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Emailing multiple pictures
What's the best format to use when emailing multiple pictures to someone? If I use a jpeg format I can only do Two at the most in a single email. If I use a RAW format, I have to use something like One Drive which takes forever to upload to send. I don't want to send so many emails it feels like they are getting spammed. The latest round I'm referring to is sending pictures of our house to our landlord.
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Which Nikon to Buy
I am thinking of upgrading from a Nikon D5100 to either a D7100 or D7200. I have read the specs for both and cannot see a big difference, am I missing something? Any thoughts, suggestions or current 7100 or 7200 owner testimonial would be greatly appreciated.
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How to improve this picture
I was wondering how I can improve on my night shots like this one. I am using a Nikon D3400 with the 18-55 lense. Any suggestions?

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Woody Woodpecker
Of all the woodpeckers that visit my yard this is my favorite. Its colors are unmistakable and I think it served as a model for "Woody Woodpecker," rather than the Acorn Woodpecker many references claim. When comparing images side-by-side the Red-Headed is a dead ringer for Woody.

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Milky Way over Great Basin National Park, Baker, Nevada
I visited Great Basin National Park In June, 2017. Here are some of the amazing images I was able to capture. It is said that Great Basin is the darkest area of the United States! The night sky is absolutely stunning!!!
Canon 5DIII, Sigma 15mm 2.8 Fisheye @ f/2.8, 30 sec @10000 ISO

Canon 5DIII, 24-70 @70mm, f/11, 1/250 sec 400 ISO

Canon 5DIII, 24-70 @24mm, f/5.6, 1/1600 sec 200 ISO

Canon 5DIII, Sigma 15mm 2.8 Fisheye @ f/22, .3 sec @320 ISO

Canon 5DIII, Sigma 15mm 2.8 Fisheye @ f/2.8, 1/100 sec @800 ISO

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The Queen and Her Court
This beautiful lily came from my sister's garden. It was a perfect blossom in every way. The others are from my garden. I hope you enjoy them all. Please download to see them at their best!
Lily - Queen of the Garden

A trio of Red Shrimp.

A small flower - the name escapes me at the moment.

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The roses are blooming.
Dreamy and creamy, bright and breezy. Hope you enjoy a few from the garden.

Canon 650D, 18-55 lens

Please try the downloads.

From white to pink

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meg pix how important is size??
I have used the following all worked good and gave great pictures a, Nikon D 40-50-70-80-100, D 40x-60-200-, and D 3200 as well as a D300 all with 6 to 24 MG pix why do you need to go with a larger Megpx Ken Rockwell say's 6 is enough. What is your thoughts ?? I could be happy with my D 100 with a larger screen Howie1a
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Not a good day to walk on the pier
Lake Michigan can be very calm on some days ... this was not one of them.
Shot 3/18/17 Ludington, MI Pier at Sterns park downtown. New this site -- and this camera
Camera - Nikon D-5500 Lens VR 150-500mm, 300mm, f/6, shutter 1/1250s, ISO 100
Wave shot 500mm f/6.3 shutter1/500s ISO 100

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Ranch in the High Country
Took a drive today in the high country (altitude about 8500). Ranch sits near Mt Whetstone. Wildflowers are blooming.


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