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Integrity in Photography?
When I first got back into photography a year or so ago I had this naïve idea of being a purist. I would see wonderful photographs in magazines and think wow that photographer is amazing. Then I would read the fine print on the number one winner that month and see that he or she had used a stack of 20 photographs and post process them to death in Lightroom and Photoshop. Now I feel conflicted around how much to post process my photographs. Many on this forum make comments like “do not overcook” or “less is more”. To me this reflects personal taste not to mention a bit of photographic snobbery and should not be taken as a cardinal rule for all. Unless we are employed as a photographer by the local newspaper, are we not all artists with our own style. I don’t think any of us should feel guilty when we process a photograph that may not necessarily reflect reality but makes this world a more cheerful place.
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What to do with the moon? Share your composites or other artistic edits.
My hope for a moonset at sunrise photo op was again thwarted when the full moon disappeared behind pink clouds well above the horizon line for the second month in a row. So I used my only shot from December to create these composites.

btw, one benefit to going out for a sunrise/moonset opportunity is then you are... out at sunrise

Please feel free to share your photos and ideas!

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Up dating equipment.
How often do you feel the need to update your camera? (Lenses are for me a one time purchase) Why do you feel the need to buy the newest upgrades? How old is your current camera?
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Farewell to my beloved D500...
Sadly, the time has come where I have to replace my dear D500, and I look to my friends and colleagues at UHH for guidance, and solace. Her weight, when coupled with my 70-200 f 2.8 has just gotten too heavy and too bulky for me to carry lately, especially to the high school ice hockey games that I shoot. I have no choice but to switch to lighter gear, if I am to continue my sports photography activities.

I suppose that would take me into the realm of mirrorless/MFT cameras. While I have done the research in terms of the specs of the various brands, I would appreciate input from those who have actually used MFT cameras (Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, Lumix, etc.) in those situations where the D500 excels. In a word, I want smaller and lighter but of at least equal quality. The D500 has served me very well for indoor sports photography, in these areas: superb low light performance, a burst rate of at least 10fps, camera body ergonomics with ease of handling for fast moving action shots; great Auto Focus; and a rational and user-friendly menu system (or one that has a good a guide as Steve Perry's). Because I don't use a tripod or monopod for the type of sports photography I do, I recognize that much of the weight I'm complaining about is attributable to the long lens I use. So, I'd also be grateful for any suggestions as to comparable lenses for MFT bodies which are substantially lighter in weight. Fortunately, budgetary limitations need not be considered.

Many thanks,

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Taking Photos with PP in mind
When I first started taking photos I always tried to imagine what the outcome would be before I took the shot. This usually resulted in finding an interesting composition, setting up the camera, focusing, adjusting exposure, refocusing and maybe adjusting the lighting if possible. If I liked what I saw..... click.
30 years later. I can take and throw away more images in 30 minutes then I did with film in a week.
So.......... Here's my question.
How many of you take photographs with PP in mind?
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Camera Sales & the Demise of Our Hobby??? A Short Study of the Full Frame/Mirrorless/Smartphone & the Point & Shoot Dilemma
Camera sales are revealing.

In 2010, there were 8 times more DSLRs than Mirrorless. In 2016, the numbers evened out but dropped for both, with 12 million DSLRs and 11 million Mirrorless cameras. Apparently, Nikon is solely focusing on the DSLR market. Not sure about Canon, however, in the DSLR market Sony has relegated Nikon to 3rd. place behind Sony at #2 and the reigning champ, Canon.

The DSLR market share is taking a beating. The Mirrorless promise of market dominance likewise. The interchangeable lens DSLR/Mirrorless market is falling off. In 2016 there has been a significant drop in those camera sales of 12%, yes, in a single year! Total cameras manufactured dropped a startling 35% in 2016 alone. Between 2013 and 2016 Mirrorless camera production fell off 4% and DSLR sales with over four times as much at 17%.

The entire camera market (DSLR/Mirrorless & non-interchangeable lens cameras) took an astounding hit of 81% (from 121 million to 23 million) between 2010 and 2016. This number is reflective a massive drop in non-interchangeable lens camera manufacturing due to poor sales with the DSLR/Mirrorless sales remaining pretty steady over the same time frame. Having said this, the Mirrorless component has not really kept up with its promise of market domination and enjoyed only marginal gains over that time frame.

