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Early Settlers Village3
, Nouvelle France, Overlook of the Saguenay Fjord, Quebec, Canada

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Let's Walk
remembering autumn in the Rocky River Reservation

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Got a new Lightroom Yesterday!!!
My Adobe CC updated. I did some checking and Classic got an enhanced "Auto" in the Develop Module.

The marketing text is well written!

Start your edits with Auto, which uses Adobe Sensei to intelligently apply adjustments ....... Adobe's Auto feature now uses advanced machine learning ......The underlying neural nets have been trained with thousands of professionally shot and manually edited photos to evaluate and correct an image, just like a skilled human photographer."

Shoot RAW, Import to LR, press Auto and get better than in camera JPEG???

What is it? Is it real?
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Our first snow :)
Got up this morning to snow. Sure makes the yard look pretty. But I am not ready for the cold.:)

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In my garden today.
Canon SX-50.




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Is anyone using Nikon legacy MF lenses with a Sony A7ll...
What adapter do you use...what lenses have you had the best experience with. Does the in camera stabilization make a difference with the older lenses.

Thanks for your opinions
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Lens Crop Factor
Here’s a stupid question; I shoot with a Canon 80D, using EF-S lenses. Do the EF-S lenses take into consideration the 1.6x crop factor for focal length and aperture, or do I need to adjust for these as I would were I using an EF lens?

My apologies if this question has already been asked somewhere in the forum. I’m new here.

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Sunset in a glass.
Sitting on the balcony finishing a drink as the sun was setting in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Photo background removal
Does anyone know of a free background removal software that is user friendly? Thanks!
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They did not want to co-operate
Best angle and still branches in the way. Marion County State Fishing Lake in KS. When exited vehicle, 'nuff said.....they were gone like the wind. Oh well beautiful birds.

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