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Oct 1, 2018 10:48:11   #
Jim Plogger wrote:
I shot this several years ago on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. It was shot on Velvia with my Canon EOS 10s. I opened it in PS CS6 and applied a preset from Topaz Texture Effects. I wonder what was behind the green door?

What's behind the Green Door? Well it is very clear what is going on behind that door; it is posted above the door, the number 420!! Speedy Graphic
May 24, 2018 06:37:04   #
May 14, 2018 16:00:59   #
Nothing to crow about. ;-)
Feb 1, 2018 15:14:16   #
OMG! That was F'n HILARIOUS! ..and Brilliant!
Jan 25, 2018 10:26:26   #
8:32 This morning. I knew that I just had to "share' this! So I clicked the share button, innocently. Like a cross to a vampire, I was presented with an option to send it via

f a c e b o o k !!!!! I would rather cast myself into a sea of Black Widow Spiders or even worse; sit in on the "Inquiry" of the "russian collusion hearings" for 1 minute (OMG!)

Horror of all horrors! So, I am relieved to see the option for tweeting it, using my account (#SpeedyGraphic) knowing that I can truly impress my brothers and sisters with

my PC-ness (forgive me) when a admonition appears and it says; "Your message is understood but it was inspected, rejected and denied (injected)!!" WITWCT?*

What a way to start my day. And this being the second kick to my libertarian groin, as prior to this, I heard on the news that PETA is imploring (strong-arming) the

myriad of over-bearing, oppressive, ubiquitous, dialectical materialistic (ok. just pick one) so-called governments to tax meat! But, it's what's for dinner!!! Once again...

WITWCT?* (There it is again! (again!) I fully expect this (watch-a-ma-call-it? ;-) ) to go viral and become bigger than OMG, LMAO, and MBBFE!) Alright! I'll STFU. I hope

you can have a sparkling day. Oh. One more thing: *What Is The World Coming To?
Jan 20, 2018 11:09:24   #
My 1966 Triumph - "Bud Ekins' Special" - Bonneville would LOVE this road! (So would I.)

Jan 18, 2018 10:03:55   #
I know, I know!
I just can't help myself. HA!
Jan 18, 2018 09:03:21   #
Too funny!
I have an analog brain for copy and paste. Can someone help me out here so I can pass this on?????
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