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Jul 19, 2019 01:05:41   #
[quote=GailConnorsPhotography]Hi, new but been with you forever, & am sure this has been answered before... I'll be teaching an IPhone Camera Course soon ... "

Now, I have heard it all!!! Teaching a course in Iphone photography!!! What a crock. Who in the Hell dreamed that up? Likely some heavily tattooed, nose pierced, purple-haired Millennial miscreant. Cell phone PHD Photography is for idiots who haven't a clue as to any degree of art, composition and soul. Excuse me while I go and vomit up supper.
Jul 6, 2019 00:20:49   #
What's with people who call themselves photographers doing marathon shooting like this? ... there are no opportunities to be creative with this kind of photography, which is not photography at all, but nothing more than attempting to impress people with snap-shooting on the fly!
Jun 29, 2019 14:52:24   #
There certainly is a vast amount of photography experience and talent posted here in response to the post by John Gerlach. As with many folks here, I too remember the days of Kodachrome 64, Fuji Velvia 25 and 50 asa, The question of using HH or the tripod raises some interesting view points and opinions, and it seems that the tripod got 'the short end of the stick' in this round (pun intended).

So, I'd like to throw my two cents into the pot here. I am self-taught and started shooting landscapes and wildlife back in the early 1980s. I was quite fortunate a few years later to begin shooting and writing wildlife articles for Arizona Highways Magazine. At the time, I owned an older, battered 1968 Chevy 4x4 pickup, a Minolta 35mm, a 50mm kit lens, and the most inexpensive, yet best 500mm I could afford, along with a Bogen/Manfrotto tripod. That combo and I covered a lot of Arizona's backcountry.

Many of the assignments were a one-time venture, and the need to 'get it right' the first time was paramount. There usually weren't any second chances! I learned very early-on that the use of a tripod was an absolute necessity; 95% of the photography was done using that tripod. I later graduated to shooting landscapes with medium format cameras - the first, a Mamiya Rb67 that didn't have a built-in light meter. This camera taught me what the word, 'bracketing' meant. Film for that camera wasn't cheap, and I had to get it right the first time out, as I couldn't afford the luxury of burning money for film in those days.

The bottom line is this: In the photographic world I grew up with a tripod. I wish I had put a quarter in the piggy bank for every mile I trekked with that tripod slung over my shoulder. Today, I still have that tripod and use it 90% of the time for all photo work, BIF and eagles.

Well, as the popular, September Song goes ... "I've lost one tooth, and I walk a little lame." The years have slowed me down and I can't hike the backcountry like I once was able, but when I do, that old tripod is still slung over my shoulder. I've retired the Minolta years ago, and now shoot digital exclusively. My present setup is Nikon D810 w/battery pack, coupled to the Nikon 500mm F/4G, which weighs in at 8 1/2 pounds. I would guess that the entire setup, with a Manfrotto gimbal, weighs in at around 20+ pounds.

I never leave home without it. Without the tripod I would never get many keepers. Much of my shooting is premeditated and I know where my subjects are to be found. Taking the tripod and setup from the shoulder is second nature ... I can flop down and adjust the legs instantly and get to the business at hand without any hesitation or fumbling. Many wildlife photographers that aren't familiar with their tripods will end up in a cussing fit trying to get it set up, which usually ends with the target subjects taking flight or otherwise fleeing - and this is the number one reason why so many photographers bash tripod use ... they just don't spend enough time using it.

So, anyone out there in UHH land that's a determined HH shooter, maybe you've got a Gitzo or a RRS collecting dust in the closet, and maybe you'd like to part with it for 'a song. Ha! I'll take it off your hands ... 'been looking to upgrade.

Bill Barcus
Jun 27, 2019 23:04:24   #
JeffDavidson wrote:
The rain looks phony!

To, too, two, 2. Amazing that so many kids flunked basis English 101, and don't compute the differences of to and too ... yet even try their hand at photography and flunk as well!!!
Jun 5, 2019 00:10:13   #
roset wrote:
Hi everyone. I have a Nikon D500 and for some reason I don’t have a clue about, I am seeing a rectangle line in my composer view that says 1x3 in the top right corner. Never there before. What does it mean? How do I get rid of this? I am traveling and rather nervous about what It is and how it got there. Thank you all.

Absolutely amazing!
May 18, 2019 11:51:16   #
Sdubois wrote:
I have one for $6000.00 with arca swiss foot in excellent condition.
PM me if you are still interested.

I Steve, thanks for the offer. I recently purchased a new Nikon 500mm f/4G ED VR. Otherwise I'd jump on the offer. Looking at your SM page I see you shoot the D850 and have also shot the D810. I'm shooting the 810 and getting some sharp results with the new 500mm f/4. I also see that you're shooting the 200-500mm f/5.6 as well, and I have had excellent results with that lens as too. I've considered getting an 850. Do you like that camera compared to the 810?

Apr 25, 2019 03:07:41   #
burkphoto wrote:
You know, I just wouldn't worry about crap like this.

burkphoto, you nailed it my friend ... same sentiments here on my end!

Who gives a flying rip!!!

