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Apr 28, 2019 02:08:48   #
I wouldn't mind having my "corners" reshaped...don't know about "corneas".
Mar 20, 2019 05:43:48   #
Ahhh, maybe it's just my eyes, but it looks like you put your finger IN it...
Mar 19, 2019 21:00:52   #
Viewing them together cross-eyed gives a true 3D effect to the third image for me. Since I have an astigmatism, it may be both the second and third images for those with 20/20 vision.
Feb 7, 2019 00:04:51   #
Nice! 01 looked like a "plant kingdom enforcement" of depth of field...until I had examined it carefully, I would not advance too quickly! Amazed at the relative brightness in 02. On My Maternal Grandmother's side
my Grandfather was a Robert Hayes, from the Liberty Springs area of Virginia. My Grandfather passed in
1957, but Grandmother lived until 1977, passing only three weeks before age 100! Both lived through the reconstruction era of the civil war...I have some bullets to prove that. They are buried in a Suffolk area church.
Feb 6, 2019 23:48:26   #
Lovely bird and a very pleasant backdrop Larry. Scrub coloration really seems to enhance the bird's colors!
Jan 28, 2019 10:37:27   #
After Vietnam, I lived down Bayshore at the Bayshore Royal Hotel...not far from Ybor...Very nice set, Bob!
Nov 12, 2018 13:45:38   #
Nice Raven, Katydid! Very funny composition also!
Nov 12, 2018 13:39:15   #
Happy Veterens Day to all as glad to see so many of us made it back...I was in country 1965 and 1966, USAF MATS. All my pictures were lost in a flood...very nice to see others brought some back!
Nov 12, 2018 13:32:15   #
Oct 31, 2018 07:01:23   #
The only time I notice massive climate change is when I eat way too many chili peppers at dinner....
Oct 18, 2018 06:35:22   #
Hi...I am new here and have nothing to post, but I must comment on the wonderful set you just posted! I have a lot to learn to ever be able to equal those...thanks for the enjoyment and the "free lesson"!
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