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Aug 19, 2019 02:48:51   #
I like the all. But particularly the Windstar. And the downloads do make a significant difference.
Jul 20, 2019 08:07:45   #
A logger headed woodnut.
Jul 15, 2019 10:21:02   #
Don’t forget that the a6500 has In Body Stabilization. IBIS. So I would use the longer lens on this body. Also don’t forget to turn off OSS and IBIS when you are on a tripod. I don’t know about with a monopod. I would be interested in others advise on a monopod as I am also going to Alaska on 29th of this month and will be taking my a6500 with 16-70 Sony Zeiss lens and Sony 100-400. For good measure for some landscape will also have Sony 10-18 lens
Jul 5, 2019 10:34:46   #
sbohne wrote:
No time like the present to signal the Democracy is in distress...

Or did you mean the “Democrats” are in distress? 😋. Please don’t take me seriously, just thought it was funny to my warped sense of humor.
Jul 2, 2019 09:15:18   #
Nancysc wrote:
What you don't get from Costco or Sam's Club is continuing follow up and adjustments to improve your satisfaction with the aids. I don't know how the cheapest HAs do but I spent a lot more and am seeing the audiologist about every two weeks for adjustments and advice. This won't stop until they think I have reached maximum utility from the HAs. And I never was on a rifle team, I just got old.

I have had continuous follow up and adjustments from Costco. They have their own audio test lab and I have had several free follow visits. In fact I submerged my hearing aid in water and the would not work properly. They replaced them free of charge. You get no more from specialized audiologist companies.
Jul 2, 2019 07:38:15   #
Costco for sure. I have had a pair for 3 years now and they work well with different programs you can switch for different situations. These are top quality hearing aids under a different brand name. I believe mine are actually made by Seimens but marketed under a different name fo Costco. Give them a try they are half the cost and the same quality.
Jun 23, 2019 16:55:50   #
[quote=Naptown Gaijin]Thank you for the FIRST COMPLETE REPLY to my question. I really appreciate it.


What was it you said the first prize was?
Jun 23, 2019 08:23:48   #
C - only lens you really need
F - would be helpful for the occasional long shot
B - would not take this or any of the following but you asked so here you go.
Jun 3, 2019 10:53:34   #
jeep_daddy wrote:
How to disable the All Sync feature of PlayMemories Online.
Open PlayMemories Home application.
On the menu bar, click PlayMemories Online.
Click PlayMemories Online Settings.
Click Account.
Under All Sync, click to uncheck the Turn on All Sync box.
Apr 11, 2018

Disabling the auto start should work. The only other issue is that the Mac OS software needs to be up to date. If it is older then you have to run a loader program before running the firmware update.

With regards to PlayMemories Home I still use that to download my photos and automatically put them into folders by date. The newer Sony program does not seem to do that. Does anyone have a way of downloading the photos in folders automatically by date WITHOUT the use of PlayMemories Home?
Jun 3, 2019 06:26:18   #
My update to a6500 from my MacBook worked flawlessly. You do have to remove the memory card from the camera first, so don’t know if that makes a difference.
May 22, 2019 08:20:28   #
Yes, I still have a set of Whitworth “spanners” in my toolkit.
May 22, 2019 07:28:26   #
The plans were not dismantled by politicians but by industry itself. In the UK the government made it mandatory and it happened in the early 70’s. In fact when I took my degree in Mech Eng exams in the beginning were in Imperial, in the middle were half imperial and half Metric. Then at the end it was all metric. In the US it was voluntary and dependant on industry. Guidelines were laid down but it never happened in most industries.
May 14, 2019 07:48:19   #
I just returned from 3-1/2 weeks in Holland, Belgium, Normandy and Paris.
I took my Sony a6500 (APS-C sensor). 10-18 f4, 16-70 f4 and 18-200 lens. I started out with the 16-70 and never changed it once. Even in churches then push up the ISO. You don’t need a really fast lens. We had a great time and also enjoyed taking some 3,000 photos. Go and have fun and your 24 to 70 will be fine.
Mar 5, 2019 12:03:19   #
I live in Greenville SC. Not far from the Peachoid. You have a beautiful Photo especially from an iPhone. So now you have given me a challenge. To go take a photo of it with a “real camera” 😋
Feb 19, 2019 00:12:46   #
ronpier wrote:
Can you xfer files directly from the LaCie to an iPad without using a computer?

Not sure about the LaCie but you can with the Gnarbox.
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