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what lens would you grab first ?
you've been invited to shoot your buddy's band at a motorcycle club event and you are sure to be asked to shoot some bikes with or without riders on them. Whats the first lens you think to use on your full frame camera ??

I should add that it is daylight into prime light of evening time event. Walk around shooting bikes and band. Hoping someone might wish to book a shoot from it, but...... I am there for the music anyway.

I plan to carry a small bag or at least have it with me. I will mount the 5dm3 as well my 7dm2. Just wondering what you would take with and plan to use most.

Thanks in advance.
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A Cedar Waxwing and a juvenile Osprey.
Two photos taken on a sunny day a few miles apart of a pretty Cedar Waxwing and a juvenile Osprey that
is now beginning to fly. The orange eyes and a pattern of white spots on the Osprey's wings indicate it
is a juvenile.
I used 560mm.
Please use the downloads.

Photo #1: Cedar Waxwing - Canon 5Dsr - Canon 100-400 II - Canon 1.4x III - 1/1000 - f/16 - ISO @ 1000. Distance was about 35-40 feet.
Photo #2: Juvenile Osprey - Canon 5Dsr - Canon 100-400 II - Canon 1.4x III - 1/800 - f/14 - Iso @ 1000. Distance was about 120 feet.

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Dead Battery Woes
I'm a landscape/garden photographer, so I seldom use my flash. Since, however, I'm going out on a job that might call for some fill, I got out my flash to check the batteries. You can probably guess the rest of the story. The batteries had all gone south, leaving a nice acid crust on the contacts. I've scraped the contacts, run an emery board over them, and swabbed them with a vinegar-soaked q-tip. The flash still won't come on. Any suggestions?
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Some old ones from the film days, scanned from 6x6 film.
These were taken before the digital age on film with a Rolleiflex medium format camera, a classical twin lens German made camera. I took the lightning picture about 30 years ago, nothing special, except lightning occurs only once every few years around here. I had the camera sitting on my patio table and kept the lens open. My wife is scared of lightning, she still has nightmares from a thunder storm we experienced while leaving the Grand Canyon North Rim, and a cow got struck right in front of us.
Rare lightning for our area.


Foggy sunrise, Golden Gate Bridge


Mentasta Lake Alaska

Snake River Idaho

King Mountain Alaska.

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Wings of Fancy - Butterflies Exhibition at Brookside Gardens
Yesterday, I went to this garden to shoot the butterflies. Brookside Garden holds this exhibition every year. Most of the butter butterflies in the exhibition are from South America. Thanks.


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India - Birds - a mix....
Some more for the files....
Great Cormorant - D810, 300 F4E

Eurasian Spoonbill - D810, Tammy 150~600

River Tern - D500, 300 F4E

Chestnut Headed Bee Eater - D7200, Tammy 150~600

Green Bee Eater - Mother corralling her brood into the nest - D500, 300 F4E + TC 1.4E III

River Tern - D500, 300 F4E

Grey Francolin - D7200, 200~500

Green Bee Eater - D7200, Tammy 150~600

Green Bee Eater - D810, 200~500

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A very bad hair day....
....for this young Blue Tit

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External Hard drive
I recently had an external hard drive die and of course it had a zillion pictures on it, from way back in 1999, Any suggestions on how to retrieve these pictures, or who to contact about retrieval. Most of them are on Shutterfly but not all.
Any help will be appreciated.
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The infamous Nikon 18-200 AFS-VR I.
In the first place, these are only test images of a recently bought used lens so nothing extraordinary here. The images were shot around my backyard or at a near by public park. It is not my intention to dispute what many reviewers have said about this lens. I can only speak of my experience on the first couple of times that I have used it. As I keep on using the lens perhaps I will discover all of the bad attitudes that have been said about it but in the more than 20 images I have shot so far using different focal lengths and apertures my first impressions are very satisfactory.

I know that many of you own or have used this lens. I have no way to tell how you feel about it but I was kind of skeptical before I bought it reasoning that if I did not like it I could sell it right away. My initial images are very pleasant to my eyes and some of what has been said about the lens I have not been able to notice or reproduce.

This is the VR I lens, not the new one with VR II. The new lens has a switch for creeping. My copy has no creeping. Chromatic aberrations and flare are supposed to be bad with my lens. So far I have not seen that. At 135mm at any aperture the copy I have is supposed to be horrific in resolution. I did not experience that either even wide open. 200mm is supposed to yield very soft images, not my copy. Distortions at 18mm are called hard to correct but my lens should be a very good copy because or they are corrected in camera or it is very easily done with software and I am no expert when it comes to correcting perspective. The corners are supposed to be very soft but in these images that does not seem to bother me. Optically the general consensus is that both lens are identical.

In short, I cannot speak for others except on my own behalf and to my eyes the lens performs very nicely for an all purpose lens and all zooms with such a range of focal lengths are going to have compromises. If you are interested in a lens such as this I recommend that you rent one before buying it. Put it through its paces and then you can make a final decision.

The first image shot at 18mm at f18. According to all laws of optics at this opening softening must be evident due to refraction. I did not correct perspective.
The second image was shot to show flare and chromatic aberrations. If my old eyes do not betray me I see none.
The third image was shot at 200mm wide open. The lens is supposed to be very soft at 200mm but the original is superb in quality.
The fourth image was shot wide open at 135mm. It is said to be the worst setting for this lens. The original looks great.
The last image was shot at 70mm wide open.

I used RAW and JPEG files for these images in the sRGB color space at ISO 200 or 400. All images edited in Capture NX2 (RAW images only) and Photoshop using basic levels, contrast, color correction and mild sharpening.
I used my D7000 and it is said that the higher the pixel count of the camera the worse the results. I am not a pixel peeper but for a general all purpose lens such as this I am very satisfied with the results.

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a grand and beautiful sight in edgar springs, missouri
we saw this American flag painted on the side of a small house in
the little bitty town of edgar springs, Missouri. right next to the
house was a country store and restaurant that had great food
and friendly people...just what you'd expect in a small town.

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