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Apr 23, 2024 13:55:13   #
Is anyone getting rid of their Epson 4880 and still has some inks that you'd like to sell? My printer, which I purchased used, is getting to the point where it may not last too much longer and I don't have much client printing to do. So before I put the money into new inks or purchase a new printer, I thought I'd see if anyone has any inks available. They don't have to be full cartridges, something 1/3 or fuller would be a help.

The colors I have that are getting low are: Yellow T6064, Lt Cyan T6065, Lt Black T6067, and Lt Lt Black T6069.
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Mar 26, 2024 10:24:13   #
I've been looking at every video that they have showing, but a lot of it is aimed at their AI software which is another $200 or $300, and I can't afford to put any more money in it at this time. I purchased the scanner used and the software that came with it, Version 8, wasn't set for Windows 10 so I figured I'd upgrade. I ended up going up 2 upgrades since this version is made for multiple monitors and will work with Kodachrome. When I originally got the software I had some questions and just didn't get much satisfaction with their support, so that's why I am asking if anyone here can help me.
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Mar 26, 2024 09:11:04   #
tcthome wrote:
Can't help you never heard of it. But curious, scanning/scanner software?

SilverFast is software used with a scanner to scan negatives and slides and convert them to digital images. It has all kinds of adjustments that can be made to the file, such as color, sharpness, etc. and here is where I would like to know where to start.
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Mar 25, 2024 21:33:40   #
Does anyone here use the SilverFast 9 SE Plus software? I've been having a lot of trouble using it and would like to know how you have your different areas setup.

For my basic setup I want to use Photo Quality of 300 ppi and I want my Res. set at 2400ppi. From this point on I am having problems. They start with the Expert Settings. I don't know how to setup the Input Width & Height and then the Zoom. From there I don't know what the enter in the Output other than inches. These are my Biggest Problems!

Beyond there, I have Unsharp Masking set to Auto Sharpness, but I don't know where to set Power, Radius and Threshold.
For iSDR-Dust and Scratch Removal I have Mode on Correct and Automatic is checked. I don't know where to set Detection.
For SRDX-Dust and Scratch Removal I have it set at Correct, and both Dark & Bright defects checked. As far as Detection and Tile Size, I don't know where to set them.
For AACO - Auto Adaptive Contrast Optimization, it's set at High Effect.
For GANE - Grain & Noise Elimination, I have it set at Strong GANE.
Picture Settings are set at Midtone (N) 12, Contrast 10, and Saturation (A) 12 for the photo I have showing.
Nothing is set for Densitometer except Unit=inch, Radius is 5 Pixel, and Point=Mouse. I have no idea how it is used.
Gradation is set on the Gray tab.
Input Histogram is set on the Gray Tab and I move the Shadow pointer to the Left of the Histogram, and move the Highlight pointer to the Right end of the Histogram, and adjust the N pointer to somewhere that the midtones look ok. Color Cast Removal is checked and set at 100.
No settings are made to Selective Color Correction.
I've been playing around a bit with the Global Color Correction and seem to be getting the hang of it.

I'm on Windows 10 Pro and using a Plustek 8200i scanner and working on slides.
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Mar 24, 2024 18:39:35   #
Thanks for the help guys. I went into settings and cranked it up to 175% and it is much better. NOW IF ONLY we could get the brightness of the text whiter or even change colors that would be great!

The brighter text I am talking about is the measurements on the side and top in Photoshop.
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Mar 23, 2024 18:35:53   #
Windows 10
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Mar 23, 2024 18:26:36   #
A few months ago I purchased a BenQ monitor which has a resolution of 2560x1440 and when I use Lightroom Classic the text is so small I can hardly read it. I looked through Preferences but couldn't find anything that would allow me to see larger text. Does anyone have a solution? My old Eizo monitor that died had 1920x1080 and was much easier to read.
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Mar 18, 2024 20:23:47   #
Why not get the RF24-105 2.8?
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Mar 8, 2024 18:31:28   #
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Mar 8, 2024 18:30:00   #
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Feb 23, 2024 14:26:27   #
To GLSmith: I'm confused, you are saying ViewSonic which was the brand of monitor I used quite some years ago. Do you mean to say VueScan?

To ArticTrails: I have an old serial number belonging to the person I purchased the scanner from and I emailed SilverFast asking about having it registered in my name with a new SN, but haven't heard back on that. I did get an email that would provide a new SN but it was addressed to the previous owner's email. I've been trying to install SilverFast 8 SE but haven't been able to get it to install.

What is 9ai? I assume it is an improvement over 8, but not being able to install any software, I wouldn't know what the difference would be. I guess it would be a cost for me to upgrade to 9ai, can you tell me more? Do you have info on how to reach the gal in Florida as my emails are going who knows where?
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Feb 22, 2024 18:37:45   #
I haven't checked into VueScan yet, but SilverFast is supposed to have something in its software that reduces dust and scratches, I think something to do with an infrared scan. Does VueScan have anything like that?
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Feb 22, 2024 17:36:29   #
I went in today and deleted PC Matic and then tried to install the SilverFast scanner software, but it didn't work, giving a 193 error code which the person helping me yesterday said it couldn't work with my operating system (Windows 10 Pro, 64bit).

So I sent an email to SilverFast telling them of my problems and who knows where it will end.

Someone mentioned another scanner software called VueScan, does anyone know anything about it? I did mention it in my email to SilverFast, so we'll see where that goes!
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Feb 21, 2024 18:18:36   #
I had two persons within the last few days working on my PC trying to get a Plustek film scanner installed along with the SilverFast software. I still have a call into SilverFast because I can't run my program. Any ideas on the scanner?

The fellow today worked remotely on my computer and said I have too many programs. He also said that I should get rid of PC Matic that it's junk and I don't need to have any anti-virus on my computer since Windows 10 Pro has Defender. He also said I don't need Malwarebytes. What are your thoughts on these 2 programs? He did say to keep CCleaner.
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Feb 16, 2024 13:44:32   #
Try transferring the photo through It will send larger files over the 25mp limit.
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