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Do you trust airlines with your camera gear as luggage?
Hi, I know that not all flights require checking your camera gear as luggage. But with flights now coming in to the USA from some Afircan/ ME countries - which I go to for shoots, I worry about my gear. I also worry that this is going to expand with all the crazy things happening in the world? What do you think?
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Creating a new discussion area for newbies
We see lots of questions, such as why is everything behind my subject blurry? what is ISO , SOOC etc etc.

Then we get the people replying with nasty comments, such as read a book go to school etc. ( there are of course lots of people that try to help as well)

Then there are a lot of people that wont ask their newbie question because they are afraid of the nasty responses.
Maybe its time for a newbie question area. where they can safely ask their questions and hopefully NOT get the snide remarks that are so common here.

Then if your one of the ones that hates the newbie questions, you dont have to visit that area.

what do u think?
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There's snow on the hills in Cumbria..
..We drove up to Cumbria this morning to spend the weekend with our youngest daughter Joanne and grandaughters Charlotte and Melissa and the snow on the hills was a beautiful sight to see.I've added Five landscapes photographed at different areas of the snow capped hills.





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what constitutes shooting manual mode?
I see a lot of post touting the purity of shooting in manual. so what do they really mean.
my definition of manual is where all functions are chosen by the photographer. the shutter speed, aperture, and iso are chosen by the photographer with no impute from the camera. imagine using an argus c-3 with no hand held meter an only your experience or a printed scale to go by.
I watched 3 different tutorials on u-tube, and all ended up with some form of camera assist, such as auto iso.
so lets be specific, either fully manual, or camera assisted manual.
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Dead Batteries
I always carry 2 batteries for any camera so there is a backup for any reason. It seems that after a couple years batteries just go bad and I get a replacement. I never store a battery in the camera if I don't expect to use it for a few weeks or months, and I try not to store them with a full charge on. I will be needing my cameras soon and I got everything out for a checkover and to charge the batteries. Neither of the batteries for my Canon 6D would work. It seemed odd that both would be bad, so I worried that maybe the camera was broken. I had time so I went online and ordered an STK battery (good price, good reviews). When it arrived (2 days), after some charge time, the camera worked fine. That was a relief. Of the 2 bad batteries, one of them was a few years old, so that was not a big deal (brand - Power2000). The other one though, was only a year old or less (brand - Kastar). I have had Cannon brand batteries too, but they are not immune to this issue and cost many times more than others. What's your experience with batteries?
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Your opinion please
I'm looking at purchasing a New Canon camera. My currrent one is a 40D, which has served me well, but has limitations. (And is getting pretty worn).
My only "conditions" in purchasing are I want to be able to use my EFS lenses, (I have both EF and EFS), and I need a camera with automatic "modes", so my wife can use it as well. (We travel a lot in our RV, and she is "designated camera person" when I'm driving.
I've narrowed it down to either the 80D, or the 7D Mark ll, (I'm leaning toward the 7D).
I know all the technical differences, (mp, ISO, focus points, etc.).
And reading a lot of reviews I hear people having focusing problems with the 7D Mark ll.
Any input would be appreciated!
Thank you all in advance.
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A New Dark Lady
The flying monkeys are in rebellion and playing hardball over a new contract with the Ministry's wicked witches, threatening a fly-off if their demands are not met. Among their demands: full healthcare and retirement benefits, lunch breaks, along with a five-day work week. And no more silly hats.

The Martian, Minister of Mayhem, took a conciliatory tone until an unnamed flying monkey in the crowd of picketers flung some monkey poo at him.

That put an end to any attempt at negotiations. With Madame P still indisposed, the Martian had only two alternatives: knuckle under, or bring in an enforcer. And the Martian never knuckles under. He placed a call for help to the WWoNA (Wicked Witches of North America) headquarters in Salem. A bit of haggling over the price (the Martian gives the WWoNA a lot of business, and expects a hefty discount for their services), and a Dark Lady known for her ruthlessness was dispatched.

And thus the Ministry today welcomes Dark Lady Kimberly ('Call me Kim and see what happens!') P, who knows all about monkey business, and takes a dim view of it.

Sorry, monkeys, as of today, it's no soup for you!

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Full frame vs mirrorless
What is the main difference between a mirrorless full frame vs a full frame besides the mirror and the lens mounts? Basically let us compare a Sony a99m2 vs a Sony 7rll camera. Which would you purchase? My brother has a mirrorless full frame 7rll and he thinks his is better than my full frame Sony a99m2. How do the lens match up between the two. There rates of megapixels are both the same on the cameras. I cannot notice anything when we take the same ohotos of an object. The only thing is the price between them that is all. Am l right?
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Snow Goose Migration
I thought some of you might enjoy seeing the snow geese that travel through our area in the spring and the fall.
Their numbers are amazing and the sound they make as they lift off is deafening and amazing!

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Look out below!
Going through my shots from last fall in Badlands NP, SD and thought I'd share an action shot rather than just a landscape.
Canon 5d3, 100-400L IS ll, and a bit of Picassa for tuneup. C&C welcome. John

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