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What was your first digital camera?
Got to thinking about the cameras I've had over the years and thought I'd pose the question - what was the first digital camera you bought?

My first digital was the 1st Generation Canon Rebel, EOS 300D (or DS6041) I bought back in 2003. When it first came out it was touted as the first connsumer-grade digital camera that could be had for under $1000 ($999.00 with kit lens). It has a whopping 6.3 MP sensor and came with a very crappy 18-55mm lens. I think the shooting speed is measured is seconds-per-frame and not frames-per-second LOL. I still have this camera, and even occasionally shoot with it just for old time sake. For just stuff you want to paste to Facebook it's not too bad actually.
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The 'I don't use software' brigade
I do not believe in fairies!

Digital photography cannot be developed with chemicals or Alchemy !
Postman Pat does not carry your files from the camera to the computer down the wire. Nor does he come back later and carry them to Flikker or Facebook or UHH.
Cropping digital files with scissors is not an option.
A magnifying glass will not re-size your images.

Before you start shouting about not using software or post processing: can we have a reality check.

What you really mean is : for whatever reason, You do not use your available software to its fullest capability.
You can justify that statement in any way you like.

In a recent post to a novice photographer wanting to know what camera to buy; I stated that she would need to learn how to use software to process her images at the same time as she was learning how to use her new camera. She was using a cell phone so probably had never needed to process anything.

Two other responders to the same post took it upon themselves to state that 'they did not use software' and that I (quoted) was wrong.

Can you please get off your self delusional bandwagon!!! You cannot justify that statement in any shape or form.

You may not use Photoshop or Lightroom etc at all. I'm OK with that!
You may be so altruistic that you prefer to keep your images SOOC pristine. Fine!
Your life may even be too short to spend 'hours' at your computer. OK...sorry.
However you personally choose to handle the bit between taking the image and getting a picture is entirely your choice BUT YOU USE SOFTWARE.

There will always be an argument about how you process your images and what should and should not be 'allowed'. There were those that broke the printing press and the loom believing that progress was wrong. If people want to feel better about themselves because they do not 'cut and paste' their pictures - why not.
That is a whole different topic.

But Please do not suggest to the novices here that one does not need to understand basic photography software. Do not suggest that altering an image is akin to being a sinner. Because that is being two faced and totally delusional in my opinion.

I still don't believe in fairies, hobgoblins or little people running around in boxes.
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Audubon's Corkscrew Sanctuary
Went there this morning and was pleased to find a plethora of birds!
D7K_7183 by nimbushopper, on Flickr
D7K_7186 by nimbushopper, on Flickr
D7K_7199 by nimbushopper, on Flickr
D7K_7209 by nimbushopper, on Flickr
D7K_7232 by nimbushopper, on Flickr
D7K_7239 by nimbushopper, on Flickr
D7K_7249 by nimbushopper, on Flickr
D7K_7271 by nimbushopper, on Flickr
D7K_7278 by nimbushopper, on Flickr
D7K_7299 by nimbushopper, on Flickr
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Abandoned Alice
Hi, everybody. Over the years I've become something of a Cat Rescuer. Not on purpose, it just sorta happened.

I currently have three rescue cats and this is Alice, my most recent. One of her former owners died and the other is in jail. She was abandoned in a house for an entire month with someone making a 150 mile daily round trip to feed/ water her. She was headed for the pound the day after I agreed to take her had I not done so. Here, as an Owner Surrender, she would have been put down fairly quick and I just didn't think that was right. She's had a tough little life but at least now she has a safe home and a couple of sisters.

She's borderline feral but is seeming to mellow bit by bit. I've had her for nine days, it'll take many more before she feels confident and secure.

Anyway, thought I'd share. Thanks for the look and happy weekend. :)

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am i the king of cute or what!
an adorable little bird, and much
easier to photograph than a chickadee!
like my mohawk?

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Getting together with fellow Hoggers
For those that live in same state, better yet cities or close by wouldn't it be nice to get together and go have some coffee and do some photography. I know in So Cal there are some members in Covina, Corona, San Dimas, Beach areas. And in other states you might have close enough Hoggers to perhaps go out on in outing. For example I hear Anza- Borrego Desert State Park Around Feb-March is spectacular. Just a thought! Enjoy your pretty.
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Need help on a logsic problem
I have a Canon 7d with a battery grip and Sigma 150 - 500mm lens. This is a heavy rig to haul for a distance. My question is does anyone have a suggestion as to what I can use to transport this camera and lens to a shoting spot. By the way I have bad shoulders.
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Tried Auto ISO yesterday, never again.
Set my D7200 on Auto ISO 100 to 24600 Manuel Mode, went outside yesterday to try it.
Sun was out, set on f8, shutter on 250, took a few of the car first two came out great.
Then all of a sudden the next few were completely washed out. Turned The Auto ISO off
and set ISO on200 and every things fine. WTH!!!!!
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A walk with Jack!
Went for a walk with Jack. Haven't been out shooting with him sense my stroke. Was a very nice day out with a friend.

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Signing up for the mirrorless camera experience
If you download #1, you'll see a good representation of my new-to-me (gently used) mirrorless camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 with 14-140 mm lens. I'm enjoying it a lot so far!

#2 was in heavy fog + has a texture added. #3 was just plain foggy All shot in raw and edited in PS Elements and Nik Color Efex.

Constructive feedback and tips regarding the camera would be welcomed.

Thanks for viewing!

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