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Pileated Woodpecker family
A very fun day which took a little patience. I feel it was worth it. Please enjoy.

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Ok, So I'm right in the middle of this giant learning curve called Photography. I've owned cameras in the past but at 71 years old I am now jumping into Digital photography. I bought a Nikon D5600 and have been taking pictures like a wild man. I have yet to start shooting raw but want to learn. I don't want to spend a lot of money on post-processing so I've been looking at free software. I was recommended Gimp but when I went there and began It made my head hurt. Serious, serious learning curve. So my question is... Is gimp worth the time to learn or would you guys recommend another program?
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Still Live With Candle
This is from another one of my experiments.

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canon 80D
Does anyone shoot with a canon 80D. I have a canon T3 and have bout several lenses so I would like to stay with canon. I'm looking at a canon 80D but would like to hear your opinion on the camera. Is it worth spending the money 1000 US dollars. It comes with the 18-135 IS lens. I feel with the shoots I like to take I need a full frame camera but my budget sorry to say is limited.. The lenses that I have purchased are EF mount so I believe they will work. Any advice is greatly appreciated. mostly shoot wildlife and landscape however I am doing some portrait shots for people also. Thanks to all......
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Composite of Granddaughter
This a composite I made of granddaughter for graduation looking back on her previous selves.

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Traveling to Mexico
Going to Mexico City for my daughter’s wedding in January and want to bring a camera. I have a Nikon D300 and Sony RX100IV. Not satisfied with either (too bulky or slow, respectively). I have mostly Nikon (FTn, D4) and a Fuji 120 film rangefinder plus 4x5 graflex.

Is it time to upgrade to NikonD850 or Fuji (or Sony) mirrorless? Any tips re camera safety in Mexico?
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used photography equpment on ebay
OK, I'm lost.
I use all Paul C buff, mostly Ultra 1200 and 1600s, and have been looking at getting a vagabond mini or 2 to power them on location.

Here's the thing, I have noticed they average between $220 and $280 for used on ebay, but they go for $235 new from Paul C Buff?

Most of my used stuff comes from Cameta, Adorama, or B&H... so my question is, is most stuff that overpriced on Ebay? Seems like I could buy stuff from Buff, sell it as new instead of used, and get at least the $280. Doesn't anyone actually do research before they bid?

Anyway, for those that purchase from ebay, is it like this for all photo equipment? I'm thinking I need to start selling my stuff and get more than it's worth.
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What is 'Run and Gun'?
I keep hearing the expression 'run and gun'. I assumed 'run and gun' referred to spontaneous situations like when you see a great shot, slam on the brakes, grab your camera, jump out of the car, compose quickly and shoot before the scene is gone forever.
However, when I Googled it, the first several articles described something different. One mentioned his run-and-gun bag with 'just' two bodies and three lenses, another talked about using reflectors and just one assistant, and another insisted you needed a tripod and decent flashes.

Could somebody enlighten me, please.
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"Lens flare is my friend"
Often flare makes the photo
Sometimes you have to kick the rules out the door and just enjoy the beauty thru your lens
Estes Park Rocky Mountain High

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India - More mixed images from India
Another set of images from my part of the woods!!
Indian Roller - my better side! D500 + Nikkor 200~500

Pheasant Tail Jacana - a delicate landing! D500 + Nikkor 200~500

Beetle - up close - D850 + Tamron SP 90mm 1:1

Greater Flamingo - all in a row! D500 + Nikkor 300 F/4E + TC 1.4E III

Purple Moorhen - ready or not! D500 + Nikkor 200~500

Indian Roller - free flying! - D500 + Nikkor 300 F/4E + TC 1.4E III

Chestnut Headed Bee Eater - a riot of colours! D500 + Nikkor 300 F/4E + TC 1.4E III

Stripe Throated Mongoose - early morning by the waterhole! D500 + Nikkor 200~500

Red Whiskered Bulbul - hey good looking! D810 + Nikkor 200~500

Spot Bill Pelican - A sip! D850 & Nikkor 200~500

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