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Dec 4, 2011 02:21:52   #
Julieb wrote:
Here are a couple that gave me a chuckle. My grandbabies visited me on our farm. You can piece together the rest of the story

Is the black and white photo the same boy barely (Ha, I made a joke !) holding on to it in the color photo above? Can't see his face, ahem, from that position but the shirt looks the same.
Dec 4, 2011 02:30:35   #
Dec 4, 2011 02:36:03   #
Swamp Gator wrote:
Some people are just oblivious.

Wow, I laughed I butt off. Well this little kitty looks possessed. Not real clear but I snapped it quickly. Then the other photo is of two piggies smiling. Enjoy Cheryl
Possessed Kitty
Possessed Kitty...
Happy Little Piggy x 2
Happy Little Piggy x 2...
Same kitty as soon as he got to me, happy as a lark!
Same kitty as soon as he got to me, happy as a lar...
Dec 4, 2011 02:40:10   #
Looks like Walmart to me.

Linda Lee wrote:
I snapped this one in Home Depot a few evenings ago.
Dec 4, 2011 03:10:09   #
I posted one of these on another thread.....but they are ones that gives me a chuckle when I them :-)

Dec 4, 2011 06:53:04   #
A local minister erected a HUGE cross near an adult book
(and ???) store along I-75 in Caryville, Tennessee.

I figured a little assistance was needed.

"Slightly" Photoshopped
"Slightly" Photoshopped...
Dec 4, 2011 22:54:40   #
The seastar was missing part of one of its points and looked like it was pointing.
They went thata way!
They went thata way!...
Dec 5, 2011 09:43:34   #
Here ya go...............

Dec 5, 2011 09:54:14   #
catcher T
northshore wrote:
my dog meets Bertha

I haven't been here long enough to know if y'all use acrynoms but here goes LMAO!!!!
this is totally hysterical!

so many funny pics, the first one, on the potty, villiage idiot and fat squirrel, wow so so funny
Dec 5, 2011 14:57:58   #
So nice of the guys to not make the gals use the stairs!
His & Hers Outhouse
His & Hers Outhouse...
Dec 5, 2011 17:08:54   #
PAToGraphy (a regular here)
Gotta love the grandkids - check out the "lip". He'd never even held a trumpet before and when this old beat up one became mine, he was DETERMINED to get some sound out of it - and to everyone's amazement, he made it work!
Just How Do You Hold Your Lip?!
Just How Do You Hold Your Lip?!...
Dec 5, 2011 20:34:37   #
russelray (a regular here)
My cat on the day I got her. She knew the house was now hers.

Dec 5, 2011 20:46:53   #
Here's a telephone pole in Charleston, SC. where everyone evidently sticks his/her gum to. Not sure if it's a custom down south or not. :?:

Dec 5, 2011 20:49:50   #
kids being silly

Dec 5, 2011 22:06:18   #
ftpecktim wrote:
This not my pic,it was sent to me via e-mail,but thought it was funny

Oh this one is makin me Cry-Laugh!!!!
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