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Surprised by a pro's flash technique
The other day I worked with a certain pro for the first time. I’ve worked with many in the same conditions over the years. Photography is a violation of the Jewish Sabbath, so we pose and shoot Bar Mitzvah photos in advance. I’ve seen everything from three strobes to a single speedlight, but always off-camera and bounced or diffused. The other day, the photographer (not new to the business!) used a camera-mounted flash aimed directly at her subjects. She used it 100% of the time. Maybe she had some negative flash compensation dialed in, but it sure surprised me. Does it surprise you, especially you pros who shoot stuff like this?
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Still Seeing Lots Of Butter...
...flies, that is, on what's left of my butterfly bush!

Hope you enjoy and check out the downloads for more detail!

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this dog came to our house
we've been feeding it and have spread it all around town but no response yet. just couldn't see it hungary

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Nikon D7100
Just purchased a used Nikon D7100 from a relative. He charged me $200, and from reviews I read I feel that is a steal. The shutter count is at 25,270. I was honest with him and told him he should be asking a lot more than that but he insisted being family that was all he wanted. He justified it by saying he was getting nothing while it sat in his closet. The reviews on the camera were very good but I trust the opinion here so I was hoping to get some opinion from you fine folks. He also threw in Nikkor 50mm f/2.8 AF-S which I already have, and the camera has all the original packaging. This is a step up from my current D5100. Looking forward to getting out this week and taking it for a test run.
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Surprised with my first Canon T6 and am totally lost!
So for my 30th birthday I received a Canon Rebel T6. It came with a telephoto lens, a macro, wide angle.....I mean, there's stuff I don't even know what the technical names of it are. I'll take my time learning the ins and outs of everything that came soon, but for now I just want to try out the zoom and focus around town for the day. So what are the basics of getting this damn thing to zoom properly and why does it keep wanting to tell me it won't focus? Lol......thanks for helping a lady out y'all. Haha
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Alaskan Log Houses.
As seen around the state.

Lake Louise Lodge, a great place to stay, plus the best burgers in Alaska.

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I need money .
Plain and simple photography is turning out to be a very expensive interest.
When I do not have my camera with me I feel lost. I need to keep shooting away.
I shoot close ups of people but I have found that most people in Florid do not have
culturally interesting faces of different ethnicity.

I am trying to emulate National Geographic photography without having to travel far.

Any suggestions for person on a fixed income living in Tampa Bay, Florida?
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Landscapes with fog
Yesterday, I got the chance to shoot landscapes with fog in Canaan Valley State Park, WV.

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Monument Valley.
Some are scanned slides taken over 30 years ago.

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A Little Alley Art . . .
. . . in downtown Anderson, Indiana

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