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Mirrorless. Why??
Aside from a light camera, and aside from it being a "new" thing, why are photographers dropping their DSLR and switching to Mirrorless?
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Apple or Dell
I am looking at getting an updated laptop, or laptop with wider screen. Which one in your option is best - Apple or Dell. I have been using Dell for several years, and wondering if it would be better to purchase Apple for my photo editing. I have never used an Apple, so I am not sure if it is better than Dell, the same, or worse. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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42nd St Photo
Could you share any experience with 42nd St photo in NY? They seem to be the only one who has the Panasonic fz1000 in stock.
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Father shoots daughter, she walks away and he gets off scott free.
My daughter asked me to take a few photos of her for her engagement. Had a great time as she is easy to work with. Both of them just acted these out with little to no coaching from me. I'm not a pro, but just like to take photographs and trying to think like one! Hope you enjoy! Comments welcomed.

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Kennebunkport & Cape Porpoise, Maine, USA
We only had one night booked to stay in this delightful town wished it had been more. It is located along the Kennebunkport River. Historically a shipbuilding and fishing village and for well over a century it has been a popular seaside tourist destination.
The afternoon/early evening we spent there was bustling with tourists, just like us!
We also visited Cape Porpoise a small fishing village just along the road and watched the boats come in.(Recommended by Treepusher).
We stayed a short drive out of the town and #1 is a view across from the lounge of our accommodation.
The shot looking down into the boat is tight, it was tied up close to the loading quay.

Canon 650D 18-55 mm lens.

Please try the downloads.

A view from the road bridge in Kennebunkport

Lunch at David's Restaurant on the left and the floating Spirit Restaurant

Cape Porpoise

Not a very big catch

Goodbye Cape Porpoise

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....ducks that is.I love to photograph these ducks with their colourful plumage.Photographed yesterday at Martin mere wetlands trust.

Having a stretch.

Birds of a feather....

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More Manhattan Architecture...
More from our trip to city last week.
Hope you enjoy the beauty of these old buildings like I do.

Peeling But Still Appealing...


A View With A Window...

A View From A Rooftop Garden...

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Cool cow, warm waxwing
1. Foggy pasture at sunrise. I changed the white balance in raw editor to cool colors from the as-shot sunrise warm.

2, They're baacckk...cedar waxwings will be feasting in the trees outside my apartment for the next several months while we residents tip-toe through dropped half-eaten fruit!

Thanks for viewing

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The Un-buried...
Folks, maybe not what you thought, but I found a great looking haunted house. Well, I don't know if it's haunted or not, but someone took the time to clear away years of brush and growth that surrounded this place. I was quite
shocked driving by, and I drive by a lot...didn't even know there was a house in those woods. The road is only about 40 yards
from the front porch. Seemed like a cool place to photograph, so I did.

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Mac Blues
About two months ago my Mac PowerBook 17 (early 2011) began to slow down very badly whatever I asked it to do. Soon it started informing me that I was out of disc space, even though I had over 250 GB left on my hard drive.

The action I took made it better, but not good, or even acceptable. I replaced the four GB of RAM with 16, and upgraded the OS to El Capitan. Some of the software runs worse on El Capitan than it did on Lion, but nothing runs well. It takes forever to load most internet pages. Photoshop is way too slow. IMovie stalls forever on most tasks, and crashes often.

My Apple and MacTuneup utilities tell me there is nothing wrong with my hard drive. I have two photo jobs, a video job, and a writing job that are past due. Only Microsoft Word works well enough to use in any business setting. The only thing I can think of, short of ditching this computer, is to replace the hard drive with a solid state one. I would appreciate informed ideas on what might be the problem, and how to proceed against it.
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