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Ban on Photo Manipulation
As a follow-up to yesterdays thread "Photography & Reality" here is an interesting development from a major retailer that doesn't surprise me...and in fact, I was surprised that someone had not done it yet.

"CVS Health plans to announce Monday (1/15/2018) that it will ban manipulation in its store brand makeup marketing and promotional displays amid growing awareness of the harmful nature of touched-up images."
"...the decision reflects an acknowledgement that 'unrealistic body images' are a significant driver of health issues, 'especially among women.' "We're all consuming massive amounts of media everyday and we're not necessarily looking at imagery that is real and true," To try to hold ourselves up to be like those women is Impossible because even those women don't look like how they appear in those photographs" The retailer will place an icon with a "digitally modified" warning on any marketing materials that don't comply by 2020*

On my comments on "Photograpy & Reality" earlier yesterday I suggested that the icon's OCC (out of camera) and PP (post processing) be used on photo's to acknowledge to the viewer what they are looking at...original camera/lens shot, or photo with post processing (manipulation). This article by USA TODAY seems to suggest an awareness of misrepresentation by presenting a photo as reality, when in fact, it has been manipulated without acknowledgement, which in fact, supports my earlier position on representation/misrepresentation on the prior thread. I have been surprised that a challenge to the "truth in advertising" clause has not been applied and enforced on the visual media by consumer and product (visual) users. Interesting development. Please respond and please stay on topic!

* see USA TODAY by Nathan Bomey posted 1/15/2018.
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Ansel Adams, Group f/64, Manipulation and the History of Photography
This is an expansion of a post I made on a thread about "manipulation"

While Ansel Adams was a master printer and a photographic and American icon, I grow tired of hearing about Adams and manipulation. It misrepresents his aesthetic and his working philosophy. If you read anything about Group f/64 you will find that the movement promoted "straight photography." This means among many things that photography should stand on its own merits and not try to mimic painting or drawing. A photograph according to this aesthetic philosophy a photograph should be sharp, nearly everything in focus and should represent reality. Dodging and burning change are hardly manipulation, the contents of the scene remain intact but the feeling changes with the changing of some tonal relationships.

Prior to the straight photography movement was the Pictorialist movement. Soft focus and heavy manipulation were key as was narrative. One of the last proponents of pictorialism was William Mortensen. If you haven't heard of him, it is no surprise as Ansel Adams and Beaumant Newhall despised him and his work and essentially wrote him out of history by Newhall omitting from his History of Photography book.

Furthermore, the world of photography and its nearly 192 year history is vast, complex and rich. Dig deeper that Ansel Adams. Other photographers did far more manipulation in the darkroom beyond what he did before and after him. For instance Oscar Gustave Rejlander, Henry Peach Robinson and Jerry Uelsmann and Carol Golemboski.
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Travel & Landscape Photo Predjudice
I have found that among photographers in general, and among judges of competitions, there is a strong predjudice toward travel photography and Landscape Photos. A large portion of my photography is Street Photoraphy and portraits. In fact, I find landscape work to be a bit repetitive - it becomes kind of boring. To, me, this is too bad, since I personally find that people are endlessly interesting. I wonder if I am alone in this.
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Diagram for Class Needed
I am preparing to teach a class to senior citizens on the basics of photography. Many of these people have no math skills and will not understand formulas. I need a graphic to show them how the f-stop numbers are related to focal length. I remember an illustration I saw many years ago where instead of showing head-on side-by-side views of diaphragms set to each f-stop (like almost all the illustrations I have found), it showed circles over layed on the centerline of an illustration of the lens to focal length distance to the film plane. E.g., f2.0 was illustrated with two circles each half the diameter of the focal length sided by side fitting the distance while f8.0, for example, had eight circles side by side on the line shown below. Each f-stop was shown in a series of separate similar drawings, one below the other on the same illustration.

I have spent hours with Google trying to find such an illustration without success. I do not have either the drafting skills or the software necessary to produce one myself. Could someone please direct me to a source for such an illustration or provide me one.

Thank you!
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Wide angle lenses
I do a lot of pictures during church services and several other programs there in the sanctuary. The incandescent lighting is very poor. I have been using my 17-50mm F/2.8 Tamron lens on my Nikon D7200. This works pretty well except I still have to use a very high ISO. The 17mm part of the lens is still not quite wide enough. I have to shoot without flash so the quality isn't great. I also shoot RAW and post edit with Adobe CS6. Do I need a new lens, a new camera or just deal with the poor quality end results?
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European Cruise
Will be taking first river cruise in July 2018. Amsterdam to Budapest. Have taken several ocean cruises but a river is really different. Thinking about taking Canon T-5 and kit 18-55 f 3.5 - 5.6 and 28- 135 IS with CPF as a walk around.
Also a 55-250 IS STM for long shots. Maybe a nifty fifty for low light. Do I really need the 18-55 if I take the 28-135?
If I take the 18-55 and the 55-250 do I really need the 28-135? I guess I am really asking how much wide angle is best for this trip. Also taking a monopod. If not convenient for the camera can be used as a waking stick.
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I made it..then I broke it !!...
I'm such a clumsy raccoon!!!

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Camera is not working well
HI there Happy New Year everyone.
I am experiencing a problem. My Nikon D5100 is no longer taking clear shots. The quality has gone way down, I have been reusing the memory card for about three years now. Could that be the problem? The photos are now looking like there is a haze over them. I never had this problem before. I have not changed a thing in the way I take the shots. I took it to a local camera store and the guy cleaned the camera but it doesn't help.
Igot the camera from Andorama a few years ago.
I am really very distressed about this. I cannot afford a new camera at this time. Can anyone help me on this?
Thank you.
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Duck Plucker!
I spotted this bird by the literal cascade of feathers coming from a tree. The plucking motion was so rapid the flow of feathers was continuous. Yes, I know it was a Coot but Diane and I had so much fun laughing at the term "duck plucker" that it had to be the title of this post. When you get old you have to be a little silly when opportunity presents itself.

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Cuter Than the Average Bird!
Some recent images mostly from At Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, SC
Tufted titmouse Baeolophus bicolor

Ruby-crowned Kinglet Regulus calendula

White-breasted Nuthach, Sitta carolinensis

Hermit Thrush Catharus guttatus

Carolina Wren Thryothorus ludovicianus

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