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Alaska Wildlife Highlights from our cruise
These were taken during our recent Alaska Cruise. Thought I'd share a few. Have A Blessed Day !!!

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Baneberry, Actaea Rubra, from the Big Tesuque Creek NM collection

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When to safely take solar eclipse glasses off.
Safety first!

Glasses and solar filters.

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Native American Children.
Portra 400 film.


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Photo Album Digital Organization
I'm in the process of digitizing our family photo albums using my iPhone and an app called Photoscan. Taking the photos isn't a problem, but trying to organize them is a challenge. Many photos do not have any dates, and some we cannot recognize where we took the photo. I've tried this organization, which works somewhat, but wonder if you all have a better way? BTW, I'm trying to use the capabilities of Windows Gallery, which will organize them to what I've entered. I'm using date (yy??-mm-dd) if known; Location if known; Event; Persons. Ex: 19--..Home.Christmas.Me This is the file name for that photo. I use the period to reflect designate the start of the next tag. Another example: 1955-03.Home.Christmas.

Appreciate your help.
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Dana Point Harbor, CA watercraft activity
I love taking photos of people having fun on the water. Here is a selection of 10 photos that depict Dana Point Harbor, CA watercraft activity. Please download them for better clarity.

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African animals #6 how about some lions
The first part of the trip we saw only a few lions in the distance, but when we got to the safari we saw them usually early in the mornings. Will show here some of the females and cubs-so cute.

just yawning

having breakfast

early morning-you can see her breath

peek a boo

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New Member - a few of my favorites...
Hi - I learned "real" photography from my late husband, a Nikon enthusiast. I'll introduce myself when I'm feeling more like typing.

But just to start somewhere, here is a random selection of a few of my better attempts. I use a Nikon D750, with a few different lenses, but my favourites are my Nikkor 105mm prime lens, and 28-300 zoom. I started with a D80 6 years ago, moved up to a D300 2 years later, then to the D750 2 years ago. I'm not happy with the cropping/editing on a couple of them, but I didn't know better at the time.

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Canon GPS Problem
I have a new Canon GP-E2 GPS receiver attached to a Canon SL1. The Canon Map Utility will not import the log files. It simply reports "an error."

I'm running the latest version of Sierra on a MacBook Pro.

Has anyone discovered a work-around?
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Morning in Florida
I have really enjoyed this site but his is my first attempt to post and image. This is from my files, but it would assist if someone explained how I could post directly from Lightroom. Thanks


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