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Nov 3, 2018 18:51:13   #
A computer build (CPU plus RAM plus Disk) can be pretty inexpensive, easily under $1000 ... the cost comes in peripherals. I use an Intel I5 cpu with 32 GB of ram and that is overkill. You should have either one removable hard disk for backup and/or a NAS - I have both - or use a cloud account for backup. The disk backup will cost about $200-600 total depending on disk size. I use a 4 TB drive removable drive and a NAS loaded with two 4 TB drives. I am rather paranoid about losing stuff. The clincher now is in the graphics card and monitor. Adobe supports 30-bit color if you have a monitor and graphics card that will support it. 4K monitor prices have dropped substantially and you can get 'gamer' graphics cards with 4GB of memory pretty cheap (<$200) that will drive them ... BUT there are an increasing number of 4K monitors that will do 30-bit color (the majority of monitors are only 24-bit color) as they are built to the new HDMI 2.0b, HDR, and DisplayPort 1.4 standards BUT then you need a graphics card capable of driving it - not much choice there, either a AMD Pro card of an Nvidia P-series card ($170 to well over $2000). If you go the 30-bit color route then your graphics card and monitor can easily cost more than the base computer. - Forum
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