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Sunrise on the Mississippi
I went to New Orleans in early February for a business trip and was only there for two days, but I did enjoy this sunrise.

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Backup hard drive suggestions

I'm need two external hard drives one for backup and a 2nd for photo storage. What do you use? size? manufacturer? backup software? etc.
Costco has a Seagate 4TB for $109 which seems like a good deal. What do you think. Thanks.
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Anyone Else Crazy Like Me?
I just bought, on Ebay, for $1050, my second RX10III, having sold my first copy last year. Have an upcoming summer away from home and felt I can use the extra 200-600mm reach over my RX10 #1. Got to thinking...I have done this sort of thing in the past with lenses, bought and then sold, always used equipment and generally sell for about the same price as purchased on Ebay. So bottom line is it costs me about 10% (Ebay fee) to have an item for 6 months (use Paypal credit so no interest, no payments for 6 months). This is less expensive than my other hobby, golf, which runs about $60 per week. I get great enjoyment from exploring the use of various lenses and camera bodies, even buying the same thing twice!
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Macro lens for D5300, need help / recommendations from users
I have only a Nikon D5300. I cannot say I will never go FF, but I doubt it, especially with the advent of the D500. I just ordered, received am about to return to Adorama, a Nikon 40mm f2.8 macro lens. Lens seems OK, but the supplied lens hood and another I ordered both fit so loosely that they fall off when just brushed against my shirt. The lens inserted into the body with a slightly "rough" feel to it. I currently have Nikons: 16-80 f2.8/4 and a 55-300 f3.5/5.6 Before stepping back into this venture, I would like advice from experienced hoggers. I am considering either the 60mm f2.8 or the AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED. Both are costly so I don't want to mess up again. Both offer a serious weight penalty. I expect both offer much better glass. Since I have either focal length covered already, the choice comes down to image quality and future utility. I searched UHH and found some hoggers who liked the 90 mm Tamron and some who liked the Sigma. I usually stick with Nikon so as not to run into any issues with compatibility with the electronics in the camera. But after this experience with the 40mm, I am not so strongly "married" to Nikkor lenses. In my film days I had a Nikkor 105 f2.5 which was a stellar lens. Thanks in advance for your help and advice.
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Good Morning America
Comments Welcomed





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Singing in the rain!
A couple of years ago my sister gave me a Knock Out Rose bush as a birthday gift. Every year it gets better and better! These were shot after an early morning shower.

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Best lens for low light (Dance Performance) on Nikon d5300 or Canon 7d
I'm new here to this forum and love what I see so far! Thanks for letting me be a part of it! I've looked around and tried to find threads on this topic, but haven't found my answer, so sorry if it's out there and I'm just not finding it.

I have a Canon 7d and a Nikon d5300. My daughter dances, and I can never get a good shot of her on stage with the low light of the theater and the bright lights on stage. My son is a luge slider and, with his speed on the ice (65-75mph), and based on a recommendation from a friend, we bought the Canon (used )to try to catch still shots and/or video at that speed.

My question(s)... Both of these cameras have the kit lenses and are too slow to take photos in these situations. Which lens would work best for the low light dance performances? Am I better off with the Nikon or the Canon, or is it really just about the lens I choose? If so, which lens would work best and not completely break the bank?

Thank you for any help or advice!
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Birding On The Texas Coast Yesterday
A great trip to Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge outside of Winnie TX yesterday! American Coot, Great-tailed Grackle, Willet, Eastern Kingbird, Common Nighthawk, Kingrail & chicks, Orchard Oriole, and Forster's Tern. I hope you enjoy them!

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photographing paintings
I am a beginner at photograhy. I am photographing art work for giclee reproduction and the initial photographs are a little dull. I am using a cannon T5i camera with a canon 200mm, 35-80mm, 1.4-5.6 shooting subject in raw and jpeg. I am using reflective/umbrella 5000K lights at 45 degree angle. Much of the dullness can be photoshopped out. Any suggestions on how to improve the initial photographs.
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Where to process B&W film?
I was examining my collection of old gear and found an almost fully shot roll of B&W film in a Nikon FM body. Any recommendations on where to process it? Its likely to contain baby photos, from about 30 years ago. I used to process B&W myself, but reestablishing a darkroom for one roll would be too expensive.
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