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" Auto Mode "
We pay mega bucks for the latest camera with more computing power than a Moon-Lander and Auto Mode is disdained ?

Do you have an " Auto " car, or do you use a manual gearbox?................ Which drives the car most effectively ?

Are you in danger of missing the shot while fiddling with the settings ?

Washing machines, computer controlled CNC,...... Micro surgery the list is endless where the computer wins out.

Perhaps in years to come you will be able to program your drone to go to your favourite locations, take the photos

and return them to you to process in PhotoShop,

Coming from a history of manually cocked shutters, flash-bulbs and slow film speeds,graduating eventually to a Zenith SLR

(now that WAS manual) First SLR with TTL metering I am hugely impressed by the programming power and facilities offered

by a modern camera.
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Chickadee at 1/4000 sec.
Pure luck and camera speed, with cropping and a little processing.

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Should a photograph have a title?
Many years ago I belonged to a club that used judges who did not want titles on the competition entries. There are times where a snappy title might improve the photograph - a photograph that would otherwise fail on its own. An example I'll use actually occured ... the photo was of a woman wearing a bathing suit laying on the beach on her back. No big deal - a so/so image. The title was "Twin Peaks" (at a time when that show was all the rage). Suddenly everyone saw a wonderful photograph.
I have attached two images - one without a title and one with a title. Does the title change your opinion of the image?

YES !!!

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Yosemite as I see it.
I didn't get a chance to visit Yosemite this year. Here are some images from the pass.

I hope you guys enjoy them.

Merced River

Valley View

Merced River El Portal

Yosemite Morning

Upper Yosemite Falls

Upper Yosemite Falls from the valley

Wind Storm

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So many scenics/birds is this because we cant shoot people anymore?
I see so many scenics and birds and animals that are pretty good images.
No people and kids and scenes cant be shot because the rules of approval?
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Southwest Colorado.
Away from the high mountains.

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Slide scanner suggestion
I have several thousand slides that I'd like to digitize. Who has what scanner? - how fast/slow is it? How convenient to operate?
Would it be better just to send them out somewhere to have it done instead? I do have time on my hands.
Thanks for any suggestions offered.
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Which is better ball or pan head?
Last week I asked you for advice on which head is best for my Manfrotto 055XPROB Pro Tripod. What I failed to ask first is, which is the better head, ball or pan head? So I ask now which is better and why?
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Sending a new lens back... Works perfectly.
Unusual reverse brown truck thread...

I recently purchased a new lens, a good one: the Sigma 85mm F1.4 DG Art.

I works perfectly, creates incredibly sharp captures BUT.... The damned thing weights a ton and a half. I am not exactly weak but I do not see myself carry this thing around as I am other lenses.

So it goes back, regretfully.
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Clearing storm at Watson Lake
Took a couple of pictures at Watson Lake just a short distance from my home here in Prescott, AZ. These were taken last July during the Monsoon season.
Down by the boatramp at Watson Lake

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