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"It was *THIS* big!"
Turkey Vultures (Cathartes aura)
W. Kentucky, USA - 4/17/2018
Please view in download for best detail.
Turkey Vultures (Cathartes aura)

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Just a few shots from my Thursday Photo Hunt
Hi, I was out and about looking for a good shot and here is what I came up with.

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From a recent shoot. Feathered 48 inch octa camera left and a few other photon generators.

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Fast Food Delivery
...Thai style

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Goat Porn
I am amazed at how these farm animals takes on such a different look from one another.

All photos taken with a 5D3 and EF135 f/2.0 L

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Is there an adapter for the Tamron 18-400mm, to the Sony a6500, that allows full AF and aperture functionality?
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Matlacha~Some Sunrises and Sunsets
7D2 EF100~400 L IS (FOCAL 210mm)

5D3 EF16~35 f4.0 L IS

5D3 EF16~35 f4.0 L IS

5D3 EF24~105 f4.0 L IS

5D3 EF16~35 f4.0 L IS

5D3 EF16~35 f4.0 L IS

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Newbie with some M4/3 Lens questions...
Hello all. I am returning to amateur photography after many years of relying on iPhone cameras.
Camera: I have decided to purchase a OM-D E-5 Mark ll. My interest is in street photography, buildings, people...
Lenses: I am looking for suggestions on good quality in a “non-pro” price range.
My thoughts are:
-Panasonic LUMIX G 25mm f1.7 ASPH. or Zuiko 25mm f1.8
-Panasonic LUMIX G Leica DG Summilux 15mm f1.7 or Zuiko 17mm f1.8
I’m wondering what seasoned photographers think - is starting out with these two primes somewhat redundant? Should I replace one with a good zoom? If so which one? Should I bite the bullet and get three lenses including a zoom? I’m also looking at 7artisans for a fisheye down the road.
TIA for your input.
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Sanibel Island Causeway Sunrise
Most times it's tough to get up early, make the thirty minute drive and pay the $6.00 toll to get on the island and then praying there are some clouds and not too much wind. It was a little breezy, but everything else kind of fell into place.
5D3 EF16-35 f4.0 L IS

5D3 EF16~35 f4.0 L IS

5D3 EF100~400 F/4.5~5.6 L IS (Focal 100mm)

5D3 EF100~400 F/4.5~5.6 L IS

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What a Face
Spent most of last week in Palo Duro and Cap Rock Canyons in the TX Panhandle. Beautiful part of Texas. Will post more as soon as I can.

Boys will be boys

Palo Duro Sunset

One More

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