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Request for east coast photo locations
My wife and I will be traveling to and down the east coast in our travel trailer over the next three months. This will be the first time either of us has ever been to that part of the country, which brings me to my request: if you live in the east, or if you have traveled and photographed extensively there, would you be so kind as to share one or two of your favorite photo opportunities that shouldn't be missed? I'm certain we can find all the iconic photos, but I'm also interested in finding those little hidden gems that only the locals know about. I am primarily a landscape photographer, but for this trip I'll also be very interested in cityscapes, architecture, night shots and wildlife.

Here are the states we plan on visiting: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Nova Scotia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Deleware, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, W.Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, N.Carolina, S.Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas.

Since we will be getting on the road in the next day or two I will say thanks now to everyone who responds. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Some UK Robins...
...photographed today in my daughters garden.





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Hawaiian Themes - Part I
Don't you just love it when someone goes on vacation and comes back with tons of shots that they want to share?

After two weeks on the "Big Island" and the best vacation ever, I have returned with close to 4,000 shots and have spent hours editing. My shutter finger is worn out and my eyes are crossing, but here goes, the first installment for those who are brave enough to look.

I will start with views from various towns, some taken from the car with the little Olympus point and shoot. The colors in the towns were eye-catching.
Just north of Hilo

Early AM view of Kona from our rental

Old Town Hilo as seen from a frontage road

Kona Canoe Club

A typical vendor in the "touristy" section

Small town street scene

Downtown Hilo and our favorite eatery

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Gillette Castle - East Haddam, Connecticut - Part 1
David took a day off yesterday so we can take a trip back to Connecticut, mainly to see the aquarium and the town of Mystic, but we took a detour and went to visit the Gillette Castle first... and I'm really glad we did!! The castle was closed that day, so a return trip is needed, because I'm sure the inside is even more beautiful than the out. This castle is situated on 184 acres of land and if we had more time, hiking through the paths would have been great!!

Hope you enjoy this part of the series and it is a must see if ever you are in the area!!

Please give the downloads a try for more detail!!
the grand entrance....

the stone steps leading up...

the castle on the hill...

one of the stone terraces...

the back...

the view from the back...

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Hawaiian Themes - Part II - Sea Life
Here are a few of the shots I got both above and in the water while in Hawaii. The in water shots were taken with the new Olympus which is designed for all kinds of abuse.

Shooting under water was a learning experience since I couldn't really see what I was getting until much later. It was a matter of aiming and hoping, but I got enough "keepers" to make it fun.
Pacific Bottle-nose Dolphins

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In the market for a new desktop computer
Should I get a all in one.? Or work on building my own. New to computers. Any advice would be appreciated and helpful..thank you.
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Tinning on Nikkor 18-200mm lens
In a prior post someone mentioned that this lens and some other Nikon lenses are subject to "tinning" which can yield to failure and shorting out other components. Since my lens is about 7 years old, it raised a couple of questions in my mind:

1. Is it possible to see this "tinning" process on the lens?

2. This lens has been into Nikon twice for repair as I have fallen on it hiking. Each time the lens was repaired. Does Nikon check for this "tinning" process?

2. Is the lens repairable or does the lens have to be discarded?

Thank you very much for your response.
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From Martian's Garden in the Moonlight
One of my favorite things to do under the full moon is to put on the ol' Hazmat suit and go for a stroll in Martian's garden. You do have to go armed, of course, as there are there are strange creatures out there, not all of them shy and retiring. But on occasion, you'll even spot the Dark Ladies dancing in the moonlight, as they celebrate their rituals. That alone is worth the trip.

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Canada landscapes
Everywhere you look around Lake of the Woods there is another wonderful landscape. What with the water and rocks and tree. Also some of the cloud formations are spectacular.

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HDR (High Dynamic Range) Disabled in camera menu
Does anyone have any idea why HDR is disabled (grayed out--can't be accessed) in my new Nikon D500 camera's menu? I can't find any mention in the camera manual of other settings that would disable this feature. Thank you.
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