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Do you need an expensive tripod?
Hi there,

I was wondering if you need to invest on a exoensive tripod or with a regular cheap one you can do fine? I have a Proline Dolica.

Thank you
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Which lenses do I take?
Really? You gotta' be kidding! I see this same post over and over again in this section. I don't get it. You mean to tell me that these clowns who ask these questions have all these lenses for their nice cameras and either don't know what they have or what they are suited for? C'mon! These have to be the same sort of people who buy D850's and shoot in auto only.

I have a plethora of lenses and I know which each and every one of them does and what they are best used for. If one is going to spend good money on a product, don't you think one would know what they are buying?

Normally, I only take one lens with me an 18-250mm telephoto). This is usually all I need. However, this time, I am taking two lenses with me since some of my shooting will include an indoor venue of which I have no idea what the lighting conditions will be. This would be a Zeiss 16-50mm F2.8 lens. That ought to do it. Plus the fact that I have a camera that does really well in low light conditions.

You see, when I buy a lens, I buy it for a purpose in mind and then I put it through the ringer. Isn't this what one is supposed to do?

The way I figure it, if some one has to go on to a photographic forum and has quality lenses but has to ask which lens to take or use on a trip/cruise, then I would think they would be better off with a point & shoot and be done with it. They would also save a ton of money buy not buying all of that expensive equipment which they have no idea how to use it..

I am done with my rant.

Thank you.
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D500 or D7500
Would appreciate opinions on getting a D7500 or a D500 refurb direct from Nikon. The Nikon sight is offering 10% off refurbed this weekend and there is a $495 difference between the two camera bodies. I am leaning toward the D500, but would like your input. Am currently using a D5500 for lacrosse and cross country meets of my grandchildren. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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Old Barn at Sunrise
It's been a while since I have posted anything, but here is, I believe, a good start to get me moving. I took this picture in late September. Hope you like it.

Canon 6D
EF 24-105 f/4L @ 60mm.
ISO 100; ss=1/200

C&C Welcome. Thanks for looking.

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Along the Trail
I took a break (almost) from playing with animal edits to get some landscapes during a hike on a favorite trail. These were taken late in the day when the light was rather nice.
In the beginning....

The destination

Raccoon tracks perhaps

Heading back

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Stuck in the garage on account of rain.
I still managed to amuse myself.

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Tahquamenon Falls...Michigans Upper Peninsula
We took a trip to the falls last weekend to see them in all of their frozen beauty and were not disappointed! The temperature was 5 degrees and as the mist rose from the warmer water it froze and fell, coating everything including us. It was so worth it!!

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My Tamron 18-400 Goes To Florida
I just returned from the Tampa area. The first 4 photos were taken with the Tamron 18-400. The last photo was taken with a Sigma 150-600 Contemporary. My Nikon D5500 was used for all the photos.
Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens

Big Cat Rescue

Lettuce Lake Park

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Going to York, UK
I’ve just booked a trip to York for this summer, about ten days. Anybody have suggestions for camera-friendly day trips? We’ll have lots a free time, and would like to find photo ops in the Yorkshire area. Preferably without the tourist hordes. We’re going to spend a day around Whitby (with the tourist hordes), but would really like to get as far away from tour buses as possible. I’m guessing some of you have favorite spots in the region. Thanks in advance for your help.
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Clattering cameras
I was watching the coverage of President Trump in Florida today and almost could not hear what was being said over the incessant loud clattering of the cameras. One would think that since almost all cameras in use today are digital, it would be possible to create an electronic shutter that was noiseless.
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