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Amateur or Beginning Photographers: Upgrade Or Not?
I post this question for discussion for those beginners in photography regarding upgrading cameras. This is based on other questions I have seen posted on this site. I understand everyone has the opinions and there are those who have to have the best. But I always look at this question based on your level of photography expertise. I have gone thru the process and I am glad I had a professional to work with. I had the opportunity in my time to learn from photography instructors, professional photographers, and Playboy. It really does make a difference!

For example a person has a Nikon D7200 and is thinking about upgrading to the Nikon D850. Money is not a problem. So what do we tell him that is realistic and best for him?

Since this person has said money is no problem why not just tell him to buy it since he can grow into it even if he does not have the experience, skills, or needs the abilities the new camera offers him for what he wants to do with it. Heck why not just tell him to buy a Leica or the medium format cameras. But?

The one thing every photographer knows is that an amateur or beginner has to start somewhere. While camera are so smart they basically become a high price fix lens rangefinder camera with the professional look. Therefore until the amateur or beginner has the following I do not recommend going into the high priced cameras: 1. Developed level of photography basics through some on hands training with another experienced photographer. 2. The photography he is going to be undertaking or specialize in needs an advanced pro level camera. 3. And he is willing to spend the money on the level of glass or lenses that support that camera to its fullest.

After all why spend money on a 44 Magnum when the 9mm can shoot more rounds more accurately and be just a deadly. Maybe because you want to be the big boy on the block. But in real life shooting cases the 9 mm for rounds on target accuracy would win out. Don't forget the other guy will be shooting at you.

So much the same with photography in a way. Right now I own a Nikon D810 after owning since 1973 a variety of Nikon and Canon film, FX and DX cameras; from the very expensive to least. I know that the camera doesn't truly make the photographer but his skills as such. A entry level DSLR can win photography contests just like the professional cameras, and that is a fact.

So I ask myself should I upgrade to the D850? My answer is NO. Why you ask? Because I am a landscape photographer mostly, do not take astrophotography, but still could with the D810, do not really need the extra MP, don't need the little faster motor drive, etc. So for me I will wait for something else to come along. Here I am looking a my needs as a photographer ever though I could buy the most expensive camera in the world; though it would not make me a better photographer. I could go on with other points that I think others to this forum could make.

SO, What does everyone else think?
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Fall color report in your area
What do things look like out your window? These reports seems more accurate than anything I have found on the internet so I appreciate your feedback. I am wanting one more fall color shoot for the year and am undecided as to the area. It would appear that color this year is a bit challenging in some areas...I am guessing the heat. But who really knows.
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The American Wood ducks...
...where looking very smart in their beautiful plumage today at Martin mere Wildfowl and Wetlands trust in Burscough England today.








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What is the best way to store all this stuff at home?
I am starting to get lots of cameras and lenses and accessories. I can not figure out how to store all this at home? Keep it backpacks that I also have? Baskets on the floor? Dedicated cabinet with shelves? Do I store all my DX stuff together, and the FF stuff elsewhere? What systems work for you all?

Also do you keep or sell off old cameras and lenses? I have a D100 and D200. Any use in keeping them?
Thanks ahead of time for your ideas here.
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Rainbow Lorikeet in the grevillea bush.
Lorikeets love grevillea blossoms & this guy was having a ball in my back yard yesterday. Downloading is recommended.

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Natural Beauty
One mid afternoon this Butterfly landed very near me back lit from the sun.................

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Alaska Wildlife
Wildlife is my true passion. Anything and everything that catches my eye is a close second. I have been fortunate to have many spiritual encounters with different species and get a rush every time I get a decent shot (and even when I don't!)

These particular shots are from a once in a lifetime trip to AK and the Yukon. All critters are in their natural habitat!

Again, excuse my name plastered on a few images. Rookie mistake
Out the window (Denali)

From a speed boat below (Whitehorse)

Head on Orca's! from a boat

From the road

Swam to our side of a small river (Ketchikan)

Across a small river in Ketchikan

From a boat (Whitehorse)

From a boat (Whitehorse)

From a boat (Whitehorse)

From a boat (Whitehorse)

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D7100 lens question--from Denver
I have several lenses for my D7100, but none are very sharp. Can do digital sharpening via LR, but any suggestions on great, everyday lenses for D7100? I have the original kit lens 18-105, a Tamron 18-50 (non VR, regrettably), 35 MM Nikkor prime lens, and a Nikon 18-55 VR. My 70-300 is great for longer distances and as sharp as any. Thanks.
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come and get's peanut butter suet time!
I finally got around to making some suet for the birds.
oh boy oh boy!

thanks for the tip...i'll check out the suet feeder!

come and get it's delicious!

it even tastes good when you eat it upside down!

we brown headed nuthatches love it too!

well it's about time...i love this stuff!

my suet!!

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Having fun with presets
Would love some initial reactions to some pics I took on a very foggy morning while playing with some "tone depth" presets!

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