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camera strap recommendations
I have researched this to death! I am very short and skinny and am looking for a camera strap that can 1) adjust short enough to where the camera's long lens (100-400 Leica on my Lumix GX8) isn't down to my mid-thigh and 2) doesn't swing out and hit me while on long hikes. (I tried the front back-pack style and the camera swings out annoyingly with every step.) and 3) Is super-comfortable on my little bony neck and shoulder. I'm also not thrilled with the idea of using my tripod mount for the attachment, though I've never tried it. Don't have a budget. Any thoughts would be appreciated!!
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Thinking about Apple laptop
I am in the process of replacing my Dell Inspiron laptop. It originally ran on Windows 7 and was upgraded to Windows 10. My need is to do post processing with Lightroom CC Classic an d Photoshop which I have been using for quite a few years. So my question is for apple users who use LRCC classic and Photoshop. What are the advantages, if any, over a PC, and what configuration and costs.
Thanks in advance.
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Just this one but it was a project!
This picture is a study in perseverance. A few weeks ago I shot some focus brackets using the Helicon Tube. After I finished shooting, I realized that I had been shooting raw. I went ahead and shot one more set using JPeg Fine because I stack with Zerene and Zerene doesn't work with raw files. The last set was OK but I didn't like the perspective as well as some of the raw shots and I didn't have time to shoot more.

I didn't get around to stacking until this morning. It's very hot and I'll admit to being a bit bored. I seldom do batch processing but I quickly figured out that I could use Capture NXD to convert all my raw bracket shots to tiff using batch processing. So easy and Zerene was happy! The stack came out well with only minimal touch-up required. I decided to use the touch up tools and some of the source files to selectively soften the background foliage. I ended up with a file that only needed a slight crop in regular post, no other adjustments. The final result of a morning's work is just this one!

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Most Overpriced Camera for 2018
With camera models changing every year or two, in much the same way that cars used to, I notice that the newer models tend to be ridiculously expensive at introduction, while last years' leftovers are often a bargain. IMHO, the most overpriced new introduction is the Sony RX100VI. Any other opinions?
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Truth Be Told
Its not the gear or the photographer, although each plays an important role, as do other factors. These are concepts left over from the film era.

In today's digital era of advanced software its the post processing that plays the most important role. Skillful use of modern editors can make up for and improve just about any photographic characteristic of the digital image, including composition.

Put the aside the technical data and charts for they are irrelevant and view the industry insider opinions with a jaundiced eye. Ultimately if you want to raise the level of your photography invest the time in learning a good photo editor.

To validate my point, go to at any quality photo site and look at the very best images. They did not come straight out of the camera.
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Adobe CC is hamstringing the little guys…
...or so it seems. After upgrading to CC it seems I can't work off my old libraries that reside on an external hard drive. You have to use Adobe cloud to work your photo's. I tried everything I could think of to pull my my libraries without using cloud storage but couldn't make it happen so I canceled the very next day. Basic plan only gives you 20GB storage and that's laughable. I couldn't get even a fraction of my images on this thing. Heck - I can't even fit in one small portrait job on that much space. The next plan up is 1/3 of what I'd payed for the stand alone versions so after 3 years I'm spending far more than than I payed for the software with less functionality than the original. Does anyone have my same issues with this subscription based plan because after 8 years of using Adobe products I'm getting ready to dump them.
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Fractals: Is this permitted?
I'm not sure if the display of fractal creations are permitted on UHH. If I've violated a rule please tell me - and I apologize. If it is not an issue please enjoy.

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Pictures are not sharp - look like they have noise even in the sky
I am using a D750 and a 28-300 lens and have been getting results which appeared to me to be camera shake, possibly. So, I have been shooting with a shutter speed of 1/1600 second, and f8.

Before I go off the deep end, I thought I would post a couple of pictures in hopes someone might have an idea what is going on - me, camera, what?
These are unedited, so some are crooked... And not a crisp day on the bay.

Thank you in advance..


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Trouble leveling for pano
Greetings on this Tuesday Morning,

Just recently I was practicing on a pano of a local mountain. I used the bubble level on the tripod ballhead to level the horizontal plane of the camera. Then I loosened the panning knob on the tripod and panned the camera for a bit only to watch the bubble on the ballhead shift to wildly out of level. If I panned back in the opposite direction it would line up level again until I panned beyond that point where it would go out of level again. Any time I panned, the ballhead (locked into position) would go badly out of level. I have since then discovered two more levels; a level for the tripod legs (which I had not checked) and a second (vertical) level on the ballhead that I had not noticed before the exercise. If I get all these levels properly leveled I probably should be able to pan from left to right in a fairly long sweep and be level all the way through the pan sweep? Anything else I should be doing?

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The Fathers Day Car Show............
I decided to Show my 1961 Chevy Impala, at the Fathers Day, Car Show, At Belmont Raceway, here on Long Island, and we did quite well..........

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