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Jun 2, 2017 17:16:57   #
DebAnn wrote:
You are very helpful. It's the math stuff that stumps me. What I don't understand is this. If a manufacturer designs a lens for a specific camera (in this case, a crop sensor camera), and he labels it 50mm, shouldn't it behave like a 50mm and not something higher? I understand it would be different if the lens is usable on both a full frame and a crop sensor. But I think a 50mm crop sensor-dedicated lens should be 50mm. Am I being unreasonable?

I have another question. I just purchased a 10-20mm lens which I'm assuming is actually something like 18-whatever on my crop sensor. If I actually wanted a lens to work at 10-20mm, is there a lens made that comes lower than that.?
You are very helpful. It's the math stuff that stu... (show quote)

It can be a bit confusing, I admit. By convention, focal lengths for all DSLR cameras, and I guess pretty much all other smaller-than-medium-format cameras, are given as 35mm equivalent. This is now what we call full-frame. It avoids confusion for lenses like Canon's EF range, which are usable on full-frame *and* crop sensor cameras. Really, it isn't anything worth worrying about, though. A 50mm is a 50mm... On a crop sensor, it will *act* like an 80mm, but it is still a 50mm. I know, that still seems weird to me, too!

As far as your other question, 10mm is really pretty wide, even on a crop sensor. I use the EF-S 10-18mm on my T4i, and I have never felt that was not wide enough for pretty much anything. I can squeeze a little extra width with the Rokinon 14mm on the 5DII, but I have never noticed the lack of those extra 2mm...
Jun 1, 2017 08:42:27   #
mdougc wrote:
Thank you, but here is my confusion.
I put my camera on a tripod and aimed at a test subject with a well-defined area - a book cover.
1. First picture was shot with a Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens, set at 50mm.
2. Second picture with the Canon EF 50mm.

I get the same picture.
The way I interpret your answer, I should zoom the first picture to 80mm in order to match the shots.

There are quite a few confusing answers out there... The simple fact is, on your camera, *any* lens at 50mm will give you the same view. It happens to be that which a full-frame camera would get with an 80mm lens, but that is beside the point. The crop factor is applied to all lenses used on that camera. To see the difference, you would have to put the lens on a full-frame camera...

Ok, Jeep-daddy beat me to it. What he said...
May 17, 2017 10:31:38   #
trkcamper wrote:

OK, understand.

This is the BEST place to get help with TF phones =>

About a year ago, I upgraded us to TF SmartPhones because our old POS TF phones were almost out of time. On the above forum, I discovered I could get a TF SmartPhone for about $85 from HSN (HomeShoppingNetwork), and it came with one year service and 1350 talk minutes, 1350 text msgs, 1.35GB of data. That is cheaper that the $100 one year card from TF. Plus our phone numbers transfer, and all our old 300 minutes transfer as 300 talk, 300 txt, .3GB data.

Our phones have "8 GB (up to 4.14 GB usable memory) - expandable via microSD™ card (sold separately)" and I added a 32GB memory card.

I know I am not really helping you, but HowardForms has a ba-zillion sub-forums.

@Bloke, br br OK, understand. br br This is the ... (show quote)

Thanks, I've made a note of the link. Sounds like a similar deal to the one I got, although maybe this one 'only' had 1200 minutes, etc. It's my third tracfone, and costing me about $7 per month.

I did have issues with them over the last one... It stopped working, and after *hours* on hold and talking to tech support, they decided I needed a new sim card. The rep asked me if I wanted the same number, and I said yes, as I have it on business cards and suchlike. When the new card eventually came, turned out that he had issued a new number... To get the old one back, I needed *another* new sim card, and they could not guarantee that it would be available when the time came for me to activate it. Well, it was, *but* there was no record of my minutes, texts or data available, and they said that I would have to purchase more. Having had it for about 6 months, and used *maybe* 100 minutes, about 5 texts and no data, I escalated the call. Eventually managed to speak to a supervisor, who refused to restore my minutes based on the fact that I had not purchased any minutes since buying the phone. She seemed unable to comprehend that, with a phone which comes with 1350 minutes, I *never* expect to have to buy any minutes. She claimed that there was no way she could access any records which showed how many minutes etc., I had used. The only escalation level left was for some other department to call me back once the matter reached them... Needless to say, nobody ever called...

