show host.

(5) Since we didn't speak the same language......I'll never quite know! But I am glad I captured their warm greeting anyway!

(6) Some of the food we ate......

(7) and of course....dessert.

(8) Mine.....

(9) I couldn't resist doing this to my plate at the end. The waitress upon seeing it......was delighted & immediately took it to share with the kitchen crew as we were leaving.

(10) Adios Spain!

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Nanjing Gate
In China, every night is like being in Las Vegas. Lights are everywhere and it is a really beautiful place to be at night. During the Chinese New Year holiday though, the lighting is given a bit of extra flair and you see these red lanterns everywhere. It is really beautiful and I enjoy living here during that time of the year. This photo is from one of the city wall gates in Nanjing. Nanjing is the provincial capitol of Jiangsu province, where I live and work. It is an ancient city, too at well over 2500 years old. The walls for the "old city" have been preserved and restored. One of my very fondest memories with my wife- actually the very moment I knew I wanted to spend my life with her was while walking atop one of these walls at night and seeing the crowds with all of the lights below us and realizing that there was no one I would rather be with. One of the smartest things I've done with my life, too.

One of the most interesting things about these gates is the doors. Here, they have been removed, but on most gates there are doors and these barriers always have these large solid brass studs- shaped in semi-circles. These indicate the importance of the person who owns the land and fortress. You can have up to 81 of these studs on a door. This amount (9 across and 9 down) symbolizes the emperor and he is the only person allowed such a high count. All others are below this amount. Since Nanjing was the capitol city (several times in its' history, in fact) many of the doors have a very high count and one- the main entrance to the city, has a full 81. At the start of WW2, Nanjing was the capitol city and the focal point of the Japanese occupation and slaughter of 300,000 Chinese within the city during a 6 week period in late 1938 and early 1939. If you ever visit this city and are lucky enough to stumble across a person who lived through this, listen to what they have to say. A horrific time for these people and something that effects them deeply, even today, nearly 80 years later.

I love Nanjing for its' history and beauty, but as a capitol, I find it somewhat backwards in comparison to Suzhou and other larger cities within the province. There are also times that people have been quite rude here as well. This is particularly true for my wife. Still, the city itself is wonderful and if you come to China, is a must-see location. If you can't make it, just enjoy the image. :-) Thanks for your interest and have a great day, one and all!

Here's the photo:

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Need to find new home for miscellaneous photo stuff
Perhaps I'm the only one who finds himself in this situation, but I have an assortment of photo "stuff", adapters, filters, hoods, straps, etc., that I need to move on to someplace else. After a number of years enjoying my photography, I have accumulated way too much small stuff. Many items don't have enough individual value to try to sell. I have checked with local schools, but most don't want to mess with odds and ends. Any suggestions for a place to donate items such as these?
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Things With Wings
Identified flying objects.

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Gimbal mounts question.
I've taken apart a less than $100 gimbal mount and would like to know if the more expensive ones use bearings. All the cheap one moves on is a cone shaped plastic seating in corresponding aluminum cone molded/ground in the mount, so as you loosen, it drops down as the cone slides down.
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My First UHH Photo Post
July 4th class C fireworks Nikon D3400 on tripod, bulb setting, f11, ISO 100, shutter speeds 1-8 seconds

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Blue heron at the park pond dock
I'm fascinated by blue herons. Studied this one preening on our local park pond dock.

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