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What to do with the moon? Share your composites or other artistic edits.
My hope for a moonset at sunrise photo op was again thwarted when the full moon disappeared behind pink clouds well above the horizon line for the second month in a row. So I used my only shot from December to create these composites.

btw, one benefit to going out for a sunrise/moonset opportunity is then you are... out at sunrise

Please feel free to share your photos and ideas!

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Up dating equipment.
How often do you feel the need to update your camera? (Lenses are for me a one time purchase) Why do you feel the need to buy the newest upgrades? How old is your current camera?
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What would be a good quality, low price camera?
I haven't bought a camera in years, at least not since I bought my Nikon D3000, so yes, it has been quite a while. I have found that this camera fits my needs quite well, but this post isn't about me.

My daughter wants, as she put it, a "decent camera to take pictures with." Since I don't really have the money to get her a Nikon D3400, I'd like to know if there are any cameras out there, for a price of around $100, that would be worth considering. It's going to be a Christmas present for her, and I'm thinking about something in the Nikon Coolpix line. Suggestions?
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What's the best paper for your ink-jet printer to use to print photographs?
Some are coated ... others are flat ... which kind offers the best detail and contrast?
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More Snowy owls
Snowy owl in Mt Hope, Holmes County Ohio

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"Rust Never Sleeps"
As the title to one my favorite Neil Young songs suggests, this series of images I got last weekend proves that.
All were captured hand held with a Fuji X-T10 and 18-55mm f2.8-4 lens. These were all taken at a place in town, fenced in at about one acre.
This site has been like this for I don't know how long, but the stuff just sits here and slowly just rusts away.
Hope you like it and be sure to do the downloads.

1. Old gas pump.

2. A pile of assorted junk.

3. Group of old gas pumps.

4. Rusty pipes in front of old wooden shed.

5. Another old gas pump.

6. Rusty chain on gate posts.

7. Rusty wall of metal shed.

8. Old Masterlock padlock.

9. Old dump truck and Phillip 66 sign.

10. Another view of old Masterlock padlock.

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Great blue herons; trying hubby's new Tamron 100-400 on my D810
I wanted to try this lens on my camera, mostly because it is so much lighter than my Nikkor 200-500. It focused fast and was easy for this old lady to manage.

These photos were taken along the Tennessee River at the Chickamauga Dam.



4. Dragging toes in the water


6. Strolling along the sidewalk

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Absolute beginner trying to improve portrait photography skills
Greetings, thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. I’ve been reading your posts and learning a great deal. I just started photography and I own a Canon 60D. I have a Canon 50mm and Canon 18-200mm lenses. What is the best lense to take portraits?
Thank you!
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Advise with starting my lens purchases
I got some wonderful feedback from fellow members several months ago when I needed advise on buying a camera. I purchased a new Sony A7RII mirrorless after much deliberation. Knew this brand would have a steep and daunting learning curve but was going to have that anyway, not being a seasoned photographer, so decided to go for it. I now would like some advise on smart lens choices. I read somewhere that zooms are great when you can't use your legs, for what ever reason, to get to the best vantage point. Primes require your legs become the zoom to achieve the best vantage point. My thinking is since I love landscapes and they can be pretty far away and inaccessable, a zoom lets say 16-35mm, would be a great choice, and it wouldn't be crazy heavy. But to use nothing but zooms would make my less weighty camera pretty heavy and I want to avoid that as much as possible. I'm thinking of buying a couple of primes, let's say 50 or 55mm and an 85mm, for shooting things around me that I can walk to easily. I'm thinking this would keep the camera light and manageable and give me access to better quality lenses (good used lenses are what I look for first and foremost if I can't find those I'll buy new). Not interested in shooting birds or wildlife at this point so I don't need a long range zoom like 35-200mm. What say you my photography gurus?
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SD cards
I have a question for all the professionals out there, after some time should you replace SD cards?
Do they go bad after a period of time?
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