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What Mode
is your choice.
I shot in Aperture a long time & decided to try Manual. I like the full control in manual but Aperture is a lot of fun from the artistic side. What is your choice?📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷
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The tourist usual shot, my version
2014 09 15 105 Monument Valley, AZ-Pano.jpg by Chet Budd, on Flickr
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Wood Turnings
A brief history of how I got started in woodworking (my main expensive hobby). I was an application programmer working for a company that owned and operated portrait studios, mostly at WalMarts in the US, Mexico, Canada and, briefly, in Germany. I did some image processing coding that was a lot of fun and relates to photography, my second expensive hobby.

The company (Portrait Corporation of America - PCA) went belly-up in 2008, in large part because of the digital revolution in the photography world. At about the same time, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, so I figured there was someone up there telling me it was time to retire, even though I was only 60. Luckily, I got SS-Disability approved pretty quickly and have a very supportive spouse who is an RN (and an extremely thrifty person), so retirement is working out pretty well.

Mostly I do segmented wood turnings. Here are a few examples. Comments are welcome, either on aesthetic or technical issues. I am still getting the hang of shooting this type of photo, so I am interested in pointers on issues such as lighting, shadows, hotspots, and getting the whole piece in focus.

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Narrow gauge steam train
Rode a narrow gauge steam train Sunday that was a photography trip. The train stopped 5 times, let everyone off, backed up and then made a run-by twice on each stop for people to take photo. The first half of the trip was in a driving snow storm and the second half was in sunshine. Was a chance to get very different perspectives.

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...and one from the archives is this.I was asked to do some evening photos of all the guests at a relatives wedding in 2011 and this one of our nephews little girl Evie was the best i got.I liked it anyhow.

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Trip to London
I am fulfilling a dream, and traveling to England in May for 2 weeks. Can anyone advise me of wonderful sights to photograph? Also, if anyone has a suggestion of places to go, I'd appreciate it.
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Am I alone in This Community?
Call me cheap but does anyone else on this site use GIMP? I use almost exclusively Photoninja (especially for noise reduction) for raw and GIMP for just about everything else. I do find NIK, ICE and Fusion helpful on occasion (Did I mention that I am CHEAP?). Looking at the paid programs I am currently convinced that the extra cost of Lightroom etc would be better put into good lenses. Being cheap but ready to learn could anyone give opinions to what I may be missing out on?
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Golden Gate Park.
San Francisco's Gem.

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Great Egret Reflections
These photos were taken at the Scarborough Salt Marsh, Scarborough, ME.

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Banff 2
Another set from this spectacular country. Most of the colors you see is real, the water is the deepest blue/green I have ever seen. If you visit, remember to take extra cards for your camera. Hope you enjoy,,, Check it out in the downloads.

Chapel in the middle of the Tran-canadian highway on way to banff

Big Horned sheep of the mountains

View out window of the fairmont hotel, also great lunch

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