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Feb 19, 2024 19:16:31   #
Sanibel island, 1977

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Feb 19, 2024 19:02:24   #
Excellent composition and tonal pallet.
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Feb 11, 2024 11:51:40   #
Reuss Griffiths wrote:
I like the image, particularly in the snow. BTW, I've noticed that structure on the roof on a lot of barns in IL but not many other places. Is there some kind of story behind them? A lot of barns have ventilating structures on top for purposes of allowing hay to dry, etc. but they don't look like this.

Looking it it on the inside is clearly a ventilator for the hay that was there. To adjust it one had to climb up into it. The building is c. 1840’s construction (possibly much earlier, 1810-1830), so I suspect that it was quickly replaced with better designs.

One of the challenges to dating things around here is the fact that out buildings often are significantly older/newer than the main building.

I had a home back east in NY that was listed as being built in 1918 but during some renovations I discovered that the first floor of it was built in the 1600’s (it was in the lower Hudson valley and adjacent to ruins that were dated from that period). So the building is like that - some of the interior construction suggests it’s older.

The barn had its first floor converted to living space in the 19th century and it had been irregularly upgraded since then. Unfortunately the electric in the building was from the 1950’s - nary a 3rd wire ground in the building. Worse, I suspect some of the outlets were pre-war hot & ground two wire setups without a neutral. The electric panel was in the bathroom (I’m am not kidding). Quite a bit of work later I have proper wiring and the panel relocated out of the bathroom.
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Feb 9, 2024 23:30:52   #
Really nice, model has excellent expressiveness.
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Feb 9, 2024 23:29:30   #
The creek and old dam - in -12F


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Feb 9, 2024 23:20:29   #
The building I use for a studio during the 2nd January snowstorm.

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Feb 6, 2024 19:45:13   #
Good image - intriguing.
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Feb 6, 2024 13:58:47   #
Mac wrote:
You “know that no one — absolutely no one” would have shop lifted in the 1950s?

I must have grown up in an awful area.
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Feb 1, 2024 23:50:58   #
tradio wrote:
Round-a-bouts seem to be the big thing around here lately. I think the idea came from Europe? I have no statistics on any safety improvements these intersections provide.

Round-a-bouts, sometimes called circuses, eliminate T-bone crashes and strongly reduce other major impacts ( There is anecdotal evidence that minor collisions occur more frequently.
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Jan 30, 2024 23:37:48   #
mjc925 wrote:
Going for an old time, manual focus, vintage, almost pinhole, dreamy/voyeuristic look.

Very nice job on a dreamy soft focused image.
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Jan 14, 2024 18:17:25   #
For me it was in 1991 Berkshires, -20F.

The coldest I’ve had to spend the day outdoors working was -14F (was dressed for it but I was still very cold by the end of the day). Didn’t help I had to lie on the snow to get at the access panel for some of the equipment. Ugh.

Tonight it’s supposed to get to -17F here. At least I’ll be indoors.
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Jan 9, 2024 12:37:01   #
Manglesphoto wrote:
From a series we did in the Apartment above my studio. Before the land lord replaced the windows to comply with section 8 housing for rental.

Very nice pose and composition. The pose suggests uncertainty and the composition along with the wardrobe enhances that nicely.
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Dec 7, 2023 22:25:25   #
Timmers wrote:
The story, or rather the shoot continues. Yes, sometimes the girl takes over the shoot and I have learned to go with the flow.

After the necked sets VADA decides to get a soda. I keep water and drinks in the studio fridge. For models there are straws, but VADA never uses them, so back to the dressing room to apply more lip stick.

The wondering eyes of a model is never to be interfered with, it is the well spring of creativity! She is back in dress up mode, playing Pretty, Pretty Princess.

"Timmy", she exclaims, "When did you get this cute burgundy corset?" as she eyes it holding it up high dangling from the hanger.

"I don't remember but it has been here a while," I say. I know that admiring tone in her sing-song voice. She will be in it as soon as it's off the hanger, and as I know Ms. VADA, it is gone. We know each other so well.

"Ok, lets finish up the shoot with the burgundy bustier, then you can take it home; that lucky Mr. Jason will be getting a little extra on Christmas morning I'm thinking!" I say to her as she is slipping into the bustier.

"Really Timmy, I can have it!" VADA says vary excited.

"Your imposable you know, but it is cute the way you all ways ask," I say, "Remember my favorite line to Emma Baby*, You can have anything you want!"

*Emma was the young girl child of my vary best friend Melanie, that I always took care of while her mother was across the hall teaching photography darkroom class at the Craft Center.
The story, or rather the shoot continues. Yes, som... (show quote)

Very nice sets - the retro color balance was very creative and well done.
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Nov 26, 2023 00:25:10   #
Architect1776 wrote:
With photo certification being a big deal to show the history and additions or modifications of a photo to fight AI in the news one wonders.
This is just digital information so how many hours will it take to get software to totally defeat digital certification? And make the certificate itself suspect.

Depending on how the certification is done it could be extremely difficult to do defeat it. The kind of difficult that would prevent anything short of an alphabet agency and a substantial investment to defect a certificate. Meaning all but impossible today and extremely difficult tomorrow.
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Nov 23, 2023 18:39:15   #
Architect1776 wrote:
It is nice that many lenses are "Weather sealed" today.
But is this an obsession way beyond the actual value. I note that many here are terrified of even changing lenses and proudly proclaim having a body for each lens. Additionally how many here actually use their equipment in rain, heavy blowing dust or other severe conditions? I dare say a very small few, from comments here again.
Were not most all if not all manual focus lenses not sealed. Yet they were successfully used by people in some of the most hostile environments for decades.
Again, for most everyone today is Weather sealing really needed and just something more to worry about and more marketing hype than reality?
PS I have taken equipment from steaming jungles to the Arctic and dusty deserts with no ill affects. Also Additionally even used instamatics where discretion was needed with no problems.
So what are the opinions, I know you all have them.
It is nice that many lenses are "Weather seal... (show quote)

Normally I shoot ‘as is’ - conditions not withstanding. If the conditions are moderately bad I might use an older body & lens. If conditions are extremely bad - dust storm, hurricane, or blizzard I have an underwater housing for my Z camera’s. Which paid for itself when I was standing in a river shooting and fell into the river. Had to go swimming for the camera.
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