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Jun 7, 2019 18:04:48   #
LWW wrote:
Actually I’m a libertarian, please pay attention in the future.

Why? Are you that presumptuous?

I don’t know about you but I’m at the limit of my interest in this discourse.

I hope you enjoy your weekend. Though I totally disagree with you, I hold no animus.
Jun 7, 2019 16:43:45   #
LWW wrote:

Yourself, not so much.

Shirley you jest. Then again, who cares what you or I think. You’re an exceedingly boorish righty and and I am the hated left. Those who are limited will follow your lead. Those who who care about others will self-reflect and wonder how you ended up the bitter, selfish person you seem to be. I agree, your way appeals to the lizard brain within us; my way requires thought and compassion.

Now your personal reaction, like mine is gratuitously given, bores others with our presumed intellect. This is of little consequence. Just know that intelligent others (including myself for all the presumption that means) see through you like the pane of glass you are (or would that be a pain in the ass?). No, neither you nor I are important.

Your assumption of superiority is amusing. You’re like a pretentious dog paddling in the ocean you pretend to command.

Thanks for the smiles you provided today!
Jun 7, 2019 15:09:15   #
LWW wrote:
I see you get it also.

I made it as easy to comprehend as possible.

Those who don’t get it, I apologize ... I don’t believe it’s out of stupidity, I think it’s out of a refusal to learn and a refusal to accept that anything not spoon fed to them by the lying liars can have value.

Do you really think anyone takes you seriously?
Jun 7, 2019 15:06:02   #
LWW wrote:
So you concede you’ve had your arse handed to you ... again.

Nope; and all your lame
attempts at disinformation merely prove my point.
Jun 7, 2019 13:51:43   #
LWW wrote:
All your questions were actually answered preemptively in post one.

Typical BS from you. Just like trump, you’ll try and lie your way out of it! That’s great; i’ll need not give you a shovel for you to try and dig yourself out.

You’re almost as much as a fraud as trump, at least his lies and distortions earn illegal emoluments. What do you get for being a shill for trump? Nothing!

You are such a good comrade! I imagine you think today’s Russian attempt to intimidate an American cruiser is okay because it’s ordered by Putin, trump’s friend. Get a clue, trump only cares about his company’s profit - the hell with the USA!!! Check out who has been staying at Trump Tower. Washington. You cannot be that blind.

Wake up! You’re either a Russian operative or an extremely naive American. Personally, I think you’re too intelligent to be anything other that a Russian operative... comrade.
Jun 7, 2019 13:17:09   #
Elaine2025 wrote:
Dave, that is crap and you know it. Canada can worry about Canada. I don't give a crap what a Canadain thinks about our President or our government. It is none of their business. Keep their nose in their own countries politics.

If wish to be designated as leader of the free world then he has EVERY right been to comment. Or do not see the USA as leader of the free world? Try as you may, you can’t have it both ways Regardless of how much you try.
Jun 7, 2019 11:53:51   #
Angmo wrote:

Are you simple? What does that prove?

Be gone; I won’t further waste my time with LWW who seems to be marginally intelligent, or you.
Jun 7, 2019 11:46:09   #
LWW wrote:
And I answered.

That said answer is above your level is your problem to improve upon.

Reading a book might help.

(Smile). Coward. You assign to others what you fail to perform when challenged. I’ve had it with you, at least on this topic. I can’t believe just how cowardly you are when called upon!!!!

You go full bore when you presume superiority but you opt out using weak deflections like “bone spurs” when losing.

I’m actually embarrassed or you.

Have a wonderful day; the are other windmills that will fall to your jousting. This isn’t one. You were called to action but avoided the call. Just like your hero, trump.
Jun 7, 2019 11:41:27   #
Angmo wrote:
Read the entire list of books. You’ll be able to answer your own question. Maturely. Confidently.

Sure beats the betaized way you avoid yourself in your questioning of others.

LOL -you finally woke up?

LWW’s place is not to assign reading. Being asked specific questions on what insight he gained is the question... one question which he continues to avoid., what’s your opinion of such courage of one’s convictions? He (and you) assign a task to others which you either failed to perform on your own or are unwilling to document just what was learned. Such courage?

As for my query, how does this vary from you and your friends playbook? If you can’t stsnd the heat, don’t come into the kitchen and lecture the chef.
Jun 7, 2019 11:02:49   #
LWW wrote:
What I learned from books is also what others can learn ... your refusal to learn has been duly noted.

More deflection. Apparently you can’t handle the truth.

I asked you a direct question. What did you learn from reading “The of The Deal”? Or are you still unwilling to back-up your endless pontification. If so, Observe your cowardice... you self-incriminated.
Jun 7, 2019 08:07:25   #
Kmgw9v wrote:
There are some who contribute to this forum are simply far too arrogant; and therein lies their resonance with Trump. Their morality and integrity becomes less important overshadowed by narcissistic needs.

Quite right (double entendre intended.)
Jun 7, 2019 08:04:50   #
LWW wrote:
My mantra of read a book has nothing to do with presumed superiority ... it has everything to do with the left’s self imposed inferiority.

Plus, I dodged no question ... I gave a short answer and info on how you could obtain detailed answers.

I get it, you and some others refuse to learn anything about how the world we live in fame to be and how it functions ... preferring to have your beliefs spoon fed to you by the lines of Rachel and friends.

I get it, you will fight any and all who try to enlighten you.

That is your right.

I also notice that none of you has offered a single book to the list. Why is that?

Now, please, let those interested in learning do so.
My mantra of read a book has nothing to do with pr... (show quote)

A non-answer; I asked what you learned from reading trump’s books, not what others could learn.

Your unsubtle behavior is assumed superiority; you are implying others don’t read erudite material like you.

There are other self-deceptions but exchanging posts with you has grown tedious. It seems from reading trump’s books you’ve learned how to evade personal responsibility with distortion, distraction and dissembling. That’s truly sad.
Jun 7, 2019 07:42:52   #
LWW wrote:
Read the book and find out, it is a schematic on how he operates ... and everyone who has read it understands his business tactics and why they are working.

I will not explain it to you further because you have proven yourself unwilling to learn.

You’re amusing. Your presumed superiority as evidenced by your mantra “read a book” is frankly quite lame. In a sense it’s similar to trump’s twice asserting of being “a stable genius”. Some truths should be self-evident and of you have to tell someone of your superiority, you “ain’t got it”!

You dodged the question and if you learned something from trump and his behavior, well, that’s nothing to brag about.
Jun 7, 2019 07:16:18   #
LWW wrote:
I have learned from every book I’ve ever read ... that is the point of reading books.

What have you learned from trump?

Among many other topics, books I’ve read condemn the lack of integrity as presented by trump.

What have you learned reading trump’s books?
Jun 7, 2019 07:10:20   #
LWW wrote:
And there we have it ... my leftist friends have no interest in learning how our modern reality came to be.

Sad, so very sad.

What is sad is that you feel you could or have learned lessons from trump.

Wake up, this not a dem or repub issue; it is about being an honorable person. Why did you lower your standards for trump?

I refuse to accept trump’s lack of morality as the “modern reality” and so should you if you have any integrity.
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