My first inclination was to tell them where to stuff their phone, but research showed that there was no service available at even a comparable price. So, I could pay considerably more, just to "show them", or else bite my tongue and carry on.

Other than that little escapade, I have had no issues with their service, and you can't beat the price!
May 17, 2017 09:37:52   #
trkcamper wrote:
Probably just the opposite, kids have $$$, and us old folks are just a very small user base.


It isn't the space on screen which bothers me, though, it's the memory used up by these aps on the card.... I too use tracfone, and can't fault the price, but my last phone actually ran out of memory - and I only had 5 or 6 photos on there, no music, no videos...

Really, I just want a phone with a built-in camera (very useful in traffic accidents!), and the rest is just a waste of space...
May 17, 2017 08:30:51   #

Thanks for that. I did have them set to only update with wireless, at least! Is there any way to remove them? I don't think these manufacturers realize that not only teenagers use their devices! Why would I want to watch videos on a phone, when I have a 28-inch monitor on my desk?
May 17, 2017 08:14:50   #
Not sure about moving stuff around - I'm pretty new at this smartphone stuff... What I would like is to be able to stop the phone downloading, installing and constantly updating a whole bunch of google aps, which I will never ever use! I don't watch videos on the phone, I don't do youtube on the phone - I just want it to be a *phone*. It won't let me delete them, either, just goes through the motions and the aps stay where they are...
May 10, 2017 13:15:08   #
SonnyE wrote:


I like to preview the music from Free Music Archive.
Music created and shared freely on the Internet. As I believe the Internet was intended for, free exchange.
I'm particularly drawn to instrumentals. Just nice background that lends itself to natural choreography.

More from Coldnoise here.
img src=" (show quote)

Thanks for the link. I made a note of that. I also have a link to a site called Jewelbeat, which has quite a lot stuff too. It's been a long time since I did any video stuff, though. I had so much trouble posting stuff on facebook - they kept rejecting my audio as being copyright, even when it was an 'off' arrangement of an old classical piece. Things like a piano concerto arranged to play on a brass quartet, stuff which does not exist on *any* commercial recording, I guarantee it!. All arranged in house and performed by the musicians I keep locked away in this here computer-thingy...
May 10, 2017 08:22:34   #
That's more like it... For some reason, piano music seems to fit with time lapse stuff, especially astro. It just seems 'right', somehow!
May 1, 2017 08:14:13   #
Nikonian72 wrote:
My Duracell AA rechargeable batteries are just not holding their charge anymore. I have read that Eneloop batteries are preferred. Is the black 'Pro' version worth the extra cost? Who has the best price online?

I too use both types of Eneloop, but keep the black ones for use in my flash. One difference that nobody else has mentioned, is that the white ones have a much slower discharge time when not in use. They say that after a year on the shelf, they will still have something like 90% of charge. The black ones will discharge themselves faster, more akin to 'normal' batteries.
Apr 27, 2017 08:57:18   #
Lowrider wrote:
Thanks again everyone. It just goes to show you, if your willing to spend the money there is something out there for everyone. The one thing I did pick up on is that due to the actual length of the eclipse and the fact that the sun only moves 1/4 of a degree each minute it may be a moot point. I think testing would be the best way to find out and the closer to the time of the eclipse the better or more accurate it is going to be.

