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Feb 9, 2017 08:38:11   #
ricardo7 wrote:
I'm in Washington, DC so I don't expect much at all. But there are a lot of people from Baltimore to Boston
that might become inundated with snow. What are you stocking up with for a couple of days at home?

Looks like we dodged a bullet here in PA - they were forecasting 5 - 8 inches, but the worst of it has passed, and we got less than an inch - not even plow-able! They say there is usually a run on bread, milk and toilet paper. I remember one storm, back around 93 or so, when I lived in Silver Spring, MD, I was in the grocery store the afternoon before, and the woman in front of me at the checkout had 2 24-roll packs of toilet paper in her cart... What on Earth did she think we were going to get???
Jan 28, 2017 08:50:05   #
Mogul wrote:
About the time the autotrophs began to drool. Seriously, I cannot believe that I wrote that; of course our standard is MM/DD/YYYY. Thank you for catching my error.

Is *that* what they are saying in the Big Bang Theory theme? Autotrophs? That has bugged me since the show started! It always sounds like 'allotropes' to me, and of course *they* cannot exactly drool...

Thanks for that info!
Jan 17, 2017 08:40:13   #
So if the police have the drone, who posted the video?
Dec 17, 2016 08:44:54   #
dls1 wrote:
Thank you robertjeri --did you ever use the 7d? Is the 7dII that much better?

I upgraded from the 7D to the 7DII, and I noticed a *huge* difference. There was much less noise in the images, for one. Having said that, I also bought a used 5DII at the same time - here at this very boutique! - and that has tended to be my go-to camera ever since. I wanted to try out a FF camera, and while I don't do big enlargements or anything, there is just something about that camera... Never used a 6D, but if you *do* want to try out FF, don't rule out the 5DII!
Dec 7, 2016 08:36:28   #
jerryc41 wrote:
I have to look at the kbd when I type, and I've looked up to see a whole line of caps. Annoying. It doesn't take much for my finger to slip over and hit Caps Lock. There is an app to get the kbd to beep when caps or num are activated. Maybe I'll go back to that.

That is what I use, although for the life of me I can't remember where I got it. It gives a different 'beep' when turning on or off, so it is easy to be sure that it turns off without looking. Someone probably recommended it on here, I guess...
Dec 6, 2016 09:38:06   #
He isn't 'walking' - they are going to try him again, and he also faces Federal trial. While I agree about how damning the video appears, perhaps it is worth pausing to wonder why the jury - who saw and heard *all* the evidence - did not find him guilty in about 30 seconds flat. There must be stuff there that the media have not bothered to report on.
This is more a condemnation of how poor the media reporting is than the of the court case itself...
Dec 3, 2016 10:39:09   #
steveNovice wrote:
Thanks for all the comments.

Bloke I get lots of satellites in my images but don't see one in this image.

It starts below the centre of the nebula, to the left of the bright-ish star, and goes down towards the bottom left. I can only see it when 'double-downloaded', but it's there.
Dec 3, 2016 08:27:44   #
jerryc41 wrote:
That gives me the shivers. Are they real people sitting there? I see two problems: getting into that position and getting back up.

Beautiful shot.

Not to mention the third problem - just *being* there!
Dec 3, 2016 08:22:29   #
Nice satellite capture, too!
Nov 27, 2016 13:12:51   #
JimH123 wrote:
As for a filter holder, they come cheap on eBay:

Complete ND 2 4 8 16 Filter Kit for Cokin P +Holder+Wide Adapter+lens Hood LF292

I bought one of these and it works great. Has adapters for many lens sizes.

Thanks for the link. I ordered one of those, and if it seems decent, I will revisit the idea of the sharpstar.
Nov 27, 2016 08:12:33   #
ejrmaine wrote:
Anyone use this infinity focus 'filter'?

I saw an ad for this a few weeks ago, and have been thinking about it. Not sure if I really can afford the cost, plus the filter holder, for the limited use it would give me, though. I mean, the limited use I would give *it*, actually!
Nov 24, 2016 09:57:33   #
Peterff wrote:

Crucial is a consumer brand of Micron Technology, based out of Boise Idaho, so an American company if that matters to you. They are a top grade memory company, recently co-developed a future memory technology - 3D Xpoint: with Intel, which is quite a recommendation.

