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Is there a time when aperture-priority is the optimum exposure mode?
Hi Hogs,

I am about to begin the second revision of my landscape photography book by Focal Press.? Exposure and metering are important skills to master. Over 40 years of photographing close-ups, wildlife. and countless landscapes for fun and to earn a living, I have never found a situation where aperture-priority works better than the other choices I prefer that include shutter-priority, manual, shutter-priority and Auto ISO, or just manually setting a known exposure for stuff too small to meter like stars. Can any one think of a situation where aperture-priority really works best in case it should be in the updated book. I never have found a reason to use aperture-priority, but that doesn't mean there aren't any! Thanks for considering this question.
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Fully manual mode
I have a Nikon D5200 and I use all manual mode.I use all vintage lenses one nikon 50mm lens from the 80's the rest other brands with adapters,I can not afford those expensive nikon lenses.What I am trying to say is that when I take a pic and it looks great, I say to myself I took that pic ,setting the Ap,shutter sp,and ISO. It just makes me feel good that I am learning photography the right way,like in the old days.Thats just me.What do you guys think.Thanks Jim Bianco
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Are all these shots great post work?
I see a lot of work that is being posted and I am just amazed by the quality of them. I have never gotten shots like these in my life. I am currently getting back into photography and right now and mainly still trying to learn my new camera. I bought Paintshop Pro X9 Ultimate on a great deal and have been playing around with it to learn how it works and what I can do with it. I have never done any post work before, but so far I have been able to figure out the basics and have improved some older pictures that I have taken with a point and shoot in the past. I am curious to know if the images that are being posted are greatly "photoshopped"? I would love to be able to have this type of quality, but have never seen it from my own shots and I'm not sure if it's because I don't have the right post processing experience, or maybe I don't have the right software, or my photography skills are severely lacking (which I know they are). I chose paintshop pro because I did some minor graphic design with paintshop in the past for website creation and also the price was dirt cheap. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Creating a new discussion area for newbies
We see lots of questions, such as why is everything behind my subject blurry? what is ISO , SOOC etc etc.

Then we get the people replying with nasty comments, such as read a book go to school etc. ( there are of course lots of people that try to help as well)

Then there are a lot of people that wont ask their newbie question because they are afraid of the nasty responses.
Maybe its time for a newbie question area. where they can safely ask their questions and hopefully NOT get the snide remarks that are so common here.

Then if your one of the ones that hates the newbie questions, you dont have to visit that area.

what do u think?
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Breathtaking in Breakenridge
This one was a no brainer. Just shoot what's in front of you.

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How do you all feel about putting a FX 70-200 lens on a crop sensor camera? Should I spend the money on a FX camera first?
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I am puzzled...
Many time I see question over aperture or speed settings.

My puzzling is simple: Is not the subject determining the settings instead of the 'optimal' exposure settings?

I personally set the aperture to obtain the subject dof I need and the speed for effect - if needed -. I rarely vary from the base ISO.
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Adorama "expedited" delivery
The last two times I have ordered an item from Adorama, the ad states that they will ship it same day as long as I order before 8:00 eastern time. Both times my order was placed in the morning, yet even though they say there is free expedited delivery they have not shipped the item for nearly two days. The latest item (Nikon 16-80 f2.8/4) was ordered on Tue morning yet not shipped until late Wed night, so it will not be here until Monday evening. I'm not in a rush for it, but ordering an item that has a claimed expedited delivery and not receiving it for almost a week seems to me to be false advertising. Any one else have this experience?
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Leery, or Wary ?
Perhaps our 'Cousins in USA could clarify for this Brit'.... I often see the word Leery used and it appears to be in the context (I'm guessing here) of being aware that some photographic item should be treated with caution, as it might not be that good. In the UK, we (That is the Royal We) would comment that one should be ...'Wary' of that item. Do we both mean the same thing) I still feel that this is a major Photographic interest, and not just 'Chit-Chat'. "Have a nice day", as the saying goes!!
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Group Travel Photography
I was recently traveling in Japan with a group of people. I had my Samsung Galaxy 7 phone and my SLR camera. My question for this post is which devices do the photographers on UH use and what is percentage breakdown between the devices when trying to take pictures when traveling with a group of people not considerate/patient enough to allow you time to set up for the optimal shot.

On the occasions that I was by myself, I would use my SLR. However, when I was with my travel group, I found myself using my smartphone for taking pictures the majority of the time, due to the time pressure of keeping up with the group. Most of my photos are viewed on the computer, very few are printed, and thus, the photos from the phone provides reasonable images. Obviously, I can control the images better with the camera, but often, I felt I didn't have enough time. Do others on this forum have the same dilemma, or do I just have to learn to be quicker with my camera?
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