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Dec 28, 2018 09:21:23   #
I shoot with:
Fujifilm X-T2
Fujifilm X-T3
Fujifilm X100F

I have passed on a couple of the Canon EOS series to my family, as they were great entry-level cameras. Happy New Year to all!
Aug 21, 2018 12:35:06   #
I am AMAZED that this is not the default setting. No beating up from me...been there, done that. I'm sure you won't miss anymore...
Jul 6, 2018 11:17:22   #
xt2 wrote:
I agree that the XT2 with a pancake lens can be low profile, however, its form-factor is SLR type vs the range-finder style of the little X100F which enjoys a built-in flash (wonderful for fill-lighting in bright sunlight, a leaf shutter that is amazing, and totally unassuming body that allows for its use in street photography. Although both are Fuji, both are really different cameras in many ways. The XT2 is much more camera for obvious reasons, however, I enjoy both and always find the X100F is the "go-to" everyday camera that gets taken along for the ride every time. Cheers!!
I agree that the XT2 with a pancake lens can be lo... (show quote)

I couldn't agree more! The unassuming body-style of the X100F seems to blend in with the shooter, where an X-T2 still has the look of a more professional-styled body. I really think my X100F is the perfect complement to my X-T2. Love both and use both, dependent upon the situation.
Jul 5, 2018 09:15:20   #
Psergel wrote:
I've been shooting with a fairly large Canon kit. (two bodies and a number of "L" lenses).
Sometimes I'd like to have a camera with me without packing the heavy artillery and I'm seriously considering the Fujifilm X100F. It looks like a really great little camera aint cheap.
Lots of people seem to love the X100 series and.......some do not.
It seems to be a very very different beast and I'm wondering if any of you who typically use a DSLR kit also have the X100F and how does it work out for you.

-Is it tough going between cameras?

-Do you feel that the X100F's fixed lens is too limiting?

-Are there any "must have" accessories that you'd recommend?

-Did you go for the Fujifilm leather case and is it worth the $$s

-Any other thoughts for someone about to pull the trigger.
I've been shooting with a fairly large Canon kit. ... (show quote)

I recently added the X100F to my Fuji X-T2 (coming from Canon also.) I also looked at the X-T20 and the X-E3 since they are fairly comparable, and would allow me the use of my current list of X lenses. However, I chose to go with the fixed lens, as I wanted an option that would allow great shots, but not require me to bring a lot of kit with me. I tend to agonize over which lenses to bring on a trip, and then usually get bogged down carrying too much. I felt that this would force me to go light if I chose to *and* force me to learn to use my feet in composing photos. I actually look at the fixed lens as a plus, not a negative. The Fujifilm colors are just awesome, and I am finding that I am now shooting every day, as I can take the X100F with me almost everywhere I go. I think that the only way you will be able to decide is to rent one for a weekend and try it out. Hope this helps! - Forum
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