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Young Beaver
Yesterday Reese (my choc lab) and I were on our walk along the pond and saw the adult beaver and kit on the shoreline. They slid into the water and then went under the pond ice. So nice to see the young one out with the adult.

Today we were on our walk and Reese darted up a 10 foot embankment at the same location where the beaver have a path into the woods they use for foraging saplings. The kit was at the top of the embankment frozen in place likely where mom had put it while she was out looking for just the right sapling further into the woods. Reese and the kit came nose to nose within 2 feet but Reese never touched the baby. She would not hurt it and came back to me to tell me it was there. I took a few pics with my pocket cam and we left it alone and moved on. It was great to see the little one and I was very proud of Reese for leaving it alone. I was also very glad mom was not that close for Reese's sake :)

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Hood loupes

Any opinions on hoodman’s Hoodloupe ?

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Downtown Thompson Springs (& its Suburb)
According to the 2010 census, the population was 39. Last year, a friend/ex-co-worker/resident died, so that figure may not be quite accurate now.

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More drone shots of Maclean.
Phantom P4 Pro+.

Just a few more shots of my little town. Downloading is recommended.

Coming in to land.

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Old horse drawn sickle bar(still in use)
A county park, Carriage Hill Farms is located on the northeast edge of the Dayton area. During the summer season they put on regular demonstrations of many horse drawn farms implements. This old sickle bar seemed to stand out on a cold winter day.

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Screen hood or what?
I have changed from my Nikon DSLR to mirorless because of weight, I recently had a stroke. I have the Fugifilm X-A3 and I like it very much, but no view finder. So what is the answer for shooting outside in the sunlight? The hoods availiable are cheap plastic and just don't work. Is so called antiglare stick on really work?
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Morning Mist
Just a few pics near home as Autumn falls on us down under

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Lightroom Photo Import Destination: Named Folder or By Date?
Lightroom has a lot of flexibility in all aspects of a workflow. Currently, my import destination is a sub-folder in My Pictures that I name (based on the shoot I took). Since Adobe seems to have built their process around Collections (being visible in Library and Develop), I hear many users simplify their import by simply assigning the import destination By Date i.e. year/month or year/month/day. I am not a date-centric person and can't even remember our anniversary.

I am interested in what UHH members use as their preferred destination (by date or named folder). Either way, I plan to leverage the Collections features and believe Collections can satisfy my 'folder fetish'. As always, one answer is "whatever works for me", but I am interested what members have found to be efficient and effective.

Thank you, Bob
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Moon Shots
I have conquered taking photos of the moon per se. But I want more detail around the moon such as a cloud layer, rocks or trees. If I expose for the moon, the rest of the view is vastly under exposed...If I expose for the surrounding clouds, the moon is blown out.
Of course I can do this with layers, maybe stacking, etc. but I want a one-shot deal.
Any ideas?
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Gasoline @ 15 cents/gallon
... when this one was taken out of service. Captured in 1978 in Upstate New York.

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