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Apple dumps JPEG
I heard Apple is switching from JPEG format, to "High Efficiency Image File" (HEIF) format in their new operating system (iOS 11 but compatible with iOS 10). Naturally, HEIF is not compatible with Windows and Apple seems to be doing this to cater to iPhone photographers. Apple promises HEIF images require half the file size as JPEG while providing more colors and more vibrant colors. will HEIF work with PhotoShop or LightRoom? Is this yet another reason to shoot RAW? I know, I know, we should all be shooting RAW in the first place but I still need JPEGs so I can send photos to friends, insert photos in a PowerPoint presentation, etc. Is Apple shooting itself in the foot with this?
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Hatch of a Monarch Butterly - it only takes 15 seconds - Wow!
So we found some monarch caterpillars, took them into our makeshift aquarium and watched it change into its chrysalis. It went from light green, to dark purple then to a clear package in which you could see its wings.

My first time in doing this and so fascinating watching all the stages it goes through! In only 15 seconds ( we had two males) he emerged, dried and plumped up his wings. Twenty four hours and we set him free into the world !

Lucky to have witnessed , and to be able to photograph too!

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Photographer credentials
So, I went to the recent NASCAR race here at Richmond International Raceway in Richmond, VA. I always look for and watch the professional photographers, and as usual, I noticed the ones representing the major racing publications, etc. But there was one group that stood out, and it was a LOT of them. All were wearing light blue vests with Kodak on the back with an ID number of some sort. And noticeable to me was the variety of equipment. I saw them using Nikons, Canons, I think some other brands, the guy in the first photo below was using the on-camera flash, which I guess is OK but just seemed awkward to me to see a credentialed photographer shooting that way.
Any guesses on who these guys might be shooting for? And why a Kodak vest? I should have asked, and didn't, wish I had now. Because I want a Kodak vest to get in and shoot!

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Some test photos taken using my new Tamron150mm-600mm f/5-6.3 Di USD G2 lens...
...The new lens arrived the other day but due to the weather i hav'nt had a chance to try it out until today.We are up in the Lake District in Cumbria staying at our daughters and Grandaughters for a couple of days.The birds where slow to come but i managed to get some pics of a Robin and am well pleased with the lens.Still a bit of practice required though.
Robin 1

Robin 2

Robin 3

Robin 4

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I have read some articles on bracketing. They say that when you bracket photos, you underexpose 1 frame and overexpose 1 frame and 1 just right. If you can go to post processing programs and change everything, what good does it do to bracket if you can change every in pos processing? Am I missing something in these articles? I am just starting in photography and am still learning. Thanks in advance.
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You Want A Piece Of Me?
Bald Eagle, giving me the eye. Boundary Bay, Delta, BC.

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Current noise reduction software
I have done a search on this topic and I don't find anything newer than 1 1/2 years. I'm sure there have been other threads, but they just didn't have noise in their title. I use Photoshop but not Lightroom. I started with Photoshop a number of years ago and just haven't gotten into Lightroom.

What noise reduction software do you find is best? Noise Ninja is what I used a few years ago, but it is no longer supported. The cost of the software is not an issue, I just want something that is good and is supported.
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Gray on Gray
As our pears ripen (and rot), many birds come by for a feast. I caught this little guy in action, a Titmouse in a pear tree, although I suspect he was after bugs rather than pears. The gray sky set him off for a different look.

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Which lens for my upcoming safari?
I would like to go as light as possible yet be able to capture quality pics. I own a canon 80D with; 70-300 canon, 300f4 canon & 1.4 converter, and 150-600 Sigma contemporary. I plan to also bring a backup camera - either my fuji hs50exr or my panasonic zs100. Which lens would be the best for taking the best pics? My other thought was to sell off my 300f4 and the 150-600 and get a 100-400ii canon (which I know everyone here says is the best lens out there. What do you fellow experts think is the best way to go? thanks in advance.
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Santa Fe #3423
Built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1921.

This Pacific 4-6-2 was built as a passenger locomotive. "She" ran several routes across the U.S. but spent most of her time in Texas. This engine was in service until 1952. This steam engine burned fuel oil, not coal.

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