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Out in the Yard
From last week. Sorry for the sharpness but I was shooting handheld and my benign hand tremors were getting the best of me. Sony RX10III

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Nikon Body Touch Up Paint
I am wondering if anyone knows of a good way to touch up minor scratches on the black Nikon bodies? They are meaningless, but they bother me.
Thank you
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Are you done yet???
Ummm, you're really pushing that "mans best friend" thing!!!

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More around Phuket.
#1 This little guy had no arms or legs, but was quite a bright little bloke. Been like that since birth for 48 years.
I couldn't help but like him. My only help was to give him money, & the time of day for a chat. To shake his hand/stump he'd put his cheek against it in a cuddle. I could have been a friend for life. 2000 baht was quite a nights takings for him.
#2 Was hanging around the front of an Italian restaurant. Couldn't get much conversation out of him but didn't mind me getting a selfie with him.
#3,4&5 This tree had flowers sprouting from the trunk. Never seen them before, & that was the only one I saw.
I'd love to ID them. Any clues???
#6,7. BIG BUDha, has been under construction for years. On the highest hill to the south of the Island & overlooking Chalong bay.
#8 A view of Chalong bay from big Buddha.

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Patong beach hotel #2
Sorry, hit the send button accidentally. Tablet touch screens*#*#€.
Couple more of pool.

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Maid In The Shade
This visited our local airport in 2016.

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Hotel Patong beach
Here's a bunch of pics around the hotel pool at night.

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Followup on the Baby Bantha in my yard
I saw a baby Bantha in my yard. Or...or the wife's Shin Zhu 'Toby' really, really needed a trip to the groomer for his summer haircut

The wife says if she knew how to spin yarn Toby would make a lovely tan/gold sweater, if she knew how to knit!

Question settled, Toby needed a haircut. Ahhhhhhh! A pet baby bantha would have been neat.

Here is the after - he did what he usually does after his haircut - hide, in this case behind a small dresser under a table in the corner by the sliding door to the back yard. He wouldn't come out from under the table in the corner unless I had a dog treat in my hand instead of a camera so I put a 24-105 on my 5DIV, pointed a flashlight back there and clicked two frames.
The cute little kerchief is something our groomer does, along with blue berry shampoo on the dog's head. They used to just use pink and blue but the last couple of years they have pink, red, blue, green, yellow etc - Toby got red today.

If anyone wonders how good a 5DIV is at high ISO, well this is ISO 5000. I cropped the first shot but the second is Out Of Camera, no other PP done.
5DIV, 24-105L f/4 first model @ 24 mm, 1/100 @ f/4, ISO 5000 light was a pocket led flashlight.

Those of you following the threads about light - here is the difference between warm afternoon sunlight and the blueish white of an led flashlight.

#1 Before - Baby Bantha in the back yard
#2 After haircut - cropped only
#3 OOC
As you can see "Summer Toby" starts out looking like a chubby Yellow Lab puppy. "Winter Toby" looks like a walking golden tan dust mop or a baby Bantha.

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Manhattanhenge 2018
On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, we’ll have the opportunity to see the sunset as it lines up with the east-west streets of Manhattan, illuminating its urban canyons.
In photographing this awesome view (it will occur again In late July), can anyone suggest any techinques or camera settings to help get the best shots? Also, would a ND or polarizing filter be of any help, since we will be facing the sun as it sets? If so, how should they be used? What strength?
Thanks much.
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Osprey baby's
Now flying

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