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Oct 14, 2017 08:07:50   #
I came across a reference to DaVinci Resolve in a youtube video, and downloaded it to give it a try. Haven't really had time to do anything with it, but it appears to be a fully-functioning video + audio editor. It's also free... According to the blurb, the only real limitation in the free version is that it doesn't do 4K video. To get that, you have to upgrade to the Studio version for $299.

Like I said, I haven't done much more than play around with it just yet, but if this thing does half of what they claim, it is probably the steal of the century!
Oct 11, 2017 05:39:48   #
Nice video! Real nice...!
Oct 9, 2017 08:23:58   #
I agree with the other posters, it is probably a good idea to retire that particular card... I have never had issues with cards either, but it would really suck if it were to fail - you just *know* that it would happen when the most important shots *ever* were in the camera. Or not, as the case may be! They really are very cheap these days.
Oct 9, 2017 08:20:20   #
Glad you are having fun with it! I certainly enjoy mine... I would love to be able to have a gimbal-mounted camera, since I like the video capabilities too, but the jump to that level of sophistication costs a lot of extra money. Maybe next year... The 501S is a great little platform, though.

I never understand the compulsion a lot of people seem to have, to push their drones out to huge distances, or to silly (and illegal!) heights. Mine is firmly in line-of-sight at all times, and I get very nervous when I go above a couple of hundred feet. My first drone didn't have gps or altitude-hold, and I lost it for a few days when it got high enough for the wind to grab it and throw it into some trees. I thought it was lost and gone forever, but a lucky thunderstorm a couple of days later blew it out of the trees and I was able to rescue it. If you check out youtube, there are *hundreds* of videos posted doing 'range tests', where they fly a ridiculous distance - way beyond the legally-required line-of-sight. There are also quite a few 'my drone flew away' videos, where the device goes down, and they have no way of finding it... These things may not cost thousands, but it certainly cost enough that I do not wish to lose it! The first one was a $50 special, so it wouldn't have been *too* big a deal - although it *was* only my second flight. Since getting the Hubsan, I don't think I have flown that one anyway...

I haven't posted anything from mine, because I am mainly just practicing and learning to fly it. I have posted some of my videos on facebook for friends and family, but flying circles and figure-8s over a field isn't terribly exciting to watch. Maybe I will put some up here, and we can get this forum a bit more active. Judging by the number of people espousing the expensive equipment in your first thread, there should be plenty of activity, but nobody ever posts their results...
Oct 3, 2017 05:47:02   #
georgec4 wrote:
Update - - the Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Brushless Quadcopter from Amazon - is $261.00 my Brother in law in England has one which I flew a couple of weeks ago - see his YouTube videos - showing the "follow me" mode as well as his checkout of other features - go to You Tube - videos - 1949pgh and scroll down to Hergest Ridge.

This was also my choice, when it came time to move up from a toy-grade quad... I would love to have one with a gimbal-mounted camera, but they tend to be a lot more expensive. The hubsan is easy to fly, and it comes with a decent remote control which has a small built-in screen to let you see what the quad is looking at, plus display details of what it is doing.

I first purchased a DJI spark, but had to send it back when neither of my phones would work with it - you need a phone along with their supplied remote. It was also 3 times the price of the hubsan...

I don't think you will be disappointed in the hubsan. It takes 1080P photos (jpeg only) and shoots decent video too. My only problem is that (because there is no gimbal) when shooting video there is a pronounced 'bob' of the camera when the quad stops or changes direction.
You can see my house from here...

Sep 27, 2017 07:20:13   #
larkahn wrote:
Ditto. I returned from the Philippines a few years ago and Customs and Immigration in Detroit spent a half hour going through my carry-on of electronics. They were taking out memory cards, asking if I had password protected files in my computer, etc. I told them to knock themselves out and took my ebook reader into a corner while they went through the carry-on. All of this when I returned to the US.

I had the same sort of thing in Dublin last year, returning to the US from the UK. I went through the normal security checks before boarding my plane at the source, but when I got to Dublin - without ever leaving the 'secured' side of the airport, I had to go through the full security process - shoes off, etc., plus filling out some form on a computer for which there were *huge* lines... When I asked one of the nice people who were conducting the search why this was necessary, since I had already cleared security once, I was told that it was to make things quicker and easier when I arrived at the destination! Basically, it was "this is how we do it, so shut up and get back in line...".
Sep 26, 2017 22:57:32   #
RGReel wrote:
. Starts with the captain and first officer on a very routine planet mission... Wouldn't one send a junior officer rather than the two top commanders? Later, the second in command takes a pointless IMO risk by doing an extra-ship spacesuit walk to check out a strange object, and is nearly killed. Again, send a junior officer or just an unmanned probe.

