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Right to Photograph a child in a Public Place
Right to photograph a child. I was at a car show in a main street in a town and I photograph a child standing in the street and the mother came up to me and asked me to delete the picture of her child. I than proceeded to explain to her that it was a public place and I was allowed to take all the photos I wanted as long as I didn't use then for a monetary gain.
I might enter her son's picture in a photo club's private competition if it turned out to be good enough in which the reward is a ribbon if it wins. So I was not willing to delete it. She than called over the police who kept me retained for about an hour to see what was to come of this matter and they finally said I had two alternatives. Delete it or give them the camera or be arrested. I really thought I was within the law and I didn't have to delete it but I didn't have much choice here since I didn't want to be arrested and they said my picture would be in the paper and all the pictures I had taken for the day at the car show like 350 including maybe 30 other children would be deleted. What are your thoughts on this? What is the law here? Thanks.
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SOOC. Has it become a question of semantics?
There are those who like to say that they "get it right in the camera" implying that the digital jpeg version has only been correctly exposed, is well-framed, and has the correctly focal points as to present an image that stands on its own without PP. Or simplified: as produced created by the photographer using his/her imagination, a camera, and a lens.

However, all of my cameras can be manipulated to produce: "in camera HDR", focus stacking, panoramas, various scene modes, including monochrome, monochrome with a Y filter, monochrome with a R filter, vivid, and various film simulations. And that's only the short list.....

So are all of these also SOOC? If not, where does one draw the line?

So that's my discussion topic of the day....
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Golden Gate
This is my first post, I really enjoy seeing everyone's art and enthusiasm😊🙏

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White Balance Settings
My Nikon d7100 permits various adjustments to white balance. I understand the need and desire to adjust indoors based upon types and sources of lighting. My question is whether I should use the auto white balance option outdoors or change the setting based upon the type of lighting- direct sun, shade, overcast, etc. I have tried a few test cases and didn't see a noticeable difference.

I appreciate your opinions and advice!
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Can someone please define Street Photography?
It seems to be a controversial topic. Link and additional information in the next post,
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Twist on the right to take photographs in public
On numerous occasions I have been at outdoor "Art Fairs" held in very public locations. Some of the people who display their work, outside on the periphery of their assigned areas post signs prohibiting photographs. I understand the desire to protect the originality of their work and have always honored the signs or the verbal instructions from the artists. I have no particular desire to test the legal limits of the requests. I realize that privately owned malls can impose regulations involving the use of cameras. But there are times I would like to capture the spirit of some very creative work. It goes without saying that I have no desire to plagiarize, steal, copy, sell or otherwise infringe on the Art. Is it illegal to make a photographic representation of what I see in a public place?
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A morning walk in the park.
A cool, foggy morning in Golden Gate Park.

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Lettuse Lake Park, Tampa
Took these this morning.

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Is this picture overdone or not?
I PP 1-st picture and I am not sure if I overdone it or not. What do you think?

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More puzzled than ever !
I' m wanting to purchase a new DSLR and we looking at a new in box Nikon D750. I look at the adds in the photography magazines and the prices differ as much as $600.00 for the same camera. One says I need to buy one from Nikon USA, and another states there is absolutely no difference in the models, all new from Japan. Can someone clear this up for me as I would like to save money like everyone else, but don't want to get stuck with "second" in terms of quality. All the camera's seem to have a warrantee - Please Advise, Bruce
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