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Aug 31, 2019 02:40:35   #
Sorry guys, but at the risk of stirring up a hornets nest, I thought this was a site to talk about cameras, not a travel advice site!!!!
Aug 22, 2019 03:45:13   #
That is my understanding too. For instances, If you are taking a pic from a moving vehicle then use sport. If you are static then use normal. It seems the differences is more about whether you are moving or not than whether the subject is. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong.
Aug 15, 2019 03:23:44   #
I used a 16-80 on my D500 for the first time on a long trip to NZ. Never left my camera. I think it’s a great lens despite some of the negative reports.
Aug 13, 2019 03:48:22   #
I have been using a 16-80 DX and find it great for travel and general use.
Aug 13, 2019 03:45:53   #
I have not tried the 16-85, but i do have a 16-80 and it’s a great lens on my D500.
Aug 3, 2019 05:27:34   #
Another great article. I have always tended to use focus lock, but will definitely be experimenting with moving the focus point. Please don't leave it too long to publish an article on BIF. I am off to Costa Rica in Feb and would love to nail some great BIF images. My current success rate is okay, but I sometimes struggle with focus and exposure when a fast moving bird moves from dark to light backgrounds. Had some recent experience of this when I went to Skomer Island in Wales to photograph Puffins.
Jun 9, 2019 04:23:58   #
Fast moving subjects I use M with auto iso other times I use M and set my own iso.
Jun 9, 2019 04:23:57   #
Fast moving subjects I use M with auto iso other times I use M and set my own iso.
May 19, 2019 03:38:55   #
I went from a D7200 to a D500. The D500 is heaps better in every way. I would skip the D7500 and go for a D500 with the D7100 as back up.
Apr 28, 2019 07:23:58   #
So do I, but I may stop now if there is a real risk of corrupting the card.
Apr 28, 2019 07:00:28   #
A professional photographer recently told me that I should never delete images on an SD card in my camera as this can damage the card. He said that I should always download the images and only reformat the card in my camera. Is this fact or fiction? I often delete images in my camera while I am travelling to reduce editing when I get home.
Apr 28, 2019 04:06:55   #
That’s my biggest fear. I am so sorry to hear that. I hope you can recover them. I know it’s a bit like “closing the stable door after the horse has bolted”, but as well as storing my pics on my computer and an external hard drive I also keep a back up SD card copy. I have a friend who also keeps a backup drive at another address in case his house burns down and he loses all his data at home!
Apr 24, 2019 03:22:12   #
Why just go to one of the cities. You can fly to Quito then get a driver/guide to take you from there to Guayaquil through the Avenue if the Volcanos. You can then fly out to the Galapagos. Ecuador is a great country with fantastic scenery great food and friendly people. The Galapagos is amazing, but we also took the time to visit Ecuador and it was equally amazing. Our 18-300 lenses covered both trips.
Apr 23, 2019 02:50:10   #
My partner and I used 18-300 travel lenses. Great for touring Equador and Quito and for wildlife on the Galapagos. Mostly, the wildlife is so close that you do not need a longer zoom than 300 and the lower end of the zoom works for landscapes without having to change lenses.
Apr 17, 2019 03:34:55   #
I have a Nikon D500. I use BBF with nine focus points, the joystick is assigned to group focus and the fn1 button is assigned to single point focus so all bases covered. First two options for fast moving subjects and single point for slow moving subjects and static scenes.
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