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Camera/Lens Bag
I'm curious what bag, backpack, hard shell or soft, do you use for everyday carry from A to B? I'm looking at the Peak Design Everyday Messenger but the price is a bit steep, unless someone reading this is absolutely blown away by it. I am looking for protection, functionality, strength (well built), comfortable for the hike in/out, and a well deserved price. Again, just a daily carry. Thanks Hogs!!
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Are "Beginners" Cameras Really Best for a Beginner?
First I want to acknowledge that this is from a Nikon view point, but should apply to other camera makes.

Around 1998 I graduated from a P/S camera to a DSLR since I was tired of missing pictures due to the shutter lag that was common then. Ft. Worth is fortunate to have two good camera stores in our end of the Metroplex. Went to Ft. Worth Camera and tried out entry Canon and Nikon cameras. They felt good so my choice was based on the kit lens that was 18-135 mm verses the 18-70 mm. I enjoyed the D40xi and added a Nikor 70-300 for telephoto shots. After about 2 years my beloved D40 had an accident and I upgraded to a D5000 which was also a very good camera. Both of these camera have the one issue of not being able to alter shutter speed and aperature independently easily. This led to my using mainly the A setting and watching that the shutter didn't become too slow. I still don't make many changes to ISO thus speed and lens penning are my main concerns. In 2014 I purchased a D7100and immediately felt more freedom to experiment and grow. This came from being able to easily change either speed or opening using separate wheels while viewing the subject. I feel I would have grown more quickly if I had this capability earlier. So maybe the entry price point isn't the best photography entry point.

I hope the can of worms I am opening is not too big.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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San Francisco Pictures.
From around the city.
Golden Gate Park.

Palace of Fine Arts.

Treasure Island.

Daybreak at the Golden Gate Bridge

On the Bay.

Sunrise from Twin Peaks.

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Some Iowa Sunrises
Sharing some of my favorite sunrise shots from this past year in the rural areas of NE Iowa. We get a lot of ground fog in the early morning hours from all the vegetation and it is one of my favorite times to get out and enjoy. No critiques just for sharing some of the beauty of my state and area.
Autumn Equinox

Butler Center Pasture

Summer Corn Fields

Along a Fenceline

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Two recent Bald Eagle photos.
Hand held @ 800mm. Both at a distance of about 125-150 feet.

Photo #1: Canon 5Dsr - Canon 400 II DO f4 - Canon 2x III - 1/320 - f/9 - ISO @ 640.
Photo #2: Canon 5Dsr - Canon 400 II DO f4 - Canon 2x III - 1/320 - f/8 - ISO @ 640.

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Something daunting about "Manual" mode for beginners.
There seems to be something daunting, too challenging, about Manual mode. I'm not a novice but I still don't use it. However, besides allowing complete control over your camera, I think that it is the best training tool for beginners who want to learn the technical side of photography - how things work. Become familiar with capturing your artistic vision using manual controls and all the other options in modern DSLR's will make much more sense.
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Nikon 750 or 810 which one for photographer who is stepping up from Nikon D90
I'm thinking about buying a like new camera from Comments?
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Got a tamron 18-400 as a gift. Which camera should I buy?
My wife overheard me on various occasions talking about the Tamron 18-400. She surprised me with one in Nikon mount for my birthday. Unfortunately I shoot Pentax so I have to buy a Nikon body with or without a lens. Any advice? IMHO the 3000 series would be too basic, and a D500 too expensive. I am leaning towards the 5000 or 7000 series.
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Shutter speed rule of thumb and crop factor?
I just want to make sure I'm correct about the guideline to use a shutter speed at least as fast as your focal length for handholding. I would assume that if your body has a 1.5x crop factor, the guideline for a 300mm lens, just as an example, would shoot at 1/450 (or 1/500), not 1/300. Correct?

Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving!
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Which Post Process Is Better?
One of these photos is done with my regular processing; one is done with Luminar. Which do you prefer? I'™m happy to receive responses as to why. Thanks in advance.

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