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Jun 16, 2019 09:14:39   #
anniegra, I had a similar problem (I shoot with Nikon D810) when printing my images with my PIXMA Pro 10 Canon printer and all I needed to do was to turn down my computer screen brightness about 20 - 25 percent and now my prints are exactly what I see on my computer. My computer(s) are iMac's in 27" and 21".

I hope this works for you, as until I found the problem it was driving my crazy.

Jun 15, 2019 13:07:11   #
Thanks Dr.Nikon! Was quite a surprise as I did not see the image/reflection when setting put my tripod.
Jun 15, 2019 09:22:51   #
Wingpilot, the problem I was having initially was the image size. I subsequently found that 20 mb was the max so I downsized the original (50 mb I think) to a jPeg and the size was still 36 mb. So I kept at it until I got down to 9 mb (I think) and the image loaded just fine. The size may also reflect the resolution which I changed from 300 to 240, and am quite sure I could have lowered it down substantially more - i.e. 90 mb or so.

Thanks for looking, it was really an awesome site to be surprised with at the time.

Jun 14, 2019 23:51:32   #
I will try this again. However, if you read my initial post, I DID check both "store original" and "Add Attachment" in ALL the tries!

Jun 14, 2019 21:21:09   #
My wife and I visited Yosemite NP during the first week in May this year, and this is one of my favorite images I took while in the park. I was setting up my Tripod and happened to look down and directly in front of me was this reflection (in a temporary pool of water in this field) of the image I was setting up to take. This pool of water was excess due to the melting conditions in the Park with so much snow melt run off. I am quite sure had I came back a few hours later, or even the next day that this shot would not have available.

We had initially scheduled for 4 days in the Park, but only stayed 2 due to the crowding nature at the time. Since most all the other roads were closed it placed all the crowds in the Valley and the parking was not good when you went to a place you wanted to take some photos, therefore, we decided to leave and to try again in September and come in for the Lee Vining side instead of the Mariposa entry.

Update: After trying for an hour or so to post the image. I gave up!! Followed the instructions to the letter and could not get the image attached. i.e. choose the file, checked the (store original) and checked the "Add Attachment" and it still would not post the image. The size was also under the 20 mb limit!! I give up and I guess will just read other posts. The frustration is not worth it to me!!!

Jun 13, 2019 18:30:04   #
You are correct, it is an awesome National Park that the wife and I visited the first week in May. Regarding your image of Upper/Lower Yosemite Falls - little over cooked for me. I have images of the same falls and prefer the wall hanger to be a little more realistic.

Jun 10, 2019 18:29:25   #
Thanks for the images, it feels like "Old Home Week" as my wife and I had a small horse operation for 20 years or so and we enjoyed the horses immensely. However, I never agreed with putting steel shoes on any of our horses, our Farrier trimmed the hooves for barefoot riding. I also noticed that with 3 farriers, one must have been teaching the others?? Also noticed the shoe he was installing was one I am not familiar with. We had "Foundation Quarter Horses", and stood two stallions with several mares. We sold foals and semen for the most part. Having the foals and raising them until sold was the most enjoyment for me.

I did a lot of Horse show photography and have had two of my images (of our stallions) on the front cover of two Foundation Quarter Horse Journal magazines.

Enough of the horse talk, again, thanks for the images. I really enjoyed them.

May 29, 2019 08:15:32   #
Not a fan of the "over cooked" look. We also spent some time in Yosemite about a week ago and seen a lot of "eye candy" and have a few "wall hangers", but I try to photo/print as I remember seeing the scene with my eyes.
May 26, 2019 19:53:10   #
FL Streetrodder wrote:
Great photos, Doc. Good to see that Yosemite seems to have recovered quite well from the fires!

Little over cooked for my taste!!
Feb 27, 2019 08:09:09   #
jerryc41 wrote:
I've used Twitter only once or twice, but they keep sending me emails encouraging me to send messages. I finally clicked on Unsubscribe. Here's the message I got in return.

"403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it."

So they got my request to unsubscribe, but they're refusing?

I marked it as Spam, so I won't have to see them any more.

Feb 26, 2019 09:13:04   #
DeanS wrote:
Why not contact Park staff. Very likely they will have credible knowledgeablevand advice.

Thanks Dean, great idea. I was reviewing my plans late at night and the Park Services were closed. I was going to wait for a UHH reply and I will definitely contact them prior to finalizing my trip plans.
Feb 26, 2019 09:10:41   #
Mac wrote:
Photographing a burned up forest could result in stark and haunting landscapes. A different type of beauty.

Agree, but not my cup of tea! Thanks for your response.
Feb 26, 2019 09:09:57   #
jim quist wrote:
That could actually make for some interesting pictures

Thanks Jim, however, that is not the type of Landscape images I am hoping for. However, appreciate your response.
Feb 26, 2019 09:08:11   #
rgrenaderphoto wrote:
The fires did not penetrate into Yosemite valley, so everthing is good. Glacier Point is open. Quickly, you need to check reservations, because last minute (April is last minute) you may be stuck with unheated tents in Curry Village. Look at availability in Coarsegold as an alternative.

Thanks rgrenaderphoto, I will check out the "Coarsegold" suggestion. I realize I might be a little late with the reservations, and that is why I was considering next year as an alternate.
Feb 26, 2019 09:05:51   #
jdub82 wrote:
I live within an hour of the South entrance into Yosemite. The fires affected some of the areas along the main highways leading into the park, as well as areas inside the park at higher elevations. (Along Highway 140 and Highway 41) Most of the well known and commonly visited areas in the park, including Yosemite Valley were untouched.

Thanks for the information, I had used Google Earth and could not really tell much. This helps.
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