Whatever you shoot. Whatever your passion. Whatever your gear, just go out and shoot; create, enjoy, and share. Relish God's gifts that He puts into the viewfinder and don't sweat the trendy BS.
Apr 24, 2019 00:28:13   #
A little high on the price there, Billybam. Paypal only ... hmmmm. New user as of today ... hmmmm. No info on serial number, maybe it's grey market? Only one photo. Pretty vague listing.
Apr 22, 2019 23:32:43   #
Likely from a foreign country too ... or, needs to go back to English Grammar 101.
Apr 18, 2019 23:39:16   #
Here we go again ... same 'old-hat' question re the Sport vs the Nikon, and using a TC for extra reach, no less.

As for the TC, billnikon said it right - a TC doesn't add anything to a lens. And, if anyone thinks they need 600mm, then they need to get closer!

I shoot the Nikon 200-500mm every day. It gives me superb IQ.

Attached is an eagle shot taken handheld out of the window of my pickup ... if anyone needs better IQ than this .............. ???

IMHO the Sigma is a Third-World throw-a-way that after the warranty is up Sigma won't give you the time of day, and neither will any other repair shop. I don't get it!!!

Apr 8, 2019 22:11:57   #
Wrench wrote:
Looking for input. I cannot justify all the money for a Nikon 70-200 f2.8 lens. I’m not a pro nor close to that level however I am fussy if you will over quality. I also push myself to produce the best I am capable of regardless of whether it’s work or fun ...

Wrench, don't buy a Third-party lens for your Nikon, especially if you're considering upgrading to the D500 or FX format. A lot of people shoot the third-party lenses, but basically they are "Throw-a-Way" junk that after the warranties are up you won't find anywhere to repair them ... then you're stuck and will likely buy another junk lens. I'm not knocking folks that shoot them ... life is all about choices.

You don't have to be a pro to shoot the 70-200 f/2.8. Get the G version (which is what I shoot) and you'll never regret it. It is the lens that made Nikon what it is today. Shoot the best, put out a few extra bucks, and get it!
Apr 7, 2019 23:46:10   #
"By the way, if you're not into dogs, you're missing something. Ted has been my sidekick, and I his, for over 12 years; that's more than a lot of relationships between people nowadays, and likely more rewarding than some. His sole interest in life is making sure I'm okay. All right, he also likes treats. If you look closely, you'll see my silhouette reflected in his eyes."

Your post brings lots of memories and tears. You are to be commended for your loyal devotion and caring for your loyal hiking companion, sidekick, and best friend.

I recently adopted Coco, a five-year-old, Flat-coat retriever from a shelter here in Montana. I have had dogs all of my life beginning with, Bing when I was one-year-old. I have lost so many of these loyal buddies over the years ... the last was Murphy a year and a half ago. Murphy was special! Well, they're all special, but there's some that are extra special - Murphy was one such extra special buddy. It nearly killed me (literally) when Murphy was poisoned by a heartless person - He is buried here on the property he loved and knew as home. If I can ever figure out who did what they did to Murphy ... they're d..d!!!

Coco will never take the place of Murphy ... yet she has filled my life with such joy and happiness. She may outlive me ... never know. But if the time comes for her medical needs I'll mortgage the house if necessary - she is family ... our family comprises only two people, loyal friend Coco and me.

People who don't have compassion for dogs as 'little people' who deserve our love and care, don't get the opportunity to pass through my doors.

Enjoy your best buddy, Ted. He is a wonderful friend.
Apr 6, 2019 01:29:11   #
billbarcus wrote:
I've flown into and out of Love Field Prescott, AZ (KPRC) more times that I can count ... this is not KPRC Prescott. There are no mountains like the ones shown in the photograph anywhere [that] close to the airport, nor are there rising grassy fields close to either departing runways. The field sits out in the middle of a tremendous flat, and there are no power lines and poles anywhere next to any of the two runways. And, yes there is something else confusing about this photograph ... any takers?
I've flown into and out of Love Field Prescott, AZ... (show quote)

Apologies. This is Prescott Love Field. Look at the web site for this man, Jim Weaver. The F4 is parked on the ramp with the pilot gearing up and some onlookers near the nose ... same aircraft. Must have been the cropping effects that threw me off.
Apr 5, 2019 23:43:50   #
Linda From Maine wrote:
Posting guidelines say Photo Gallery is for photos you took, but I don't know if that's enforced any longer. General chit-chat would be the appropriate place IMO

He posted this CORRECTLY in Links and Resources. These photos are good for a laugh, but instead of appreciating and complementing, you choose as usual to remain being the UHH police patrol.
Apr 5, 2019 23:22:26   #
rmalarz wrote:
Though visually striking, there is something visually confusing about this photograph.

I've flown into and out of Love Field Prescott, AZ (KPRC) more times that I can count ... this is not KPRC Prescott. There are no mountains like the ones shown in the photograph anywhere [that] close to the airport, nor are there rising grassy fields close to either departing runways. The field sits out in the middle of a tremendous flat, and there are no power lines and poles anywhere next to any of the two runways. And, yes there is something else confusing about this photograph ... any takers?
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