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I'm looking to buy a camera I'm a beginner
What type of camera should i buy since I'm a beginner
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Photos taken recently during a trip to the Canadian Rockies.
Please feel free to comment and or critic. Unfortunately, most, but not all, were taken in the middle of the day due to my travel companions.

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Are there any ethical considerations in this fact situation?
After the passage of some time, I found myself reading the Operating Manual of one of the cameras in my arsenal. I don't shoot movies with my DSLR and so reading the "Recording Movies" topic was a new experience. I discovered that the camera records movies at 25fps. What was even more interesting was that the camera has the capacity to capture a still picture from a movie. Using this technique, my camera fps has just jumped from 6fps to 25fps. Query? If I pull an image from a movie does this still qualify as DSLR photography? Is this a commonplace activity? What say you?
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Ansel Adams's Moonlight over Hernandez
The GPS coordinates for the location from which Adams made his iconic photograph are known so one can easily find the exact location. I am wondering
if any Western US photographers have made a visit and photographed the scene. I would be curious to see how different it might be now.
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Sling bags ?
I'm considering purchase of a sling bag & soliciting opinions, pro/con re: their usefulness. My kit currently consists of a Sony RX10 iii & I expect to add a crop camera (APS-C) in the near future. Thanks .
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Three stages in the life of a UK Robin..
...the first one was photographed yesterday in Greenodd Cumbria and the second two where photographed last week in Rainford village in Sthelens.
A juvenile Robin.

Almost there.

All grown up

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Utah's straightaway highways.
A great invitation for speeding.

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Going to Washington DC end of September.
Going to Washington DC. Need help of what photos to take and where to take them. Thanks
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Back To Flowers 4
Best viewed in Download
Comments welcomed



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the best catch of the day
was this young male house finch enjoying his nyjer seed.

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