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A few Pics from my Vermont Trip
I want to thank everyone for all the suggestions on my "places to go in Vermont" topic. I managed to go to Stowe, Quechee, Montpelier, and a quick trip to Woodstock, Waterbury, and Barre. I did tour the Ben and Jerry's factory, and "loved" the Simon Pearce glass factory in Quechee. Visited the Von Trapp Estate, which was beautiful. Plus 2 days of sightseeing in Burlington. I'd love to go back and see the rest of the state. It was very beautiful. Definitely a photographers dream place in the Fall! Posting a "few" pics that I took. I have way too many to post them all. And I am proud to add the last 2 photos of a ski resort in Stowe. My brother-in-law, is the architect who has designed and spearheaded most of this development. It is a beautiful community. Thanks in advance for viewing!
Quechee Gorge

Beautiful Church in Burlington, VT

On The Rocks

Burlington Waterfront

Glassmith at Simon Pearce

Ski Resort in Stowe

Ski Resort and golfing community in Stowe VT

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Juncos' aerial kick-boxing...?
Missed the focus, but got the shot...

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Canon 10-18mm users-Question
I recently purchased an STM 10-18mm lens for my Canon APS-C camera and would like to take some landscape shots when the leaves turn in a few weeks . I'd like to utilize a CPL and a Color Enhancing filter . My question is ; will using these two filters together cause vignetting ? And can one or the other used alone cause vignetting ?
And if yes , what is the remedy ?
Thank you in advance , I would greatly appreciate some advice .
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The National Automobile Museum
I revisited the photos I took at the Automobile Museum and have uploaded a few more.
1933 Austin

1938 Phantom Corsair

Engine from the 1948 Tucker

1908 Thomas Flyer

1917 Cole 863 Tourcoupe

1960 Flying Caduceus

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Scoot, my grass hopper catcher
This is our year and a bit cat Scoot- lives up to his name.
In our back yard. I would take him outside while I caught some grasshoppers for fishing, Columbia River 15 minute walk. One day I had him out and while getting some hoppers and I noticed him playing with something, when I went over to were he was, I saw he had caught a hopper -- still alive--Cool.
Thinking this was a fluke I continued with my hunt, caught a couple more and went fishing. Ended up with a couple small Rainbow- 2-3 lbs, all went back.
Next day I wasn't in the fishing mood so I took Scoot out in the backyard, sat in a lawn chair, couple beer in the cooler, arms length away and watched him catching more hoppers. Started thinking, I wonder if I could teach him to bait a hook and use a spinning rod Doesn't say anything, anywhere about "Cat" licenses


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Canon 24-105mm lens
Can this lens be used with a crop sensor camera or is it specific for a full frame.
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'The Scarlets Are Coming!'
'Once-upon-a-time'~ I had a rather distinct privilege of being the 'official' photographer(five years running), for capturing the 'special' moments, offered by my clients. Naturally, over the course of five years...I managed to accumulate an abundance of photographs.~ So, I've chosen 'ten' memorable captures to share with you ALL!:> Warmest regards,~CyberDave

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Lightroom , or?
What pp program do you believe is equal to or better than Lightroom (with cost not being a factor)?
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Megapixels. Nikon vrs Canon
In the great Canon vrs Nikon debate one difference is the amount of pixels each mid priced camera captures. Nikon seems to be in the 24 mega pixel range while Canon is at 20 or 22. Do those extra pixels make a difference? I notice that many photos in the magazines that mention the camera used, Canon seems to be used more often.
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It's Autumn, It's October and American Baseball teams are busy competing for a trip to the World Series.
Enjoy this fitting tribute to this time of year....courteous of Disney World.

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