Compared to 2015, in 2016 there was 35% drop in shipped cameras, which is pretty significant. There is also 12% decrease in shipped lenses. Market share over this time frame indicates DSLR sales at 21% vs Mirrorless at 5% in 2013 vs. DSLR at 34% and Mirrorless with 13% in 2016. Clearly, the market for cameras is being hit hard by the upcoming "runt" of the litter, the smartphone.

Other issues impact on this fall from grace for the DSLR/Mirrorless camera contingent. Smartphones are winning the battle with better technology with every new generation. Young people are attracted to smartphone technology and portability and are much less enamoured of single-use cameras. To be clear, it isn't cool to be seen with a camera. It is difficult to identify empirical evidence, however, aside from professionals, the younger generation isn’t generally interested in cameras. They prefer using their smartphones for taking photos. This is not the case only when taking snapshots, but even at the point when they actually get really interested in photography.

The DSLR market is shrinking. This is quite obvious, but contrary to common opinion, it’s not only because of the rise of the Mirrorless. It’s likely a combination of several reasons. With smartphone sales up 5% in 2016 a younger generation is not interested in lugging around a large format camera rig. The Mirrorless market is taking a bite out of the DSLR market, although not as much as was anticipated. The DSLR manufacturers are slower to update technology than either the Mirrorless or the Smartphone makers. Many DSLR owners remain satisfied with their older cameras since the newer models don’t seem to offer cost-effective upgrades.

The future may not bode well for the DSLR market and to a lesser degree the interchangeable lens Mirrorless camera market. It is apparent that camera manufacturers will continue to lose market share and cut jobs and product as a result. Nikon apparently is not even "interested" in the Mirrorless market and is laying off personnel. Recently, Samsung quietly dropped out of the camera market due to the smartphone "killing" their camera sales. I predict there will be more to come in the coming few years.

As the art of photography changes with new generations, increased social media, and improved Smartphone cameras, single-use cameras as we know them will take a huge hit. As sales drop the costs will rise furthering the dilemma faced by major camera manufacturers. If the trend carries on, there could be some significant changes in the market by the end of this quickly fading decade.
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Is a Pan/tilt head necessary?
I have learned more from you folks than I would have if I just read all the manuals out there. As far I'm concerned nothing beats hands on experience.
I have a Canon 7d MK II. The largest lens I'll be using is a Tamron 150-600 G2. I mainly shoot my granddaughter playing softball and not much else (So far). I also have a Sirui P-204 SR monopod. So here is my question: Since this monopod has the ability to tilt, and swivel would I need a head for it? I'm retiring in February and just want to get what I need before then.

I'm trying to keep the cost to around $125 max and the selection is huge.

Thanks for your help.
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Advise with starting my lens purchases
I got some wonderful feedback from fellow members several months ago when I needed advise on buying a camera. I purchased a new Sony A7RII mirrorless after much deliberation. Knew this brand would have a steep and daunting learning curve but was going to have that anyway, not being a seasoned photographer, so decided to go for it. I now would like some advise on smart lens choices. I read somewhere that zooms are great when you can't use your legs, for what ever reason, to get to the best vantage point. Primes require your legs become the zoom to achieve the best vantage point. My thinking is since I love landscapes and they can be pretty far away and inaccessable, a zoom lets say 16-35mm, would be a great choice, and it wouldn't be crazy heavy. But to use nothing but zooms would make my less weighty camera pretty heavy and I want to avoid that as much as possible. I'm thinking of buying a couple of primes, let's say 50 or 55mm and an 85mm, for shooting things around me that I can walk to easily. I'm thinking this would keep the camera light and manageable and give me access to better quality lenses (good used lenses are what I look for first and foremost if I can't find those I'll buy new). Not interested in shooting birds or wildlife at this point so I don't need a long range zoom like 35-200mm. What say you my photography gurus?
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A foggy day and a beacon of hope... Sherdley park in StHelens England.One of my rare ventures into B/W..

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What's the best paper for your ink-jet printer to use to print photographs?
Some are coated ... others are flat ... which kind offers the best detail and contrast?
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