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Ban on Photo Manipulation
As a follow-up to yesterdays thread "Photography & Reality" here is an interesting development from a major retailer that doesn't surprise me...and in fact, I was surprised that someone had not done it yet.

"CVS Health plans to announce Monday (1/15/2018) that it will ban manipulation in its store brand makeup marketing and promotional displays amid growing awareness of the harmful nature of touched-up images."
"...the decision reflects an acknowledgement that 'unrealistic body images' are a significant driver of health issues, 'especially among women.' "We're all consuming massive amounts of media everyday and we're not necessarily looking at imagery that is real and true," To try to hold ourselves up to be like those women is Impossible because even those women don't look like how they appear in those photographs" The retailer will place an icon with a "digitally modified" warning on any marketing materials that don't comply by 2020*

On my comments on "Photograpy & Reality" earlier yesterday I suggested that the icon's OCC (out of camera) and PP (post processing) be used on photo's to acknowledge to the viewer what they are looking at...original camera/lens shot, or photo with post processing (manipulation). This article by USA TODAY seems to suggest an awareness of misrepresentation by presenting a photo as reality, when in fact, it has been manipulated without acknowledgement, which in fact, supports my earlier position on representation/misrepresentation on the prior thread. I have been surprised that a challenge to the "truth in advertising" clause has not been applied and enforced on the visual media by consumer and product (visual) users. Interesting development. Please respond and please stay on topic!

* see USA TODAY by Nathan Bomey posted 1/15/2018.
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Photography - The legacy left behind... YOUR legacy.
This is not a comfortable subject.

Many folks here are much older than I am (61). I see many threads on what to save or not to save and where.

I have another one more to the point as we all will die sooner than later...

What is the need of preserving anything if you can safely assume that very few will be interested in looking at it especially if there are gazillions of them*?

How many of us have seen cameras in estate sales with all type of stuff including memory cards, drives and the like?

I certainly have and quite frankly I know that 99.9999% of all images created will never be seen more than once.

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Why does it take to be a great photographer?
1) Can anyone that owns a camera be a great photographer ?
2) Do you need to be a super intelligent (PHD) person or not?
3) Does better equipment make a better photographer?
4) Why do you think of rude comments?
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Nikon 28-300mm - very disappointed
Am doing some traveling this year so purchased a slightly used Nikon 28-300mm as a one lens solution to use on my D600. I had borrowed a friends last year and it seemed like a pretty decent lens overall, but this one is very disappointing. Anything hand held over 200mm is not clear and also has bad vignetteing at wider angles. It doesn’t get the greatest reviews but this one is pretty bad. Could it be this particular lens is “bad” or could my friend just happen to have a very “good” one. I got a pretty good deal on it but am ready to sell it and go back to plan A...mount my Nikon 16-35mm which is awesome for landscapes and carry my little Nikon 50mm 1.8 which I also love for when I need to travel light or in places like museums or street photos. Comments or suggestions please.
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New Zealand's beauty
I spent my New Years Eve sleeping in a parking lot so that I could catch a sunrise at the famous Milford Sound. I had visited here in the past but was a little to late for the blue hour. My night as a hobo paid off. This image does not even capture the amazing mood and absolute serenity of this place. New Zealand is a land of many beauties. I hope that you enjoy the visual I tried to capture. The colors are not enhanced, I used a split grad filter.

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Suggestions for a good external hard drive to back up photos
I hope I'm asking the right question. I need to back up my photos and take them off my laptop. I've read all the Archived posts here about them and saw several that seemed unreliable. Can you suggest something for me to purchase? As you can tell, my knowledge of technology is limited.

Thanks in advance.
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Photos at Disney World
In about 3 weeks we are taking the family to Disney World. There will be 4 grandchildren along and I hope to get some good photos of them with characters. Some will be taken indoors and some will be outdoors. I will have the Canon 5D Mark 4 and version 2 of the 24-105 by Canon. My plan now would be shooting manual with at least 1/125 and f8 and using auto ISO. I will also have an external flash attached for fill light. Do the settings seem OK?
As far as the flash do you recommend ETTL or manual? Do I angle the flash upwards or straight on? And should I use a diffuser? Would I do things differently for indoors vs. outdoors? I don’t want to take 5 minutes making adjustments while people are waiting. A lot of questions but any advice would be helpful. I could put the camera in “P” mode but that usually defaults to f4 which can cut down depth of field. Maybe use Tv mode and set it at 1/125 and auto ISO.
Thanks in advance.
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A collage of some of my photos from 2017
...Please check out the download.

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In my travels to the swiss city I took a few pics I would like to share with you. Hope you enjoy
village in the hills

church in Laurene

Restaurant Row

climbing to the top

Arch to the river walk

Glaciers in the alps

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Photography and reality
I posted this as a response to a discussion earlier about "What is a Photograph" that was primarily about "image manipulation" and why it is done. I didn't get much response to it but I find the question interesting enough to ask it again as it comes up so often.

Photography, while a means of documentation and communication is also an artistic medium. Why does it matter what is real or true in a photograph if it is not meant as documentation?

Photographers are often asked but is that what it really looked like. This question is rarely asked of painters. Through various art movements painting broke free from the chains of reality. Photography did as well during the first half of the 20th century. Photographers can not only capture a slice of time and reality but create their own realities and narratives. Yet, why do so many continue to attach the photograph to reality, when it is not reality but a new object all together.
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