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Jun 26, 2017 19:59:14   #
Albuqshutterbug wrote:
Sheeeze... now your color blind too?
That's either Gorgonzola or Blue cheese mister..
Don't make me come looking for you in Oregon.
But if you're gonna be there, we should try to say hi..

How's going to Oregon??? I have a chance to get there. For the Eclipse.
I will be in Ashland near Medford but would like to have a place to go closer to Salem or Corvallis.
Jun 26, 2017 19:48:13   #
Albuqshutterbug wrote:
Well one thing is certain, you didn't mean pileit Jim..
lol.. New equipment and procedures take time to perfect.
It's better than what I have tried to do with this nebula.
Jim the PileIt over yonder Pilot

Thanks Jim for looking in. It's nice of you and Sonny to give me some feedback.
I love the work you have done on Flickr.
And Sonny's GIFs are always fun.
Jun 26, 2017 12:20:21   #
SonnyE wrote:
Hi Craig. Me too. I use to really notice the wiggles when I use to sit out at the mount.
One night I discovered the wiggles, so I began checking. If I so much as moved at all during an exposure it would bloom the stars, or worse.
But now, I run my mount remotely from the house, so no human induced vibrations.
That's what I found so odd. No mount interference, The wind wasn't a factor either. My weather station shown <1 MPH wind, and my mount is greatly shielded from the prevailing wind direction.
The camera and lens was being run by a wireless Intervalometer, and I just start it and let it gather all night. Then delete (trim) back the beginning and ending images.
But this was bad all the way along. Too many squiggly images to bother sorting.

I'm running a sequence tonight with all systems normal of the Filamentary Nebula.
So far, so good. (Well, better than previous attempts...)
Hi Craig. Me too. I use to really notice the wiggl... (show quote)

I find that the squiggles in Stars will cause DSS too not function. So I have to survey each of the lights.. It's what went wrong on my Swan Nebula stacking. The wind got me. Good luck tonight Sonny can't wait to see your shots.
Jun 26, 2017 11:43:09   #
SonnyE wrote:
You're doing great Craig, you just did a major revamping of everything you use to know.
So give it time and nurturing. Gather as much data as you can, then play with that.
If you get more than you need, you can delete or rework as time permits.

Thanks Sonny for stopping by I knew I could count on you and Jim. And yes I only have one way to go, up. Once I get the Gain and Offset functions figured out. If I could get an explanation that relates them to DSLR terms I'd be in like Flynn. Good luck with your work at stacking too. We'll get there Sonny..
Jun 25, 2017 21:28:40   #
Hello Jim and Sonny, I shot this with the new QHY10 Camera and it's the 2nd shot I've had to work with.
I could not get DSS to stack it which is fine because there was only 1 shot worth working with so I stacked
it, 1x 300 sec light, with 5 darks and 5 bias files. It's mediocre at best. a lot of noise I just couldn't get out effectively.
I think I need to work with the Offset and Gain to get rid of the Noise.
M17 Swan Nebula

Jun 25, 2017 19:43:10   #
Albuqshutterbug wrote:
I ran into some Canon MOV files that I hadn't processed because of the want of a converter to AVI.
I did some searching and found out that PIPP will convert MOV files to AVI and jumped right in.
This was shot with my Canon 7D in movie mode at 30 FPS.
I converted and ran it through Autostakker3 Beta to see if it would handle it.
Surprise, it did.
I stacked 30% of 1300 frames and ran it through Photoshop to check for artifact and color.
I did a click white balance and saved as a JPG.
Here tis.
Jim the behind the times Pilot
I ran into some Canon MOV files that I hadn't proc... (show quote)

Very nicely done Jim.
Jun 25, 2017 19:41:13   #
Harvey wrote:
Thanks for the reply and advice - I'LL look into downloading that program for future night photo ops.

Yes Harvey Stellarium is a must have for all kinds of uses.
Jun 25, 2017 18:22:11   #
SonnyE wrote:
Last night I did an overnight run with the Tamron 150-600 mm lens, and DSLR camera.
Since all I wanted was a test and a circular star trails result, I decided to run off a series on Polaris.
What I got was more of a lesson in vibrations....
I noticed I was getting a "clear" picture about every 2-4 images. I thought shutter wiggles?
Going to Live View which locks the mirror up is supposed to cure the wiggles. And surely a 2 second delay should have calmed things down.
But deep in the night ticking away, here's some of the results....
I'm wondering about other sources of vibrations being induced into the mount from the ground.
Everything was off, except the electronics, and the camera. Should have been dead still.