That was one aspect of TOS that always annoyed me, and which they corrected in TNG. Whenever there was an away team on TOS, basically the whole set of senior officers went down on it, with a couple of obligatory red-shirts who were on borrowed time! No military or hierarchical system would do that... At least in TNG, Riker the first officer was in charge of the away teams, leaving the captain on board the ship. Much more appropriate.

During the unexplained mission the capt and first officer are on at the start of this thing, they are lost and the ship can't find them because of the storm. The capt leads them walking around and maps out the Starfleet symbol in the sand, which the ship finds and comes for them. Two things here... If it could see that, then it should have had no difficulty in finding 2 warm, moving bodies. Also, according to trek 'history', that symbol was actually specific to the original Enterprise. It was adopted by Starfleet in general as an acknowledgement of the success of the original 5-year mission. If this is a prequel, then that symbol would not have been in general use.
Sep 26, 2017 16:20:18   #
jerryc41 wrote:
Are you saying that his will be available only on All Access?

It is not listed on their TV schedule for the next two weeks. All Access costs $5.99 + tax/month with commercials. Without commercials, it would cost me about $130 a year to watch fifteen episodes. That's almost $9.00 per show. I could get Adobe CC for less than that. Unbelievable!

Yep, that was what the blurb said, only on All-Access... Actually, it did seem a bit strange that there was a whole new Trek show starting, and very little hype or fanfare about it.
I don't get that they keep changing the Klingons, though... We had the TOS makeup, then the TNG turtle-heads, and now this one makes them look completely different again. Even less understandable if this is a prequel, and not set some hundreds of years even further into the future!

I used to be on a Trek forum (I know, sad, isn't it?), and a source of constant debate was the change in their appearance between TOS and TNG... There were all kinds of theories about explosions on Kronos, or some kind of genetic disease... They got very upset when I dared to suggest it was just a difference in the budget for makeup between the 2 shows!
Sep 26, 2017 08:38:06   #
FuManChu wrote:
Can someone explain why one of the leading ladies on the new show is called "Michael"?

Watched about 10 min & turned to a DVD. Read earlier that there were few bumps.

Recorded the show on my dvr, and sat down last night to watch it. Turns out that the previous show (60 minutes...) ran more than 20 minutes late, so I knew I would only have half of the new one. Tried looking for other broadcast times: nothing. Tried looking in the 'on demand' section: nothing. Looked in the schedule to find episode 2, as they sometimes repeat the first episode immediately before it: nothing. Decided to watch what I had of it anyway.

Turns out, that this first episode is just a teaser, and you have to subscribe to a pay service in order to see the rest of the season. That is just crap. I've been a fan of star trek since the original series started back whenever - used to cycle several miles to a friend's house to watch as they were the only people I knew that had a colour tv at the time.

If they aren't prepared to broadcast a tv show on regular tv, then they can take it and shove it! I already pay for cable, and am not about to start subscribing to pay services for each show I want to watch... "CBS All-access" apparently means no-access-unless-you-pay-us...

Not even sure just *when* this show is supposed to be, in relation to the various other ST shows... The Klingons are completely different once again - 3rd iteration of the species - and the Starfleet admiral said that nobody had heard from the Klingons for over 100 years... The captain was on about not breaking "standing order no. 1", which I assume is the often quoted - and more often ignored! - Prime Directive. So, does this one slot in before the original series, as Klingons were well-known at that point in their history?
Sep 21, 2017 11:53:58   #
dpullum wrote:
Tracy, a sin, you cloistered your photo that we would love to see and did not tell us all how to get our own Acrylic Photo!! Rather than ruin my printer putting Acrylic paint in the carts and trying to run 1/4" plastic thru my printer.. well, I looked up... and found...

Don't think a lot of a site which won't even list prices unless you have an account and log in to it... If they can't be bothered to let new users see what it will cost, then this potential new user will take my business elsewhere!
Sep 6, 2017 05:32:51   #
It would probably go a lot faster if you told us what price you wanted for it...
Sep 4, 2017 07:49:40   #
WayneT wrote:
That one of the oldest scams on Craig's list. I've had these hit me twice over the last couple of years.