I think you can buy their products with confidence. I had a couple of meetings with Micron at the Supercomputing conference last week.

Future memory? Does that mean it can remember what I had for breakfast tomorrow?

Another good thing about Crucial, is that they will guarantee that your purchase is compatible with your system/motherboard, so you don't have to worry about problem issues.
Nov 24, 2016 09:52:21   #
jerryc41 wrote:
I would do a backup directly from my computer, rather than from another external drive. You should use a program like SyncBack, SyncToy, etc. The first backup will take a long time, but after that, it will be fast, with just the newer files being copied. Seagate is being sued because of its drive failures. Get a 7200 RPM drive.

I don't think that the speed of the drive is a factor for doing backups. It isn't like you would be actually working from it. You just set the backup and let it run... SyncBack is a good program. I eventually upgraded to the Pro version, but I cannot remember what the specific reason was. As I mentioned in my longer post above, there are about 5 profiles running automatically every day, plus the one to the second external which I run manually. I have the program speak to me when it starts the auto runs, and announce if it succeeds or fails at the end.

To the OP, if you don't have all the stuff on your computer any more, you could plug them both in to USB ports, and copy old to new directly. Also, I wouldn't skimp on disk size when you buy the externals. There are many things on your computer you probably should be backing up. Documents, financial spreadsheets, emails, downloaded software files, etc.
Nov 24, 2016 09:43:26   #
grampy26 wrote:
Just learned that my external hard drive which held my pics is unrecoverable. Unfortunately I did not have all of them backed up some where else. Hard lesson to learn and am looking into the best and least expensive way to have multiple back ups.

It happens to everyone at least once... There are a lot of suggestions in this thread already, but I will add my process to the list...

I have 2 internal hard drives, C and E (data). Every day, my backup program (SyncBack Pro) copies the contents of E to a spare partition set up on the C drive, and the contents of C to a spare partition set up on the E drive. Then there is a profile running automatically which takes the contents of both to an external drive. Every month or so, I run a manual backup to a second external drive which is not plugged in until I am doing this. Just to guard against power surges, and that sort of thing. I also have everything backed up to the cloud using Carbonite. This is a last-ditch precaution, since it would take a *long* time to download everything from them, but it is nice to know it is there if needed. I consider it well worth the $50 or so per year for the extra insurance.

This system has saved my bacon through several hard drive failures, and I have never needed to pull stuff back from the cloud. Yet. One of these days I will get a couple of spare drives, and keep a copy of my stuff at a friend's house, or even in the car. I haven't done this yet, on the basis that if we have a catastrophe which destroys my apartment, saving old photographs will be somewhere well down my priority list!

I also have an external Blu-ray drive, and have thought about burning copies with that, but my pictures folder is almost 700 GB, so it would take something like 20 disks to hold it, and I haven't had the patience...

Given that I already had the 2 large internal drives, I reckon my total outlay has been maybe $200 for the externals, plus $50 per year for Carbonite. You can pick up 4 or 5 TB drives for not much over $100 if you look around. I agree with the sentiments about Seagate, too. A few years ago they *were* the drive to go for, but I have heard many tales of woe in recent years. One of my externals is a Seagate (the older one), but my new 6TB one is a WD.

Only you can decide your comfort level of safety vs. cost, but I hope this setup shows that you don't need to spend a fortune for peace of mind.
Nov 23, 2016 08:44:52   #
Europa wrote:
Some time back at the end of April, I bought a new, to me, IR modified camera. I went outside and pointed at the sun. The sun was buried behind the clouds, I could look straight at it with the unaided eye.

So Ed was helping me with something and suggested I learn to use luminosity masks, and I just grabbed this photo to play with...YES ED I KNOW I OVER COOKED IT, but not the subject here...

I'm not sure what the apparent size is of Venus, but I do know it was in the area of this other object in the photo, see southeast of the sun...
Some time back at the end of April, I bought a new... (show quote)

I think that is too big to be Venus... I suspect it's just a bit of lens flare, although I agree that it does appear to be in the same area. It does look big on the chart, but they do that just to show brightness - it really isn't much bigger than a star...
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