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Henry Cowell Redwoods
We took the loop trail amongst these majestic coastal redwoods. It was calm beautiful and revived the spirit. The docents were excellent source of knowledge. Love our State Parks
Park Sign

The Giant

Fallen Redwood


Crawl in



Visitor Center

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2 more
Mt. Moran #2

The old Barn #3

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how to tell what camera, lens, setting, etc was used to shoot photo?
I haven't asked a dumb question in awhile so here goes. I always hear people say to check "store original" so others can see information on how the shot was taken, which equipment, etc. So when I'm trying to learn what people did to get what I think is a magnificent shot I always bring up the original. But I have no idea how to find this information. When I do this I only see the photo. I know only one of you will need to answer this, but I thought if I can't figure this out perhaps there are some other newer to this beginners who don't know how to find the information either. Thanks in advance for your help.
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The shades of twilight are dying.....
It was a stormy, windy evening and quite late when these were shot. The location is the shore of Lake Monroe from the little unincorporated community of Enterprise, FL., in Volusia County.

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Shooting in rain
Can anyone suggest who to shoot in rain ....will the underwater waterproof caseing for DSLR help....?
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Raynox250 lens
Have had difficult time focusing with the lens , I have a Nikon D5600 and use a70-300 af-p lens , has any used this Lens and how has it done with macro ?
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High Speed Flash Sync
I have a Canon 580EX flash and a 5D MkIV. I am taking hummingbird and other bird photos and using high speed sync at 1/3200 to 1/8000. I'm only using the flash for fill. I'm shooting in manual mode. I have used reflectors to get the result I want but in the wild that is difficult. To capture flight from perch action, I'd like to use burst mode or at least slow burst mode but the flash won't cycle that fast from about 1/2500 up. I've ordered an external battery pack to see if that will help. I've looked at the literature from Canon and on the net to see if the flash output can be reduced for faster cycling time but I have found no answer. I understand how high speed synch works, that the flash stays on for the duration of the shutter curtain opening instead of just a pulse, but I want to know if anyone knows how I can reduce the POWER of the flash output so that the flash can recycle faster. Any help or valid suggestions would be appreciated. I have time... my next, in the wild, opportunity won't be until August 29th. I can test at my hummingbird feeder and surrounding perches before then.
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Will be in Denver CO Saturday of Labor Day weekend with free time from dawn till about 4 o’clock. Any suggestions on some good photography areas. Thanks.
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Sony A7RIII and Sony 100-400mm lens
Does anyone out there have this combination and if so would love to hear their thoughts on what they think of it particularly how it does it low light? Thanks.
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Smoke from Canadian fires gives Minneapolis a Halloween moon...
Orange Moon.

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