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Jul 24, 2019 16:58:25   #
Your the best Graham! Look forward to the non camera talk chit chat session. Keep em coming...
Jul 24, 2019 16:46:46   #
Common sense is a waning virtue for the well to do...and the not so well to do. Either way, parents gotta pay. My kid is ok for the moment..!!! LOL
Jul 15, 2019 09:11:14   #
Absolutely awesome photo! The detail is stunning...
Jul 15, 2019 09:07:17   #
Outstanding shot as usual Regis..!!
Mar 6, 2019 20:59:54   #
all the above...!!
Mar 5, 2019 22:31:31   #
We love our pets. They love us back in their way. I got a good one. Gonna miss her when she's gone. She will be 9 this October. That's old for a Mastiff, but don't tell her that. Some dogs just don't like other people, simple as that. That is what I've had to deal with, and no issues.
Watch the pink panther for the best my dog doesn't bite cliché.... Love to all...
Mar 5, 2019 22:19:19   #
Stupid is as Stupid does... My dog bites! for a reason! She anchors you before the bullet reaches your head..! 170lb Mastiff lap dog. I pick up the poop with a wheelbarrow BTW while she reloads..!! Hahah LOL..

Relax people please.... Life is good.. enjoy it
Mar 5, 2019 21:57:32   #
Lay off my kill pal..!!!
Great shot...!
Mar 5, 2019 21:39:20   #
Mar 5, 2019 08:26:17   #
Wallen wrote:
This reminds me of a practical joke(revenge) my friend did to his co-worker who as an a**hole. Their company bought a D7000 to be shared between him and this person. He said, "Being an A**hole, the co-worker would not accept any instruction and openly boasts that he is an expert photographer". What he did was turn-off the anti vibration & auto focus in the lens, the auto focus switch in the camera, and then adjusted the camera so that it uses the back button to focus, instead of the half press and finally adjusted the eyepiece diopter. Needless to say, his co-worker was never able to make any useful picture with that camera as everything would always be out of focus.
This reminds me of a practical joke(revenge) my fr... (show quote)

Hahaha....!!! Showed him!
Mar 4, 2019 21:38:57   #
Or bad lens, or not seated in the mount. Didn't read all other posts....all covered, Got nothing else...
Mar 4, 2019 21:25:19   #
Probably didn't set a focal point! Camera sets all to try to take a focused snapshot. Meaning it will try to focus everything. My Canon sets all 45 if I let it. I set it to SINGLE focal point. Usually the center one in the viewfinder, re compose and shoot
Mar 4, 2019 20:52:20   #
suntouched wrote:
The only other thing I might suggest is that you go through the camera menu to make sure that the shutter button is also set to focus - it's possible that focus was inadvertently set to back button. Not likely but you never know. Good luck!!

AS we all know, a good camera does not a good photographer make. A bit of skill is involved and some luck never hurts either, along with the right settings for the equipment in use at the time! No hurts no rudeness, no worries. Keep shooting!
Feb 10, 2019 23:53:55   #
Feb 10, 2019 23:45:31   #
good thing tongues don't have eyes..!!!
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