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Nikon D300 thinks Nikkor-Q 200mm f4 lens is f5.6.
Okay I was fooling around with a D300 and a Nikkor-Q 200mm manual f4 lens in aperture priority mode. The camera shows all the f-stops off by one stop. So f4 on the lens shows at f5.6 in the camera and f22 shows at f32?
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It"s all mine.
All he has to do is swallow.

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Birdbath Pictures
Pictures I've taken at my home.

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Nest material
Putting on the brakes.

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A Bosque Blizzard
If you've been to the Bosque del Apache NWR you know the main event is the morning blastoff where thousands of snow geese all decide to take-off at once as the sun rises. From a distance, it almost looks choreographed and the sounds are muted, but the beauty of the Bosque is that you can get close to the birds, hear them flapping their wings and honking and it's anything but choreographed, it's total chaos. Hopefully, you'll see some of that chaos in these photos.

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Hummingbirds-Chama, New Mexico 2017
These guys were just outside the rv on the banks of the Rio Chama River.

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OK, it's Spring...daffodils popped!
Taken this morning in our front yard. Reached 74 deg here in SC! 😊

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Beavers in the Rio Chama River, Chama, New Mexico 2017
Jinx & I had heard there were beavers in the Rio Chama River at the rv park. In 2016, we looked for them and did not see a dam. I thought, there are no beavers in this shallow, little river.
In 2017 we had a rv space that backed up to the river. A quick glance around and no beaver dam.
One late afternoon, Jinx saw one of the little trees across the river shaking. A moment later and she saw very small sapling moving upstream. She looked harder and saw a beaver pulling the sapling upstream and disappear under some tree roots and into the river bank.
So, we started looking a little harder.
The images are what we captured.
Also, we saw four beavers at one time. Just, didn't get a shot of all four.




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The River is High
from snow melt and rain.

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New to Light Painting
I am new to trying light painting. I have been using SLRs for ~50 years, but have never before tried light painting. I went for the less is more, minimalist approach. The shot is all 1 in-camera shot for 30 seconds. I suspended a flashlight from the basement rafter and pointed the camera straight up under it. I made a mask for the light so that it had a 3/16" hole in it and I laid gels over the lens. For this shot, I used a blue and red gel with a small gap between them. I am interested in the group's thoughts on this result.

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