Thinking outside the box, because I haven't been able to get in the box yet.
I can't stack, no I can't stack....
Last night I did an overnight run with the Tamron ... (show quote)

I find I get wiggles when I move my chair the most and little ones when I walk around too.
Wind??? is the worst. I went to the mountain last night and had wind problems.
Jun 25, 2017 18:18:05   #
bwana wrote:
Caught an hour before the cloud rolled in off the mountains this morning for a bit of (white light) solar imaging.

Both images shot with a William Optics Megrez 90, Baader Herschel Wedge and mono Pt. Grey Chameleon on a Celestron AVX mount. I would have shot some video using my 2.5x PowerMate but I couldn't find it before the cloud shut me down.

Each image is the best 10 of 1000 frames of AVI video aligned and stacked in AutoStakkert 2.6.8. Today AutoStakkert worked like a charm!? Maybe it likes mono AVI video better than subs?? Postprocessed using Wavelet sharpening in Photoshop.


Caught an hour before the cloud rolled in off the ... (show quote)

Great stuff Brian.
Jun 25, 2017 18:16:24   #
northcoast42 wrote:
Back in Florida. Made my way as far south as I could go without swimming. It's the darkest sky I can find and even though Miami is 70 miles away, it casts a prominent glow to the northeast. Last night was pretty windy which was a blessing and a curse. It kept the mosquitoes away but was somewhat problematic with long exposures on my light weight travel tripod. This is a three shot composite done with my Nikon D810, 20mm f/1.8, 15 sec, ISO 6400.

Agreed it is a beautiful shot John.
Jun 25, 2017 14:58:32   #
Harvey wrote:
It is only a few miles East to the unobstructed, pollution and lite pollution free areas of the Sierras to do nite photography so I am sure I'll be posting often - Jon Dobson, my wife's cousin, got me hooked long ago Just never got around to trying 'till now.

Hi Harvey, I love too use Topaz DeNoise and sometimes Detail too. They have a whole line of good products.
Jun 24, 2017 15:07:13   #
Harvey wrote:
For many years I wanted to be able to capture this type of image and last nite I finally took time to make an effort to do so.
Any C&C will be gladly accepted.
My back yard at 3,500 ft in the Sierras of No. CA

Canon T3i
kit len 18-55 F3.5-5.6 setting 18 @ F3.5
Exposure 16 sec.
ISO 1600

Rock solid tripod & pistol grip ballead

That's a great start Harvey. Welcome to the Astronomy Forum. I would suggest 30 sec and ISO 800 and use post processing to bring out the best in your shot. I am going to play with your shot a little and see what's in there.
PS: As I expected I found a lot of Noise in the shot and dropping down to ISO 800 should help a lot of that.
I personally work with ISO 400. But I also have a lens that gets me f/2.8.
Jun 22, 2017 13:17:47   #
SonnyE wrote:
Wow! So I ran off a sequence of the Iris Nebula last night. It was just rising from the Ivy on the Fence when I got my second alignment done.
So without doing anything to them, I thought I'd see what Deep Sky Stacker would do, and if it could even begin to process them. So I loaded the FIT's, then cheated and threw in my dark's from before, hoping the rainbow sprinkles would be terminated...
But hey! It did process, so that's some progress.

Wa-La! Le Results! (I have no idea what to do with this... )
Wow! So I ran off a sequence of the Iris Nebula la... (show quote)

Hang in there Sonny I'm sure you will get lots of help here real soon.
I try to shoot my Darks and Bias shots at the same temp and exposure as my Lights.
Jun 22, 2017 13:11:56   #
bwana wrote:
The Moon has parted and now the long, long days of summer are upon me.

Last night at midnight was almost like daytime!! Bright enough to light up the mountains and the pasture.

And the clouds didn't help!!


P.S.: Maybe a good time to consider splitting double/triple/quad stars or shooting star clusters...

Cool shot Brian sorry you have to endure such short nights.
Astronomical twilight here till 9:30 PM.
Jun 21, 2017 18:52:58   #
SonnyE wrote:
Hey Jim,
I think I got success with my first try doing that. Now, when I do it a hunnerd times I might learn it...
But I have a batch of the Crescent Nebula I've been dabbling with from 6-16-17, and I (very conservatively) followed that tutorial as near as I could (because, of course, my PSE layout is different) but stumbled through.
I took a 30 image sequence. Exported the FIT files to JPG's, then play with them in PSE 12. But when you download the GIF file, the hot pixels are quite obvious. But this mild sharpening I like on the first attempt! I could live with this.
Baby steps, baby steps.... Thanks Jim!
Here some examples:
Hey Jim, br I think I got success with my first tr... (show quote)

That's cool and very telling Sonny.
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