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Aug 15, 2017 20:56:30   #
SonnyE wrote:
I decided on just two Vixen rails. I either use my camera, or my telescope, on my mount. Call me Simple Simon...
But for static tripod night shooting, I favor my geared tripod head to do fine adjusting.

One or the other for me. Or both at once, but different mounts (wide-field, and telescope). The camera just doing an over-night, and the telescope tracking an object.

For this Eclipse, just my DSLR on the mount run by the Intervalometer. Tamron lens at ~600mm. And maybe my Phone camera, tripod or hand held.

But possibly more important is having the DVR set to catch CBS' coverage, just in case....
Because, the best laid plans of Mice and Men, oft times go astray...
My back-up plan.
I decided on just two Vixen rails. I either use my... (show quote)

The Science Channel is going to be doing it also.
Aug 15, 2017 20:54:22   #
hpucker99 wrote:
I plan to follow the upcoming eclipse with my Celestron 6SE with a Nikon D750 with reducer on the back. I bought the piggy back mounting bracket from them and will have a Sony RX10M3 on it that will be zoomed in but provide a wider view. The camera is not aligned with the telescope so I added some cardboard shims for a better alignment. Any suggestions out there for another solution?

We all assume you're using the right Solar Filters on everything???
Aug 15, 2017 20:49:23   #
Europa wrote:
Thanks Craig, no just imaging. I believe with video, your guiding doesn't have to be perfect.

I see, that's a real plus isn't it.
Aug 15, 2017 15:20:46   #
SonnyE wrote:
OK, so I set a few things differently for me, like auto range, and Full Width Half Maximum (FWHM). Like bwa suggested.
Waited for my object to clear the Southern Meridian, then somemore... , until I moved to a different target and back to get the mount orientated to the post meridian position.
Finally, I was able to decide on 30 seconds as my exposure, because 20 appeared more noisy, and I'd shot at 25s before.

I love this camera! It allows me to do a live centering of the object (with crosshairs), and mouse wheel zooming. But it records (saves) in one size, not the zoomed size. It's OK, crop later.
The result seemed good enough to eat, so I let her run.
I took a peek in a few times, but wanted to let the camera and computers run the show without me fiddling. Finally I noticed PHD2 was blinking red, so it had lost it guide star. No wonder, it was way low and had been for a while, aimed in my neighbors tree. Sigh, city living...
Surprise, surprise! Nice images anyway. The guiding loss shows in the downloads.
But aiming South really seems to work well for my location. Anyway, playing every chance I get. (Which is almost every night.)
I'll put my finished up, and the untouched tiff for anyone who would enjoy some massive files. (time wise) As is typical for me, post processing is minimal.
Sonny, trying to image 24/7...

OK, so I set a few things differently for me, like... (show quote)

Beautiful work Sonny especially the Cropped Image great detail.
You have finally found your nitch.
Aug 15, 2017 15:03:56   #
bwana wrote:
After days in this muck starting to use a respirator now is probably too late; however, I'll driving into the smoke as I make my way to Oregon for eclipse so might take your advice and pick up a respirator and bottled oxygen for the trip...


Good luck in Oregon as well with the smoke depending on where you're going.
I will be in Ashland and expect some partial cloudiness and light smoke.
Aug 15, 2017 15:00:12   #
bwana wrote:
Sat on the deck this evening and watched the Sun descend through cloud and smoke. Trying to decide on the best approach for a potentially cloudy / smoky solar eclipse.

Full album of ten pix at:

A couple of my favorites below:

Beautiful shots Brian. Well worth your lounging time.
Your Flickr account is also spectacular as well.
Aug 15, 2017 14:58:36   #
Europa wrote:
Thanks Sonny, this was with QHY5-III224C. I got it as both a guider and planetary. I have to get out and play with settings, I kinda just hooked it up and started filming. I may try again tonight.

Very nice images Brian. Do you use that Camera as a guide camera and imaging at the same time???
Aug 9, 2017 17:15:31   #
bwana wrote:
Others have covered the actual attachment of the camera to your scope.

My only comment is regarding the use of a diagonal for imaging; don't! A diagonal just adds another item to the light train that reduces image quality. Besides, the 70D has an excellent articulated touchscreen so it is easy to see it without standing on your head.


Articulated touchscreen makes all the difference.
Aug 8, 2017 17:35:34   #
Albuqshutterbug wrote:
Thanks Craig.
Not sure about the fires near crater lake. They are closing the road on the West side for now.
I sure hope they get that mess out soon.
Jim the Smokey Bear Wanna be Pilot

Smoke is blanketing Ashland now.
But I am going no matter what.
We are also visiting sister-in-law also.
Aug 8, 2017 17:33:18   #
Albuqshutterbug wrote:
Thanks Craig.
Trying out new features ahead of time.

That should be pretty neat with the Eclipse.
Aug 8, 2017 15:04:28   #
bwana wrote:
Sunspot AR2665 has returned as Sunspot AR2670...


Very nice shot Brian. What DSLR do you use.
Aug 8, 2017 15:01:06   #
Albuqshutterbug wrote:
I can do multiple exposures in camera and I am playing with that feature.
Here is the moon at 600mm X 3
ISO 160
1/100 second

Jim the fearless Pilot

Cool shootin Jim.
Aug 8, 2017 14:59:50   #
lsupremo wrote:
Caught this facing East from 7500 feet in Colorado.

Got both an American Airlines flight going South from Montrose and a shooting star!

Nice job Supremo. Welcome to the Astro Forum.
Aug 8, 2017 14:57:48   #
Albuqshutterbug wrote:
Nice high noon shot of a large prominence on the North rim of the Sun today.
Lunt 60mm still single stack, Celestron 236M Cmos and my AVX tripod.
3000 image 1 minute video that I stacked 300 shots.
Sharpened in Registax6 and color added in Photoshop CC.
Jim the still practicing solar Pilot...

Great catch Jim.
Aug 8, 2017 14:54:56   #
bob fleer wrote:
I have been given a Celestron 8" Schmidt telescope and would like to take photos of night sky, planets, moon, nebula etc. I have a Canon 70D eos camera would like to know what is best to use the camera with said telescope. Adapters and would it be best to shoot strait thru the back or to use the 90 degree eye piece mount. Also the Telescope came with a front mount solar filter have already used it to view sun.
This is the setup you will need if you have a 1.25" eyepiece for your 90* Diagonal.
If you use a 2" On eBay search 2" Canon T adapter.
I too, like Jim, recommend using the Diagonal. Otherwise you will be on you knees all night.
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