The sun's apparent diameter is 1/2 of a degree. If the figure you have (1/4 degree per minute) is correct, then it is going to be moving half of its width each minute... One way to test without having an actual eclipse is to work on the moon instead. The moon is very close to the same apparent size (or else eclipses wouldn't work...), so you can see just how much it moves during a given exposure. It does move *slightly* slower than the sun (25 hours to come back to the same spot in the sky vs 24), but I think this would be close enough.

Also, don't forget about the magnification of telephoto lenses... If you use a wide-to-normal focal length (50mm lens gives a sun/moon image of 1mm on a full frame sensor), you will be looking at a dot. With longer lenses, you are not only magnifying the *size* of the image, you are magnifying the *speed* across the frame too...

Given your investment in the event, you really need to do some significant testing beforehand, or you will be severely disappointed. On the day, there are going to be millions of people completely disgusted at their cellphone images!

Whatever you do - do *NOT* point your camera at the sun outside of totality unless you have a proper solar filter on the lens. This should be obvious to everyone, but who knows? You will seriously damage your camera, and if you look at the sun through a telephoto lens and no filter, you will remember the sight for ever. Probably be the last thing you see in that eye...

Pop over to the astrophotography section and check us out. We don't bite very often!
Apr 27, 2017 08:28:10   #
SonnyE wrote:
No, not mine. I can only wish I could aspire to this level....

But way to wonder filled to not share.

Thanks to my friend Bruce!

And the music is great, too!

Go full screen, go loud, and share!

Great camera work, but I can't agree about the music... Scenes like that demand soothing, tranquil music, not thumping bass! I've done a few daytime timelapses, but never tried at night - takes me enough struggling to get single photos!
Apr 22, 2017 10:30:06   #
7awol wrote:
Yes, an eye on the scope is required to accomplish polar (CNP) alignment. I have my (lightweight travel) tripod height set as low as practicable to maximize stability. I take a knee (on an 18" square of carpet) to do the alignment, then get up and move to align the camera on target, again on a knee. Then back to the polar scope to verify and tweak alignment, on a knee again. Set the intervalometer, hit the "go" button then retreat indoors and drink wine. After the imaging session (40 minutes or so) I return to the rig to check results...if I can remember where it is.

I believe that if you own a sturdy tripod, you could set the height to a level to minimize bending/squatting/kneeling...and get awesome results.

Yes, an eye on the scope is required to accomplish... (show quote)

I can't get up from a kneeling position, without something pretty sturdy to pull myself up on... There would be this nice sturdy tripod there, right in front of me, but could never get up without moving it a bit, I'm sure.

I have looked at a couple of tripods which would probably do the job, but big plus sturdy = $$$... Don't even need to be light, since I am only a few feet from the car at my only darkish-sky spot.
Apr 22, 2017 10:26:38   #
Yeah, I don't see how I could be sitting down and still get my eye to that. That was what I thought when I first saw the device advertised... The only way I think I could do it is to spend $$$ on a big, solid tripod. I have several, and they are fine at 'normal' height, but to get that alignment, I would need to extend the center column, which is asking too much, I suspect.
Apr 22, 2017 08:38:23   #
DaveO wrote:
Yes, I could experiment,but I was hoping for a definitive answer.

On *this* forum???

The answer will end up depending on whether you use Canon or Nikon (yes, I saw what your cameras are, but you might get over that someday...) and whether the card contains jpegs or RAW images! Not to mention if you shot in auto mode..

There isn't a smiley for 'tongue-in-cheek', but I hope it is obvious here that I am not serious...
Apr 22, 2017 08:29:22   #
vininnj2u wrote:
We live in Southern New Jersey, USA and we went to visit the Freedom Tower in Manhattan. On the way back on the Staten Island Ferry, (which is FREE) I took this shot. Hope you like it. Colors are a little off with this upload. I don't know why.

So it's free now? My last visit, in 1990 (first weekend in the US...), it cost 10 cents - but you could stay on as long as you liked! I went back and forth several times... It definitely gives the best viewpoint for the statue.
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