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Feb 14, 2019 06:05:29   #
Feb 13, 2019 06:54:52   #
The desired market for selling cameras has never been the advanced armature or pro market. This is why Eastman Kodak never seriously built SLRS. They made billions selling Brownies and Instamatics. Japanese and German camera manufacturers are no different. Their flagship advanced cameras have never returned huge profits. With the consumer camera market virtually gone, the only companies that survive will be those with a diversified product line other than cameras. The reality is cell phones take excellent pictures that surpass the quality of all the consumer cameras from the past. Look for more innovations in software and phone hardware to make it even less likely companies like Nikon can hang without raising prices to Lieca levels. When that happens, pick up that cell phone and out-create the mass of people that still take crappy photographs wit a technological marvel in their hands. The art will live on!
Feb 6, 2019 07:46:37   #
Nice portrait! I like the vignetting you added.
Feb 3, 2019 11:05:36   #
That head brings back memories of the school picture business I was once a part of. It was one of the only tripods built strong enough to hold Camerz 70mm cameras. Thanks for sharing!
Feb 3, 2019 11:02:31   #
Fabulous! I'm going in late March. Hope the trails are passable even if the upper roads are not. Anyone been there that time of year?
Feb 3, 2019 06:44:02   #
Nice! Gotta go there someday
Jan 31, 2019 06:07:36   #
Jan 28, 2019 06:53:16   #

Hmmm..... Cant decide which to buy. This $36,000 cabin or a camera?

Jan 22, 2019 07:45:25   #
Jan 22, 2019 06:47:30   #
Try using your 50mm for vertical panoramas. That's how I did it on a trip to Zion National Park last year. This image comprised of 8 separate shots blended together in Photoshop Photomerge. Most of the time I used a 16-35 2.8 on my Canon 5DIV. Your 24mm will be fine most of the time though.

Jan 22, 2019 06:31:42   #
Jan 17, 2019 10:15:45   #
You should manual focus in live view, then turn off auto focus completely and tape the ring so as to lock it down. This is essentially what I did for the last solar eclipse the day before the event. It allowed me to confirm sharp focus in advance and took the worry out of it beforehand. Worked perfectly.
Jan 13, 2019 16:24:08   #
Of course minimum wage was around $1.60 back then too. But still fun to see it. Thanks!
Jan 9, 2019 12:31:42   #
Clean HI-Key. Well done! Lighting is especially nice on #3. Only comment is I suggest you clone out the hole in the hair where you can see through. Tuning the hand to the side would also help slim the models hands.
Jan 6, 2019 19:24:03   #
I'd like to know the brand of developer and the dilution. 1.5 hours at 70 degrees would normally render ridiculously high contrast negative.
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