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I have been determined to use Manuel..practice and practice but I have found out in some environments where I need to take pictures quickly and one minute it's cloudy then sunny there is no adjustment time. I have a Canon Rebel SL and using a 24 mm .. need suggestions. And when it's sunny or bright it's hard to check, screen is difficult to view when it's bright out. Need some encouragement.
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A rare VW motorcycle...An American Pickers find
Hi Folks, well I'm going to be away for a few days. I'm having surgery today to clear one of my clogged carotid arteries. Doc says I'll be in the hospital for at least 2 days. Anyway...I wanted to leave my wonderful friends here at UHH something, so here's an artsy/fartsy HDR of one are Mike Wolfe's finds. Taken at the American Pickers store in Nashville. It's a VW motorcycle of some sort. I decided to get artsy and process it this way simply because I just wanted do an artistic version just for the heck of it. The image has lots of things going on to look at. Lot's of little discoveries can be have fun with it and I'll see you all in a few days.

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D810?? Need some advice please
Hey just checking this out to see if it's legit. I've been delving in pretty deep the past year into photography. And last fall I decided to go back to school where I am majoring in digital imaging emerging arts. I'm still working with my Nikon D5200 which I found for myself to be a great starting point. But now I I'm ready for a full frame lens, I've had my eye on the D810 now for a while just saving 🙂 But I would like some feedback if possible on any thoughts on the d810 or any camera that you recommend ( that's not too far off the price of the d810) and I understand the battle between canon and Nikon at this point I've got a lot invested in Nikon lens and feel comfortable with Nikon. Hope to hear some feed back thanks!
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Red Head
Saw this guy several times today. Grabbed a camera and got off a few.

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Fast shutter water spray.
D7100/Tamron 150-600mm @ 500mm.

Some people use very slow shutter speeds to make moving water look creamy. I went the opposite way here to absolutely 'freeze' the water spray. Downloading is recommended.

1/8,000, f8.0, ISO 1250

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First attempt at water drop collision.
I know these need a lot of work, especially getting the correct lighting.

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Bad news for photographers at Indy 500
Selfie-sticks are banned! This is no rumor! No selfie-sticks! Now what???
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Cuteness Overload
We were driving through our local park complex and came across these 4 baby barn swallows. We parked about 20 feet from them and enjoyed quite a show for the next 20 minutes out our car window. They didn't seem to mind. I thought they were sooooo cute and probably took 100 photos, but won't load them all

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Flower Fantasy
Comments Welcomed






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Today's Favorite Bird
It was over cast and drizzling lightly when I took these. I especially like the pose in the second one.

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