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photography philosophy
If you could not share the images you have taken, would you continue to shoot?

If 'yes', would you take fewer pictures or find photography a bit less interesting?
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The NFL standards on photography.
Yesterday I went to an Arizona Cardinals practice at University of Phoenix stadium. The practices are free. However, the lists of dos and don'ts are insane. For instance, you cannot bring a camera in that has a lens that is longer than 8". They say this is a "professional" lens. Who makes up stuff like this? My 70-300 Sony G lens is about 6" closed. I'm glad they didn't ask me to zoom it! Seriously, does anyone have any idea why they make rules like this?
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My main hobby
Model railroading is my main hobby but it does give me many subjects for my photography. I enjoy taking photos of my structures and towns as much as I enjoy building them. These are HO scale and on my layout.

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Too much mega?
Is more always better? Aren't we Americans prone to super size too often in search of the good life? How many huge lens, big cameras, full frame sensors, huge raw files produced by tons of megapixels do the great majority of photographers (pro and otherwise) really need to produce excellent photographs for publication online and in prints smaller than billboards? The Fuji X-T2 micro four thirds would seem a great choice for the vast majority of photographers, combining terrific quality and value. An even better choice for combined value and quality with fewer megapixels but with features covering a greater range of photographic situations would be the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II and its versatile pro quality 12-100mm lens. What do you think?
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Light room software
Is it really worth it to pay the monthly charges and can i load it on more than one iMac or PC? Thanks in advance appreciate your advice you pro's i respect you. 👍 😀
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Western Skies.
From around western States.

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The Otters where in great form...
...the other day at Martin mere WWT near Burscough UK.










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Barn Owls
I posted a photo of the sibling of these two a couple of weeks ago. It was injured and went off to a wildlife rehab place. I just learned that its wing was broken in a couple of places and it was subsequently euthanized.

The future looks brighter for these two who have fledged and are now roosting at the opposite end of the covered arena where they've been growing up and learning to fly. Soon they'll be gone, but I had a chance to get some shots before that happens. The shots are not great given the challenges of low light and lack of a real tripod. I supported the 100-600 Tamron and Canon 7D combo on a metal gate at a distance of about 60 feet. If these birds are still there tomorrow, I'll have the tripod with me and hopefully get better detail.

Note: For size reference, the roof support is probably a 2x12.

"Will you stop and let me sleep!"

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Costa Rica Expedition Series: Part 1 - Hummingbirds
I just returned from a 10 day dragonfly expedition to Costa Rica. It was amazing. The accommodations were a bit spartan and the food was different and good. When I'm here in PA surveying for dragons the main thing to watch out for is not getting stuck in the goo in bogs and wetlands. There you had to watch out for that and crocodiles. At the one lagoon we surveyed we were told to be careful because 4 dogs were taken so far this year! They were there and we saw them. (Didn't lose anyone). So why start with hummingbirds? I wanted to show my fellow Hoggers more than just dragons and damsels. I'm not a bird shooter but these guys were everywhere and so beautiful. I'm not sure of some of the names others I am sure of. If you have corrections pleas feel free to let me know. I hope you enjoy my first installment in this series.
Green-Crowned Brilliant

Violet Saberwing

Green-crowned Brilliant

Striped-tailed Hummingbird

Purple-throated Mountain Jem

Green-Crowned Brilliant

Green-Crowned Brilliant

Coppery-Headed Emerald

Green Violet-Ear

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our fantana lantana is calling the flutterflies
to come and drink .

the butterflies finally came...yea!

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