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Does anyone out there use a Western Digital external hard drive?
I am considering purchasing a Western Digital 4TB external portable hard drive to hold all of my photographs. If you have input on this subject, let me know...Julian
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Backyard Bird Survey
My take on two subjects. I invite all replies, especially additions of subject. I know how versatile a bunch we are and every region is different. Pics are certainly welcome.

What's the coolest backyard bird in your eyes? I'm going with woodpeckers (especially the piliated), flickers and nutatches.
Second runners up: thrushes and thrashers. There's something stealthy about the way they move.

How about the prettiest? Gotta love a cardinal, red or yellow. Finches come next along with indigo buntings.

So that's me, and it's based on living in an urban area in Lynchburg, Virginia. Hope to get an onslaught of replies because I think the thread has great potenial, redundant or not.
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The Ruby-crowned Kinglet
This is one very tiny hyperactive little's one of the smallest songbirds in North America...and the male very seldom raises that red crown unless upset about another bird in its territory. Fortunately for me I caught it upset about a Warbler that shouldn't have been there. Will post that Warbler another day

Sony RX10 IV

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Lens selection
I need help finding the right lens to photograph large groups (30-40 people). I own 70-200 & 85mm.
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Raw processing software ........
I am at the point of buying software for processing photos. I do not think I will go with Lightroom cause of the monthly fee. I may not process files for a month or more so it seems like paying monthly fees would be a waste of money. I am at the crossroad at this point. The three programs I am considering are Luminar, Affinity and On1. I know this topic has been discussed many time and do not want to waste to much time on it. I like the fact that Luminar is intuitive and easy to work with and there are a lot of reviews that say it is a good program and will be a competitor to Lightroom at some point. It has a ton of filters and they are going to have the dam feature in it probably have it now. Affinity seems like a good app too. On1 now is selling their app for 69 dollars right now and seems like a good app from the reviews on line as well. The other question I have is the HDR feature that lets you use raw files my camera only supports jpeg images only for HDR. I see that luminar has a program called Aurora HDR but it is 100 bucks. Do any one of the three apps I mention have HDR built in that does a good job? My gut is leaning towards Luminar since I am new to processing raw photos and the reviews say for new eyes this is a great program to work with. Anyone that uses any of these programs could you reply why you like one over the other.

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How come?
Why is it that companies don't make zoom lenses that don't creep. Since all zooming is manual anyway why can't theyjust make zooming a little tighter. I would think that a "no creep" lens would be a good marketing thing. Maybe lens creep is a "creepy" name, all they would have to do is call the new build the "no slide" update. Charge a couple hundred more for the mark 2 version.
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Thought I had read/heard it all but the other evening I was looking at reviews on You Tube, the reviews were focused on comparing Nikon and Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 FX lenses. In the conclusion of one review, the bottom line was "buy the Tamron because it's cheaper by over a thousand dollars. You can always sharpen your images in post processing." HUH???? I guess ya get what ya pay for? Why not get the sharpest image possible and work from there AND potentially eliminate the need to sharpen in the first place????
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Please critique the attached photo.
I am processing the photo to display in my home any constructive criticism will be appreciated. If anyone has any experience having photos printed on Metal or Glass, please let me know your thoughts and where it was done. Thanks in advance for your help

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My spring walk at Fioli's.
So, my Doc says I have to keep on walking otherwise my ailing back will stiffen up for good. Took his advice and visited Fioli’s garden last week. Got me a new walking cane with a big hook to hang over my forearm while shooting, works great, too bad the tulips were finished blooming. Since I was the first visitor in the morning I was greeted by the Peacock who put on a great display for me, he even walked alongside with me for a while. Hope you enjoy the garden, the side of the old TV show “Dynasty”

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Trying to make an impression
It seems each flower is trying to catch attention this time of year! Some of these were inside set-up shots and some are from the garden. All were processed to try and capture the glory of the season!

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