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photography philosophy
If you could not share the images you have taken, would you continue to shoot?

If 'yes', would you take fewer pictures or find photography a bit less interesting?
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The NFL standards on photography.
Yesterday I went to an Arizona Cardinals practice at University of Phoenix stadium. The practices are free. However, the lists of dos and don'ts are insane. For instance, you cannot bring a camera in that has a lens that is longer than 8". They say this is a "professional" lens. Who makes up stuff like this? My 70-300 Sony G lens is about 6" closed. I'm glad they didn't ask me to zoom it! Seriously, does anyone have any idea why they make rules like this?
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Why B&H (and reputable camera stores) are the logical choice.
All, I know that it may seem to be a unusual headline, but let me tell you my story.

I sent some camera's and gear to B&H to sell to them recently. About $2,000 worth, so not a small box. Some of the stuff did not come up on the online calculator, but I just created another excel sheet and listed the extras, put a note in to call me before they accepted the stuff, and off it went.

Well, people being what they are, the next thing is, I get a check in the mail. No accounting for what they gave me on anything. What about my note to call me?

So, I called them and asked for a list of prices. Come to find out, a camera, like new AW130, was not on the list. Seems they did not want it. So, I said, "return it as your website says you will." There is where the problem comes in. They have a section where stuff they do not want goes. And it is not easy to find something so small once it hits there. So, I said, "well then, send me a check for $135.00 as that is what another store will give me." The person on the other end negotiated a price of $110 with me, and I agreed, as they have taken returns, and done other things for me over the years that cost them, etc. that were not their fault, and I figure that it will all balance out in the end.

Here is where the trust and reputation of a good camera store comes in. A few days pass, and nothing happens, so I sent a message to Herschel Waldner who is on this site. I explained the situation to him. Got an email almost instantly and he said he would look into it. The next day, HE CALLED ME. When does that ever happen? We chatted for a while going over their commitment to excellence and what he wanted to do. What he said he would do for me is to be sure that I get not only the $110, but they would also throw in the extra $25 so I would get the full $135.

Nothing happens for 3 days, and then yesterday, two checks arrive in the mail. Yup, $135.

Now, you would think that this story is not worth telling over $135, and I would normally agree with you. But, what is the value of trust? When we deal with a company that is 1,000 miles away, trust that they will do what they say they will do, what is the value of them actually doing it.

Their people made a mistake in the original handling. But, they have 2,400 people working there, and let's face it, we all can make a mistake. But it is how they fix it that shows the true character of a company. And their handling of it was perfect in the end.

So, that is why it pays to deal with B&H and any other of the top very few reputable companies in the camera business.
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Light room software
Is it really worth it to pay the monthly charges and can i load it on more than one iMac or PC? Thanks in advance appreciate your advice you pro's i respect you. 👍 😀
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Barn Owls
I posted a photo of the sibling of these two a couple of weeks ago. It was injured and went off to a wildlife rehab place. I just learned that its wing was broken in a couple of places and it was subsequently euthanized.

The future looks brighter for these two who have fledged and are now roosting at the opposite end of the covered arena where they've been growing up and learning to fly. Soon they'll be gone, but I had a chance to get some shots before that happens. The shots are not great given the challenges of low light and lack of a real tripod. I supported the 100-600 Tamron and Canon 7D combo on a metal gate at a distance of about 60 feet. If these birds are still there tomorrow, I'll have the tripod with me and hopefully get better detail.

Note: For size reference, the roof support is probably a 2x12.

"Will you stop and let me sleep!"

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Western Skies.
From around western States.

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The Otters where in great form...
...the other day at Martin mere WWT near Burscough UK.










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Wide angle lens help
Planning a trip out west, and would like to shoot some landscapes. For example: Zion National Park, Grand Canyon. I'm thinking my Nikon
24-120mm will not get what I'm looking for. I've been reading about the Nikon 18-35mm G series lens, also have an interest in the Sigma
18-35mm F4, maybe the Sigma 8-16mm. What do you guys think? What recommendations would you offer?

I do have both a APS-C and full frame cameras.
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Can't trust anyone nowadays
Bought a Tamron 24-70 f2.8 from a reputable camera chain store here in Canada. During the purchase the salesman asked if I would like to buy the extra insurance. Asked what it entailed and he said that would cover accidents and such which Tamron does not cover. Declined the offer and he mentioned I had 15 days to purchase same from time of lens date purchase. A few days later on a shot with a friend we were talking and he asked about my purchase and if I had bought ins. When I said I had declined, he said being the klutz that I am ,maybe I should rethink.The next day I called the store and purchased same.
Fast forward a couple of months and while taking the camera of the tripod,there she went. Camera was fine but can't say the same of the lens. When I took it to the store the conversation was like this, We will send the lens for repair.They will contact you with the price for the repairs MINUS 20 PERCENT which we will pay. HUH?????
[ME] What are you talking about?[ HIM] Did you not read the contract? [ME] What contract,you never sent me one,it was all done by phone and paid it with a credit card @#!&HEAD

Walked out and the wife stayed behind and gave them permission to IT send out. Today got a phone call and was told it would cost x number to replace the part of the busted barrel. Once I said OK she quickly cut the conversation short with her heavy accented english.
Looked at the call display and it was not a Tamron repair center and the name when I tried to search it would come up empty and there was no call back number on my phone. My personal gut feeling I think my lens is somewheres in India or Pakistan being repaired in somebody's garage.
One thing I know for sure is that H----'s camera store will never see my face again after 10 years and 4 cameras , a bunch of lens including 5 primes, a shitload of filters,extra batteries,tripods, camera bags,etc.etc.etc.
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our fantana lantana is calling the flutterflies
to come and drink .

the butterflies finally came...yea!

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