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How do you get it sharp
Hi all,
I tried to take some photos of some buildings at night. I used a Canon 60d on a tripod. I set the mirror up and set the shutter release on a 2 min delay. I had the iso at 100 (to minimize noise). The lens is EF-S 18-135mm. Stabilisation was on.
Looking at the results there still seems to be camera movement (see attached).
To get it looking really sharp do you have to manipulate the image on the computer?

By the way the white wiry lines around the spires are birds hunting insects attracted by the light.

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Wasabi Batteries
Hi all: Has anyone used these batteries? I am looking to add a couple of spares for my Sony A6500. They are np-fw50. Manufacturers price is about $60 for one. Amazon and other places offer two Wasabi batteries and a charger for $25.
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A Bald Eagle waiting to catch a salmon.
Yesterday was cold (25 degrees) and partly cloudy when I took this Bald Eagle photo.
I used 560mm and the distance was about 125-150 feet to the eagle.

Canon 5Dsr - Canon 100-400 II - Canon 1.4x III - 1/320 - f/9 - ISO @ 800.

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m4/3 decisions...I'm torn
Ok, so I just had the discussion with wife, and I have the go ahead for the em1ii, if I want (her present to me).

Or...we also discussed me keeping the em1 and get the equivalent $$$ in glass (but I'd have to quit sending her em1ii emails). I do miss my old O7-14 f4, 50f2 and 50-200swd w/ec-14...and I've always been intrigued with the 150f2.

I do honestly feel that my current em1 is still quite the capable camera, but there's always the mystique of a new camera/body. I like to print big (larger than 30") and while can (and do) tile multiple images to achieve the resolution I desire, it sure would be nice with the highrez mode to not have to do that.

The only caveat is that $350 of has to be used on amazon (due to gift cards). The rest can be used wherever, and I'm not opposed to going the used route to stretch the money. She also said I need to take more time to go shoot...did I mention she's a keeper?

New em1ii and a couple of batteries and I'd also need a camera plate for my tripod
Or a combination of the following glass options
7-14mm f2.8
40-150 pro w/emc-14
60mm macro
150mm f2 with ec20

What would you do (keeping in consideration my gear list in my signature)?
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The Sea Hagg...
this was a mish mash novelty store of everything nautical, controlled chaos, I thought it would make a nice stained glass...please download

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Canon 24-105 lens
Hi......I'm new and my name is Danny and this is my first post. I have a Canon 7D Mark ll. I read a review on the 24-105 by a very well known photography guru who said it was senseless to use this lens on a cropped censor. I have a 50mm, 10-18mm and 100-400 and I would like to get a zoom for general purpose use. I would appreciate any advice you might offer. Thank you.
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The moon--cell phone attached to a telescope
I was wondering what kind of a picture you could get by attaching a camera phone to a telescope, so purchased an adapter and mounted my phone to one of my scopes and tried for the moon. Here is what I got. Feel free to check out the download.

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Printer ink
I have a Canon prx 100 printer that will soon need ink. Can anybody recommend ink other than canon that produces good results and priced reasonably. Amazon has reasonably priced ink but unsure of the quality. And while I'm here, a big thank you to all HH contributors. I've learned so much from you folks and I greatly appreciate your expertise, advice and helpful comments.thank you!!!
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My favourite tipple....
....It's been another miserable and damp day over here in Sthelens UK so i've had a bit of a play with my Amazon lightbox and came up with this still life,an appropriate title if you drink enough of it.Cheers.
My favourite tipple...

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Mulling the value of 16-300 mm lens
Hi everyone,

I've now got the Tokina 11-16 mm, Nikkor 18-105 mm and Nikkor 55-300 mm lenses for my Nikon D7100. I do a lot of hiking, often 5 to 6 hours on the trail, and I'd like to both shrink the size of and lighten the weight of what I carry. I rarely haul the wide-angle lens, but I often carry and use the other two. I'm thinking I might buy the Tamron 16-300 or Nikkor 18-300 lens to eliminate one lens and lighten the load just a bit. I have not yet tried either lens I'm considering, but I will in the next few months. In the meantime, I'm interested in opinions and actual experience with these or equivalent lenses on an APS-C sensor. You can see my current stuff at

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