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Still camera shopping, Best APS-C mirrorless?
Every time I almost decide on my new camera, you guys post a flurry of new info (to me anyway) that takes me back to the drawing board. I'd pretty much decided on mirrorless FF. prob the Sony a7RII. But the multi page discussion here a couple weeks ago, made me pause: 1) The crop factor where a 100mm lens is like a 150mm on a crop sensor camera. 2) The lighter weight, less expensive lenses for crop sensor camera's 3. The statement that unless you're printing large images, you can't tell the difference in image quality from a FF or good smaller sensor camera. 4. Learning that Canon has the better connectivity software compared to Sony or Nikon.

My shooting will be mostly landscape, family, street scenes, classic cars. Smaller is a good thing as my wife and I are planning a 50th anniversary trip in a couple years to the UK. Plus I travel to a second home frequently. Thus the mirrorless idea.

So what would be the camera of choice considering a higher end APS-C sensor? Canon M5? Fujifilm X-T2? Another one? Would I regret not getting the Sony a7RII?
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The Original Cornish Pasty Co. in Tempe, Az.
They've expanded, but the original portion of the pub is still there. They've also several others in the Phoenix area.

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Blacksmith Shop
Blacksmith shop in Virginia City, Montana. Available light, no flash. It was much darker than this image. I just lightened the shadows to bring out the detail.

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How would you answer this question?
“Why should I have to pay for a picture of my own child?”
I take pictures of my sons hockey games. I have been doing it for many years now and I post all of the pictures on my website. I take pictures of all of the players. The low resolution watermarked images are free to download so the boys can post them to social media. If someone wants a full resolution image without a watermark it’s $15 for the digital file. Every year I do a shoot with just the seniors where we get creative and do something special for their Senior poster which gets put up in the rink in senior night. This year I did a low key shot of each senior stopping and spraying snow. The shoot involved renting a sheet of ice for $200 for an hour and about 2 hours total set up and shooting time. Post processing was about 1/2 hour per image. I also took 4 additional poses of each senior. The seniors will get a 24x36 poster of the “stopping” shot as well as an 8x10 of each additional pose. Those are my gift to the seniors. The stopping shots came out very good. One mother asked me to email her the picture so she could have it printed for friends and relatives. When I told her she could download the full resolution image from my website. Her respnse was “Why should I have to pay for a picture of my own child?” My initial inclination is to repond with sarcasm. How ever I am curious how others would repond tactfully.
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TIME Magazine Photojournalism As You Seldom See Today.
March 5 Issue is "The Opioid Diaries" and is the entire issue. Full of photos and no other content covering other topics. Quite a statement.
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I found another Snowy Owl.
I posted shots a few weeks ago of a male Snowy. This one is a female. She a little bit larger and has a few more black feathers than the male. The weather has been miserable and I hate the gray skies and poor lighting but the flyby was a thrill! I hope you enjoy. Gary
flyby 1

flyby 2

Keeping an eye out for the Peregrine Falcon that was being a bully!

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Wondering about a camera store
Has anyone had any dealings with Big Time Camera, in Tampa Florida? How could I find out any info as to reliability concerning them?
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beak-a-boo i see you...
you can't hide from me.
cardinal singing to his love

bluebird finding suet on a pine tree trunk

male eastern towhee looking for bugs

tufted titmouse hiding in an azalea bush

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Neck Strap? Name of Camera on strap/Strap of your choosing?
Have a new Canon T7I which of course came with a Canon strap. Do most just use the one that came with the camera....or buy one of their own. If so....which is a good/wide/comfortable to wear? (some are proud of their camera and love to have that name displayed)
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Photoshoot at NYC Grand Central Station; One camera/one lens. Need some suggestions.
This coming Tuesday, I Am participating in a photoshoot of New York City's Grand Central Station, as a guest of the Pictorial Photographer's of America. As most of my interest and experience lies in outdoor photography, I am not sure what to bring for this indoor photoshoot. My choices are between a Pentax k50 DSLR with a Sigma 17-50 F2.8 lens, a Panasonic G7 with a 14-140 lens, and a Sony Alpha 6000 with an 18-55 kit lens. I am not bringing a tripod, or external flash. Any suggestions welcome
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