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Thoughts about shooting film in a digital world
Some thoughts about recent events. I shoot digital and I also shoot film. I get the question 'why' a lot.

Yesterday I went to the beach with my son and grandkids. I took my M43 camera, got some shots I was happy with. However before they left, I took some film pics and my 2.5 yr old granddaughter said "grampaw can I see the picture?" How to explain this? So she is growing up and her understanding of a camera is it is something that you take a picture and you get to see it right away. Not seeing the picture was completely out of her comprehension. I explained that we had to wait to get the film developed, she just gave me a blank stare.

Today I decided, would be a film day, went for a hike with friends, took my film camera with 24-120 F4 lens attached and a couple rolls of film. The thing that struck me was how light that was. The lens was most of the weight. The film camera body is small and light. Much lighter than my D750 but not quite as light as my M43 kit. But still very light for full frame.

The last thought is regarding why do I shoot film anyway? I like the fact that it makes me think more before I press the shutter. I think more about the composition, the exposure, the story. It slows things down. Which is not all bad. And there is something to be said for delayed gratification.

Of course I don't have any images to attach. I will have to wait to get them developed to see them.
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software that indicates where the camera focused
A couple of times in discussion of focusing issues, I've seen an overlay posted - a green rectangle, or grouping - to show where the camera focused. Do you know what I mean? Is there a stand-alone app or software one can download?
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taking a peek at whitewater creek
don and I walk a fast 9 holes sometimes in late afternoon and early evening
at whitewater creek golf course, which is not far from where we live.
he plays golf and I look for subjects to shoot. it's almost dark when we
finish and head for home . here are a few birds and flowers I saw
on our most recent walk.

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Picasa to Google photo, not impressed!
Google photo first got me messed up with its supposed "download" and wanted to put all sorts of additional programs on my computer. Then it doesn't seem to have any of the "old" picasa features that I got used to, so the new benefits are clunky and difficult to use. So what does everyone else think or what has been your experience? What program are you using to download, catalog and do minor edits? Just don't be shooting the messengers!
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Gimbal Heads
I have been considering one of these. Does anyone who has experience with them have any comments about them? Thanks.
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Day Shooting Osprey's In Flight
Perfect conditions yesterday. Captured lots of shots. Here are a few of the 60 I kept. Early in the day, my favorite time to catch the birds in the rising sun.

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Cygnets in the shade
Caught these just breaking the light at the side of the boathouse......

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Minolta Flash Meter IV Lightmeter
Any opinions on the Minolta Flash Meter IV Lightmeter. I have a possibility of picking one up in the next few days are they easy to use?
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Starter Camera
My granddaughter is showing an interest in photography but as is often the case with teenagers, the interest may or may not last. Her folks would like to get her a starter camera that costs about $200. What do you recommend? We all know that people take pictures, cameras don't but still I'd like to help her learn the basics of shutter speed, f-stops, etc. Any suggestions?
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I Found a Red Fox Den
I hid behind a Pine Tree watching the den opening. There was no action for quite a while. When I gave up and left the tree, I came face to face with a kit. It looked frightened, so I immediately sat down, to appear smaller and less of a threat. To my surprise, it approached me out of curiosity for a few minutes. I then got a few shots at a distance of the family goofing off. Hope you enjoy. Gary

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