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Jul 22, 2019 08:46:16   #
creativ simon wrote:
Not what I had in my mind Pat
Will show you anyway
Thanks for letting me at it

Sometimes the words can not explain the beauty in one's work. But this is fantastic Simon. YOU DID GOOD!!
Thanks Pat!
Jul 21, 2019 21:59:28   #
Rufe wrote:
I guess I could have posted this is the Rocks Challenge. These are Moon rocks donated to the State of Missouri by President Nixon after the Apollo 11 mission. Donated about 50 years ago and are not normally on display in the Capitol Museum.

Jul 21, 2019 21:58:46   #
katspangle wrote:
Birds and bees and hollyhocks

Like that first one katz
Jul 21, 2019 21:57:54   #
Jul 21, 2019 21:57:00   #
creativ simon wrote:
P12 Handsome dog indeed

Thanks simon
Jul 21, 2019 21:53:40   #
creativ simon wrote:
Just sit and reflect

Before I crack up

Jul 21, 2019 21:53:13   #
Jul 21, 2019 14:38:32   #
Jul 21, 2019 14:36:58   #
SueScott wrote:
I grabbed a few shots of this visiting turkey yesterday. It's difficult to get good images of them b/c I always have to shoot through a window at a rather long distance. These ones aren't too bad.

Nice set there Sue
Jul 21, 2019 14:35:29   #
William wrote:
I was too hot to trot)
its seems like years)
three years later (-)

Jul 21, 2019 14:34:55   #
SpyderJan wrote:
Pg12 She surely is a beauty.

Thanks SpyderJan, she is a sweetheart.
Jul 21, 2019 14:34:02   #
William wrote:
at my age it's to survive now

Boy you can say that AGAIN Bill!!
Jul 21, 2019 14:32:54   #
GiGiMac103 wrote:
gorgeous dog!

Thanks Nancy, would take her in a heart beat. Son say's NO WAY!!
Jul 21, 2019 11:00:46   #
Archboo3 wrote:
These pictures or so Sad. I walked her decks when she was in Jax, just before they took her to be decommissioned. I was give a tour by one of my neighbors who was station on her. I never was in the Navy but grew up in Va. Beach so I have seen and toured a lot of these big ships and worked a lot of saliors stationed on them while in Dry dock. I though that when I saw her in Jax where she had already been stripped a little that it was the saddest thing I had ever seen, but these pictures so so sad for such a Grand old lady with should a heroic history protecting our country. She deserves more respect than this.
These pictures or so Sad. I walked her decks when ... (show quote)

Jul 21, 2019 10:50:58   #
sippyjug104 wrote:
This is a view taken with a 10-power microscope objective used as the camera's lens of the little Jumping Spider that tragically drown in the dog's water bowl that we keep outdoors. Although mourned, its passing has not been wasted.

As always, thanks in advance to all who view and for your comments, suggestions and critique.

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