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The Oddest Question You Have Been Asked, While Taking Photos?
Here is mine. While vacationing last year, in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, I was taking shots from the Government Wharf. The passenger in a beat up pickup truck leaned out his window and yells, "Hey buddy, how many watts is your lens?" With a straight face, I told him it was a Nikon 200-400 watts. B^)

Do have a story to share?
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I won too...
Well almost..., but got a 3rd place ribbon. Woo Hoo! Folks, I entered 4 photos in this years Tennessee State Fair. The competition was fierce and challenging with over 350 photographers state wide entering. With such stiff competition, I feel very fortunate and grateful to have come away with one ribbon out of the four entries, so wanted to show all my friends here on UHH. Thanks for your support over the years and for looking Folks...Can't wait till next years Fair. I'll be looking for man-made structures to shoot my birds in instead of this dumb looking log.

P.s. I donated my huge winnings ($6.00) back to the Fair as a gift.
My 3rd place winner in the "Birds-color" category

On display with ribbon

Some of the other entries, there we two other halls similar to this one

The 1st place winner in this category was this Turkey Buzzard stretching his wings on a man-made object of some sort.

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A photographers dream....
Pictured Rocks...unfortunately it was raining when I was there...but I did my best..please download for better color!!

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Fall scenes.
Taken around the western states.

Grand Tetons.


Umpqua river Oregon.


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Just Picked Up my Brand New Nikon D850..........
Unfortunately , the weather is going to be to great for the next few days, but come this weekend, my girlfriend and i are going to the Bronx try out the Beast!!

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Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

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What Filters are in Your Bag
With all of the advances in processing programs like PS and LR, what filters do you still carry with you and use and what filters have you stopped using?

I am scaling back to just polarizing and full neutral density. Any other thoughts?
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I won part 3
just picked up my images from the fair. I did really really well. 17 entered .......4 first, 4 2nd, and 3 thirds.

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Huntington Beach CA off the wall photos
Hopefully I am not the only photographer that seeks for unusual photo opportunities and takes "the shot". While at a recent photo trip I was fortunate enough to capture several slightly "off the wall" photos. I love it when the viewer has to take a double take at a photo or stares at it for quite a while because they might be mesmerized by the photo. I personally am constantly on the look for the out of the ordinary photo opps. Please download these for best detail in viewing.

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Dad to the rescue when...
you want to play on the computer and the headphones are too big... Use a tea towel... Saw my granddaughter a few years ago playing a game on the computer but the headphones were a bit large, I think her Dad solved the problem....

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