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Tripod Leg Locks
What are the pros/cons to flip locks versus twist locks on the tripod legs?
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Composition: Does Your Photograph Need a Subject???
Yes folks, now that whether a photo tells a story or not is fresh in your minds, lets examine WHAT makes an image strong or weak.
It's time for us to have another good discussion on Composition. And the subject to dissect is..., well..., SUBJECT!!!
I'll start by saying that as per my thinking, about 1/2 of the images I see here don't even HAVE a subject, let alone a story.
Also. I'm by no means an authority on any of this but I will present this and anybody that feels they have some expertise here can help move the discussion along.
Lets also keep in mind that a subject is a somewhat fundamental building block in any image.
BUT I will mention that I feel an good image will have a VERY strong subject or a VERY strong composition or both or one or the other. A weak image may have none at all.
So the idea is to be able to recognize in our own images, or in others what a strong subject and/or composition even looks like.
Once we can reliably recognize that, we can begin to critique our own images for strength and take better images.
Anybody can post an image and add what they feel is strong about it and feel free to chime in as to your own opinions.
I'm also relying on those more experienced here to help out and lend their own spin on this as it's how we will all learn. It's a good opportunity for those that are not as advanced to ask questions and learn to strengthen their own work!
I'll post three images in my next post to get the ball rolling. Lets have a good educational time here!!!
Please wait a few minutes for me to put my pics up in the next post before you respond, so it doesn't get moved!! Thanks
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Caroline Church & Cemetery, Setauket Long Island...
Took these on a photo outing with a dear friend last Sunday. Right in my own backyard and I had no idea of the history of this church.

Caroline Church and Cemetery is a historic church and cemetery and also a national historic district at the junction of Dyke and Bates Roads in Setauket, Suffolk County, New York. The church was built in 1729 and is a three-by-four-bay, heavy timber-framed, 42 by 30 foot building sheathed in wood shingles and covered by a gable roof. It features a 42-foot tower surmounted by a 25-foot spire. The complex also includes the parish house, built in 1905, and a barn built in 1893. The cemetery was established in 1734.[2]

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.

Hope you enjoy and please try the downloads for more details!






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Sunset in a glass
Nikon D60 with standard lens

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Portaits with a difference
Photo's taken on the Island of Madura, Indonesia, I was lucky to be invited into the wedding to experience a truly amazing couple of hours...

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Small Flash difuser
Can somebody direct me ?-- I would like to take some family portraits with my Nikon 7100. The pop up flash is a bit harsh I think. Yet it is weak and no flexible for bouncing off the ceiling. I wish to use low ISO. ( the same task in photobox for pictures of small items.

Is there any way how to spread=soften light from this small flash? I tried to use the plastic from a milk bottle, but it was not that great. Is anybody selling some prismatic material ? I am trying to avoid the shadows too.

Thank you M
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India - Post 2 - 2017 - A mix of some interesting images
A mix of images including some raptors and birds with prey.
Green Bee Eater

Black Kite - nesting material

Intermediate Egret

Black Shouldered Kite

Brahminy Kite

Green Bee Eater

Open Billed Stork

Indian Spotted Eagle


Brahminy Kite - Juv.

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A walk with Harrison
Went down to see Harrison and the kids. Tim took us to this little park. Very beautiful spot.

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Image Size
I normally shoot a D750 or a D800, even on vacation. The files are huge. Need some advice on whether to shoot medium-fine or large fine then reduce the size in lightroom after processing??
I also shoot a D7100 large-fine & the images are smaller, but the quality of the full frame shines. Ideas please.
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No man's land.
Need I say more?

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