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IMO Lightroom Sucks!
I know there are many that use Lightroom and think the world of it! But, I have never seen so many problems and so much confusion with a "state of the art" program! If you shoot for a living, do weddings, have clients, then for you it is probably a must and well worth using. For the rest of us I really don't think it is worth the possible trouble and the learning curve. I have heard Lightroom can do everything Photoshop can but that is not the case. It does have the advantage of cataloging but if you don't need that then....
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Photographers Have Become Like Pigeons
"Photographers Have Become Like Pigeons," and there is nothing at all complimentary about that recent headline. We complain about areas that are closed to photography, and having to pay for permits if we want to shoot with anything more advanced than a cell phone. The reality is that most of these restrictions and charges have been put into place because rude, uncaring photographers have made them necessary.
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One shot HDR
HDR technique has been around for quite sometimes but it requires you to take more than one shots. Doing so one can only shoot static subject and need tripod (possible without tripod but not as good). I am thinking that nowaday camera can boost ISO to very high level without exessive level of noise. Why don't they make the camera that take just one shot. Hold the capture in the sensor and do several readouts at different ISO level?
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My cactus is blooming.
These are from three different varieties.

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Camera Recommendation for College Student
I'm looking for suggestions for a camera to be used by a student entering college in Maine this fall. She is looking to take a variety of pictures, to include the normal friends, activities and landscapes, but also will need to be able to do closeups (I'm thinking macro or close to it) and "artistic" types of images. One challenging aspect is location -- a lot of time on or near the water or beaches, so a degree of water/sand/dust resistance is important. Another challenge is budget: in the $500 neighborhood.
As an old Nikon SLR guy, I'm not at all familiar with options that might fit the bill, including mirror-less. Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your help!!
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Do You like Black & White or Color?
Same image taken this past Saturday at the Chicago Botanical Gardens. Black & White was procesed in Lightroom. Would appreciate your input.

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This is so wrong!!!
I don't know what the hell happened here. There are so many things wrong with this photo. Yeah, one of the things is that it is out of focus. This is probably a result from being so startled. Anyway, this is not a big issue on this site since 90% of all photos posted are out focus and usually get 10 pages of "Great job!" ( my pet peeve).

Anyway, this photo was not intentional. Here is how it went down:

Here I was, bored out of my mind, minding my own business when I noticed that I had a possible landscape photo in the making with the main subject being a couple of people sitting on a bench looking out over a lake. Then, all of a sudden, this girl jumps into the scene doing some weird thing just as I snapped the photo. I don't even think that the people on the bench knew her. The kid on the bench was just as surprised as I was.

It gets worse: What I did not notice (I could not see this on a 3 inch screen), is that kid has one hell of a plumber's crack. Oh, my God! After seeing this on a 24 inch computer monitor, I could not decide whether to throw up or die laughing. I chose the latter but I am still here.

Either way, I just had to share this. Enjoy!

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Sharpest Aperture?!
When I Googled "Sharpest Aperture" I found Ken Rockwell's discussion ("How to Select the Sharpest Aperture"). It seems to fly in the face of what I have heard in the past and wondered if I had stumbled on a neat photography improvement for my photo adventures or was it "out to lunch". I know a bunch of you hard and grizzled UHHers will tell me to go try it and find out for myself - quit being lazy, Folkus, you'll say. BUT. there may be others that would like to engage in the subject. His article speaks to Nikon, Canon, Leica, and Pentax users so I thought there might be an interested audience. He gives many examples but the one that struck me was where the lens DOF scale says use F/8, he says F/13 gives the optimum sharpness. All discussions are welcome, but I suggest that you read the article before you challenge it to vehemently. Come on - - let's play.
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Importing from iPhone
I'm a recent convert to the iMac world, but remain confused about the best way to import any photos I've taken with my iPhone onto the Mac. When I connect the two with a USB cable, Photos pops up. I select the photos I wish to export to the Mac, go to File/Export and then I have an option of either "Export nn photos" or "Export Unmodified Original ...". If I take the first option, I have a choice of format - JPEG, TIFF or PNG. The TIFF files are huge (24MB) and, closeup, don't seem to be noticeably more clear than the JPEGs. If I chose the Unmodified Original option, I don't have a choice of format -- it's just JPEG, with a file size around 2MB. Is one of these methods superior to another (a) if I want to do further post processing, or (b) I don't? The "Unmodified Original" sounds like what I should use, but perhaps the title is misleading.
Any insights you can provide would be most appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Ford Tri-motor 1929
How many have ever seen one?

I never knew Ford made a plane!!!! I was seeing this old bird in the sky near my home and was wondering what it was! After a few days of seeing it I decided to stop in at the Beaver County airport and there she was! To my surprise it was a Ford!!!!!

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