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Mar 18, 2019 09:08:12   #
Sistene Chapel.
Loudspeaker warnings NO PHOTOS!
I tucked a video camera under my arm and got a lot of dizzying pics of the ceiling....
Jan 22, 2019 06:43:30   #
Thats funny coming from a country we bailed out in two World Wars and yet is still sinking in its own problems...
Jan 21, 2019 10:55:39   #
I tried to get a foto but kept on getting reflections....
Opening the window helped, but trees and buildings got in the way..
Finally got a clear shot, but headlights ruined it.....

Gave up..stopped the car and got out...went in to watch it on TV........
Jan 21, 2019 10:50:35   #
Dec 5, 2018 06:38:27   #
Wind chill only applies if you stand outside naked while sprayed with a garden hose.

It is an evaporative measure
Dec 4, 2018 10:01:01   #
In Naples I picked up the slice and ate it.
Same as in NY
Dec 3, 2018 13:10:47   #
Pizza is only available in Boston, NY, Philly and maybe Chicago...

Everything else is bread with tomato sauce....

and it is NOT eaten with a knife and fork!
Nov 28, 2018 06:09:50   #
Note the lines on buildings, marked with dates and height in meters.
They are markers for flooding over the years.
Passau was the terminus of a Viking cruise.
Nov 22, 2018 08:51:49   #
I use a phone with GPS to "lock in" the location, when home, I sort the photos by date and use the info to title my camera shots.
On river cruises all the towns look alike and labeling is handy.

Same with church interiors
Oct 22, 2018 06:31:43   #
Oct 22, 2018 06:30:59   #
No one is going to mention overuse of "multiple" ?
Oct 7, 2018 06:39:40   #
Oct 7, 2018 06:27:05   #
When you import to Picassa it asks if you want to delete the files on the card.

You might have clicked "YES"
Sep 28, 2018 05:40:52   #
Intel tends to produce deeper blues
Aug 25, 2018 18:47:57   #
If your taxes are too low the IRS takes donations, do you want the address?
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