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Adios Florida!
I am back home in Georgia with many fond memories of my time spent in Florida.

Here are perhaps my final new photos of my visit there.
Sunrise at Vinoy Park

Lettuce Lake Park

Fort DeSoto Park Pier

Busch Gardens

Redington Long Pier

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Best weather sealed bridge camera for a trip to Alaska
Dear Fellow HOG members,
I am taking a trip to Denali National Park in September.
With Alaska's often wet weather, what would be the most economical
and best weather sealed bridge camera to take?
Thank you.
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A Bright Day Sunday
Was out on Sunday shooting grand daughters soccer game. Sun was sooo bright at 1300 that I couldn't see my meter info inside the viewfinder. I was shooting Manual mode. I wear glasses and have the dioptric set for them. Is there a viewfinder boot that will work with glassses or do I need to get a stronger dioptric with a viewfinder boot to use without my glasses? I'm thinking that the camera has auto focus so if I point into the area to frame the photo, half push the shutter to allow focus and take the shot! Or just set the camera to program and let the camera do the work while the sun is sooo bright. Any thoughts?
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Smokin' Hot Tea Pot
Playing around tonight trying to get something post-worthy. Its been a while. Hope I can remember how to get this posted.

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Spring is on the way
Only 1 month away. These are from last years spring


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Camera Questions
I am photographer, but I could be if I new more about these new cameras. I take beautiful shots of wildlife, I recently moved to a Nikon D500 with 40 zoom. I take hundreds of wildlife pictures, but any movement on the animals part, at a distance causes blur. I want to upgrade, but don't have a lot of money to spend. I was told to try the d7200 Nikon; but I if I go with that I want a lens that can shoot 400-500 yards at least. Or tell me what you think, if you have an idea other than the d7200. Any advice would be great. I grew up with a Mother who used only Nikons, so I understand them best.
Thank you
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Ice Storm Aftermath
Here's a pic from right outside my front door this morning. The Ice Storm effects were very cool and I couldn't resist a few quick snaps.

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Pilgrim Monument still beckons ghosts of past sea captains
Looking from Truro, Massachusetts towards Provincetown Harbor, with Pilgrim Monument in the distance.

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TLR @ Womens Downhill Finish Area
Did anyone else see one of the competitors at the bottom of the women’s downhill shooting with a TLR?
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A nice place to rest and take in the world
Truro, Massachusetts

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