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Californias Sierra in the fall.
Over the hill from Yosemite.

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Pevensey Castle Sunrise
This morning sunrise at Pevensey Castle, East Sussex, England

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After the hops harvest
#2 shot last November; the rest are from a few days ago. Thanks for viewing!

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Humpback Encounter
Last Saturday, we joined a whale watch tour from Petit Passage on the Digby Neck of western Nova Scotia. The weather was beautiful and the seas calm. Earlier in the day we had overheard someone say they had taken a whale watch and had not seen a whale at all. The kind woman who gave us our tickets said the whales had begun to move down the coast of Long Island headed south for the winter, so we were apprehensive.

For the first 20 minutes, we scanned the horizon and saw no blows or breaches or other evidence of whales.

Then the captain quickly slowed to a crawl and pointed to the port. Two humpbacks! Probably mother and calf.

I had my 300mm lens on...and it was helpful...for a short time...until the whales came up next to the boat and put on a 40 minute performance right underneath us.

I quickly and wisely decided to change lenses.

The whales came within touching distance, nudging the boat and moving from side-to-side.

One of the challenges was to keep "blow" off the lens.

The other was shooting with 45 people racing quickly from one side to the other. I got the spyhop sequence because I anticipated and moved to the starboard side while everyone was crowding the port side.

After whale watching in Maui, Alaska, and Gansbei South Africa, I consider this the best.
Humpback Ahoy

Only a Mom Could Love that Mug

Spyhop Blow

Spyhop on the Starboard Bow

Every Tail is Unique

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Camera Vendors, Resellers, Refurbished and Grey Market Products
We have had some lively discussions in the last few days about sourcing cameras.

Some have involved Henry's of Canada and a potentially misidentified camera 'recertified' by Nikon and sold by Henry's. Another has been between our very own MTShooter and the normally well regarded B&H.

My question is about where does responsibility lie, and especially so about gray (or grey) market products?

It seems that Nikon USA will not perform repairs on their own products without a USA warranty. That may not be accurate, but seems to be a consensus opinion. Is this the same for other vendors? Not just honoring a warranty, but also performing a repair at some agreed cost? Warranty I can understand, but a repair at a quoted cost? That seems an interesting business practice.

Secondly, when buying refurbished or used equipment, is warranty the most important thing? Whether it is 90 days, 1 year or five years, isn't the ability to have the product repaired more important?

For example, and I'll choose Nikon and B&H as the example as a result of recent discussions. If I buy a 'gray market' camera from that has a 1 year B&H warranty that develops a problem 18 months after I buy it, will B&H still fix it for an agreed cost? If so, I don't see too much of a problem. If not, I could see that might be an issue if I can't get it fixed elsewhere as a result of Nikon USA policy, but if I can get it fixed by the supplier (B&H) in this example what is the problem?

How do other vendors and dealers deal with these situations?

What happens to my 1976 Canon AE-1 that I bought in the UK? Can someone fix it if needed (it doesn't need it) if they are able? Should I worry about that?

Are these discussions actually a real problem, or is it just a make believe issue? Warranty is one thing. Paid repairs are another.

Is this industry standard practice about not being able to get a repair, or is this just a Nikon predatory practice? What is the practice for Canon, Pentax, Sony, others etc.?

Is there a real problem, or do a few people just have unrealistic expectations or other motivations?

What does the UHH community think? Consider this to be an unofficial and informal survey of your sentiments...
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Sanford and Son revisited
It's far up a quiet country road, not an antique shop and with no signs or advertising.
You never know, some of this may come in handy some time!

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œYou don't take a photograph; you make it! Ansel Adams
And here are the steps I took; I shot this image yesterday at a local store after getting the owner's permission. Next, I cutout the books and made it into a png. Pulled up a background by Joel Olives and, with the hue and saturation Adjustment layer, dialed it into a matching color for my books.
Than I dragged my books onto my background layer, used the transform tool to enlarge and move my books into place. Using the Levels adjustment layer, I added a layer mask and inverted it, cranked up the brightness and painted it over the books where I wanted it brightened and saved as a jpg.
1 Original cropped 7x5x300

2 Cutout books and saved as a png

3 Used Hue and saturation ajustment to match background with books

4 But Books and baskgorund together

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Cockington village near Torquay.Devon UK.
Many villages lay claim to being ˜picturesque but the village of Cockington is the real deal. Take a walk back in time along Cockington's narrow lanes, lined with thatched houses with their colour washed walls of stone and cobb.You will experience a quiet charm that is a quintessentially English like Rose cottage where you can relax and enjoy a Devon cream tea,which i must say is delicious.
Everything about Cockington oozes history with many of the cottages dating back to the 16th Century and some, like the old Forge which is mentioned in the Doomsday Book.
The old School house

A thatched building

Cockington forge in the village for 500 years

More thatched buildings.

The gamekeepers cottage.

Rose cottage.

The rear of Rose cottage where you can enjoy your delcious Devon cream tea

Listen to the excellent pianist

Take a ride in this Horse an carriage.

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Two more Osprey/salmon photos.
Photos from last week at Hayden Lake, north Idaho.
I used 560mm. Hand held.

Photo #1: Canon 5Dsr - Canon 100-400 II - Canon 1.4x III - 1/400 - f/10 - ISO @ 2000. Distance was about 150-175 feet.
Photo #2: Canon 5Dsr - Canon 100-400 II - Canon 1.4x III - 1/500 - f/10 - ISO @ 2000. Distance was about 175-200 feet.

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Selling D300 and buying D7200
What components should be kept from my D300 to use on the new D7200? i.e. batteries, memory cards, lens in particular.

2nd question... The D300 is in good condition, what is a reasonable "quick sell" price for body only?
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