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Beware of B&H Photo Video return policy, Credit was less than 50%
I purchased a new Canon G3X plus various accessories for it.
Within a week testing I decided I did not like it. Returned all of it for credit and
purchased a new OM10 ll Olymplus with a 12-35f2.8 lens and a 100-300 lens. Plus extra accessories.
I still want to purchase a couple more lenses, etc.

My total cost for the G3X $1,042.00. B&H's credit to me is $504.00.

I guess that is how they like to treat their small customers.

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Something daunting about "Manual" mode for beginners.
There seems to be something daunting, too challenging, about Manual mode. I'm not a novice but I still don't use it. However, besides allowing complete control over your camera, I think that it is the best training tool for beginners who want to learn the technical side of photography - how things work. Become familiar with capturing your artistic vision using manual controls and all the other options in modern DSLR's will make much more sense.
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Which Post Process Is Better?
One of these photos is done with my regular processing; one is done with Luminar. Which do you prefer? I'™m happy to receive responses as to why. Thanks in advance.

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Roberts Camera
Has anyone dealt with Roberts in Indiana?

I went on the net and they seem to have a decent reputation. However, I value your input and appreciate if you'd share your experience with me.
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Why did I get 2 Suns?
I took pictures during sunset at Long Beach NY with a Canon 80D and Canon 24-105 L Lens. for some unknown reason, in a run of pictures there seems to be a double sun. Was wondering if this was due to refraction in the lens?

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Upgrade or new glass?
Question: We're taking a family trip next year and I want the best pics I can get. I have a D7100 with a Nikon 35-1.8, and 50-1.8, a Tokina 11-17 2.8, and a Tamron 18-200 zoom. I'm thinking of an upgrade to the D7500 or D500, but I'm also considering new/better glass. I need some sage advice, please. I'd like to spend less than $1,500. I'm not refurb/used adverse. If you recommend glass, please let me know which lens and why. I shoot mostly landscapes, long exposures, grand children and action stuff, but I've also done three weddings. I have no studio and don't do portraits. Thanks for the help.
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Could you find 100 well-crafted images to put online for a portfolio?
In another post on online portfolios someone indicated that if you have 100 photos to put online that you think are really good then you are not critical enough of your work. I'm pretty sure I could get to 50 and maybe up to 100 as I have processed over 10,000 photos in LR. I could easily find photos that exhibit good craftsmanship and sound photographic practices, but most likely not Nat-Geo quality. Yes, I like my work and I am most likely not critical enough, but I think most of it is visually sound work although certainly not always in the great category and I keep working to improve. I have to believe that most photographers who take thousands of photos over time could find the same thing in their work.

Could you find 50 or 100 photos in your body of work to post in an online portfolio that you believe viewers would find to be attractive and enjoyable for viewing?
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Shutter speed rule of thumb and crop factor?
I just want to make sure I'm correct about the guideline to use a shutter speed at least as fast as your focal length for handholding. I would assume that if your body has a 1.5x crop factor, the guideline for a 300mm lens, just as an example, would shoot at 1/450 (or 1/500), not 1/300. Correct?

Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving!
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A Scottish landscape...
....photographed in the Scottish borders in October of this year and PP'd with Topaz clean/cartoon option.Please check out the download

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"Captured Moments in Time of "The Boss's " Color Palette"
I am always amazed at the colors "He" gives us to see on each and every morning....

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