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Jan 7, 2019 22:29:45   #
Dennis Morgan wrote:
I finally decided that at my age and health maybe it was time to move on for some things in my life Good bye sweet Harley Davidson I’m going to miss you lol

Same here, just got some not great health news and at 75 years old will have to sell my bike. Been riddin since I was 15 years old. Time to move on.

Jan 7, 2019 08:43:43   #
Jan 6, 2019 18:36:13   #
mblock wrote:
I would like to carry something lighter than my MacBook on trips and wondering about the iPadPro. However I was under the impression that I couldn't connect to an external hard drive for backup and for later transfer of my RAW photos. Anyone have experience with this?

I always use my iPad pro when on the road. I load my photos to it and review to see what I may not want to keep. I will work on some in LR and PS on my iPad. I always shoot Raw an,d save in raw on IPad Pro.
Oct 9, 2018 09:26:39   #
dsmeltz wrote:
OK. Let's put it to the test. Go outside your house with ... just you. No camera. No pen and paper. No canvas. No Nothing. Just you the photographer. Now, take your best shot and post it.

What!???! You can't take a photo without equipment????!!?? Wow! That's a surprise.

Equipment is not only a part of the equation, it is a the very heart of all art. Art is ultimately technology used. Whether that tech is a camera, a brush, a pen, the acoustics of a theater or whatever. It is all dependent on the existence of tech. The "operator", while the most important element, is just one element.

In fact it is often talented operators who drive advances in tech. They want better low light performance to capture a vision not possible before. Or a faster shutter to stop motion. Or a high quality EVF so they can see what they will get so they can pay more attention to composition. Or faster more accurate focus, so they are ready for a changing environment. The list could go on.

So clearly it is not "entirely on the operator" And in fact, it is the talented operators who drive the advances in the cameras they are the first to adopt.
OK. Let's put it to the test. Go outside your ho... (show quote)

Sep 13, 2018 13:31:15   #
DaveO wrote:
The Army says to train as you would fight. Practice.

I think that was the Marine Corps - Forum
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