Ok, it's obviously a bit 'off', but what do they get out of it? I mean, they aren't asking for a bank account number, or SS number... I don't understand the point.
Sep 1, 2017 08:56:00   #
jerryc41 wrote:
When oil refineries stop refining because of a hurricane, you can expect gasoline prices to rise. Our local prices went from $2.25 to about $2.50 overnight.

Yeah, ours went up by 30 cents a gallon overnight too... Thing is, it went up the day before Harvey even made landfall! A lot of refineries have had to shut down, so we can expect a bump in prices over the next few weeks, but it is just profiteering to put it up before any 'shortage' even hits...

Same story at the beginning of the year, when our beloved governor put a 3% tax on *wholesale* fuel prices, starting 1/1/17. The very first morning, all the gas stations put up their prices... The fuel that was in their tanks had not been charged the extra tax, so why should the customers have to pay it? It amazes me that there is no kind of government oversight on the price of fuel... If turkey farmers all doubled their prices as we get close to Thanksgiving, people would be up in arms about it. Yet the oil companies do that all the time, and the people have no comeback. It always goes up around Thanksgiving - typically the busiest driving weekend of the year.

After Katrina, there were shortages because of refinery damages and what-not, which is reasonable enough. A year or so later, however, the prices started to rocket just as the summer vacation season started. The reason given was that some refineries had to be taken offline for routine maintenance! Surely, routine maintenance is a cost of doing business, and is presumably paid for in the normal run of things anyway?

Coming from the UK, where petrol is about 4 times the price it is here, maybe I shouldn't complain, but I still hate to feel I am being ripped off!
Aug 23, 2017 08:53:13   #
SonnyE wrote:
The Grand daughter came home from Pre-School talking about how they couldn't go outside, and how they must not look up at the sun. It's OK though, Grandma and Grandpa have 3 channels of the entire eclipse to bore them with.

I had planned to head down south to see totality, but Monday was our first day back at school, and we lost another driver so they required my services... Knowing that I would actually be driving the kids home during the eclipse, I cancelled my order of eclipse glasses. Then, on Friday, the school district decided that they were scared of kids watching the eclipse during the bus ride home, so they called an early dismissal... So, I was actually home to see it, although it was only about 85% here. I risked it and took a peek through a couple of stacked ND filters, and I can still see!

On the whole business of the safety thing... I have responded to dozens of posts on here the past few weeks, giving the party line about not looking at the sun unfiltered except during totality, until I got bored with repeating the same thing over and over. But, then I got to thinking (dangerous, I know!). I wonder where the ancients obtained their mylar film or welders glasses before observing eclipses? Most people back then wouldn't have internet, so wouldn't have been told about the eclipse in advance, so as soon as it became 'significant', *everyone* would have been looking up at the sun, wondering which demon it was which was devouring it. Don't remember reading about plagues of blindness in the Bible, for instance...
Aug 20, 2017 07:37:21   #
jerryc41 wrote:
...on April 8, 2024

Yeah, perhaps. That one, instead of crossing coast-to-coast, is basically coming up the East side of the country. The odds of bad weather are *much* higher anywhere along the path in April than they are in August.

I have to admit, though, I am sick of the interminable posts about "do I need a filter...". I mean, I get the digest and go through it every day. Surely, anyone with an interest in photographing the eclipse would have noticed *some* of these posts, just on a casual scan???

Personally, I got shafted anyway. I was planning on heading down to Kentucky somewhere and living in the car for a couple of days. I am a substitute school bus driver, and tomorrow is our first day back to school. I was notified a couple of weeks ago that we had lost a driver, and I would be needed to cover the route for at least the next few weeks. Knowing that I would be actually driving kids home during the eclipse, and not able to watch anything, I cancelled my order for eclipse glasses. Then, just a few days ago, the school board decided that they are scared of kids watching the eclipse while on the bus, and damaging their eyes, with all the ensuing lawsuits, that they have declared an early dismissal...
So, I will be home in time to watch the 90-some% partial, but with no eye protection of my own! I had no intention at any time of trying to photograph it, even if I made it to totality, but did hope to be able to watch it, weather permitting.

Knowing what the weather tends to be like here in April, I will wait for the next one, but without too much hope...
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