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Beginner Looking to buy Nikon D7100 Need Help on Lens Selection
I'm a beginner looking to get into photography when I retire this summer. I will be using it for various wildlife including birds and walking on the C & O canal and Antietam Battlefield and on vacation to the Oregon coast. Would like to have a lens that could be used 90% of the time. I will be carrying the camera around my neck most of the time while walking. My budget is no more than $1,200.00. I do not want to buy something that in a year I would not like. I started out wanting to buy the D3400 Nikon bundle. Now I'm thinking about buying the D7100 Nikon camera after some research. The new camera alone sells for $700.00. The other option is the Nikon D7100 bundle with AF-S DX 18-140 f3.5-5.6VR lens for $1,000.00 or the bundle Nikon D7100 with AF-S DX 18-55 f3.5-5.6 G VR II and AF-S DX 55-300mm f4.5-5.6 ED VR for $1,050.00. Someone mention just buying the D7100 and getting the Sigma 18-250mm f3.5-6.3 Macro Nikon F mount for $350.00 or the 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 Macro for $500.00. Can someone recommend a lens for my needs that cost around $350.00 to $500.00. I'm not familiar with the other kinds of lenses. I'm not sure about buying used or refurbished. If someone has a better recommendation or suggestion , please let me know...Thanks
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The Devil's Highway
Before and After
Comments welcomed


After Review

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Topaz software
I'm considering buying Topaz for post production work. How versatile is it and what subjects is it best suited for. Thanks, Zosostein
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Any Reason you paid TFM$$$ for your tripod???
I see people complaining about how much they paid for adequate capacity for their gear on the tripod.

Isn't there a BFRock somewhere near where you are shooting?

Why not learn what I learned from NewYorkInstituteofPhotography in the seventies. Don't carry your stabilizing weight all the way to your photo site. God planted rocks there for you. Sew one of these up.

Tell RRS and some of the others to "Go Stuff It"!!!

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Walmart getting out of the camera business????
I had a customer yesterday who was looking for a small pocket camera. Since I do not deal in pocket cameras I recommended Target, Walmart, and Best Buy for those types of cameras. She said she had just come from Walmart and they no longer sell cameras, and that the attendant there recommended them to come to me. WTF???

Well on the way to work this morning I decided to stop by and take a look for myself, and sure enough, no cameras, AT ALL! The display rack was there, lots of sale and closeout tags on the shelves, even the cabinet doors below were unlocked and empty. Make you wonder. The electronics department employee had no idea if they were just sold out or were all done with cameras, all she knew was that they had a big in-store sale on them last weekend and sold everything they had. All that was left were a few film packs for the Fuji Instax cameras and one Vivitar bubble packed video camera for $7.00 closeout.

Makes you wonder if the camera phones have finally driven pocket phones down to such a small market that Walmart won't even mess with them anymore???

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A Robin.
Some of our Robins stay here all Winter.

This one is about 30-40 feet away. Hand held photo. 800mm focal length.

Photo #1: Canon 5Dsr - Canon 400 II DO f4 - Canon 2.0x III - 1/400 - f/10 - ISO @ 800.
Photo #2: Canon 5Dsr - Canon 400 II DO f4 - Canon 2.0x III - 1/400 - f/10 - ISO @ 800.

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West Stret, Rye, England
West Street, Rye, East Sussex, England

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This morning at the Hiwassee Refuge; sandhill cranes, fog and a bonus whooper!
Hubby (ggttc) and I went to the refuge this morning. It was warm but foggy and we had to wait a while until the fog lifted. There were several photographers from around Tennessee and Georgia who had heard there was a whooping crane there.

#1 and #2 shot by ggttc with Nikon D7100 with Tamron 150-600

#3 and #4 shot by sleepydrdr with Nikon D810 with Nikkor 200-500

In shot #3 along the far bank you can see a whooping crane among the sandhills. She is bright white. She is one of the eastern group of whoopers, #6815 and her name is Quill. I have reported her sighting to the International Crane Foundation. I couldn't get her leg bands with the camera, but saw them with binoculars and someone else's spotting scope. There are about 100-105 eastern migrating whooping cranes, so seeing one is quite a treat. The International Crane Foundation local rep identified this bird. She was about a mile away from all of us today (or as ggttc says, in a different zip code), but we were still all thrilled.

Please see downloads for detail. Thanks for viewing!
1. Just hanging out

2. Solo flyer

3. Misty morning with distant whooping crane

4. A bank of fog rolling in; a raft of canvas back ducks on the left

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Yellowstone Images I shot on Jan 18 & 19, 2017
I have been leading photo tours by Snowcoach in Yellowstone and will be doing that for the next month. I don't get to shoot much as I help my clients mostly, but sometimes I do get to shoot a little. Here are a few examples. Yellowstone is a fabulous winter destination. The best time is dependably between mid-January and mid-February when it is likely to have plenty of snow. I have led winter tours here since 1993, and due to all of the restrictions, the park is very lightly used in winter, so far more peaceful and quiet.
Bull elk crossing the Madison River

Bull Elk

Bull Elk resting along the Madison River

I like the snow on the nose of this bull elk

Lower Falls on Jan 18, 2017

Lower Falls

Lower Falls from Artist Point - a focus stacked image

The famous lone tree in Hayden Valley

Avoiding bison by trying to drive near the edge of the road is hazardous

Snow hats of the rocks at Grandview Point

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A young colt & his moma.

These two were on the far side of the paddock, so I had to use a lot of zoom, hand held (nothing the little SX50 can't handle though, lol). Downloading is recommended.

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