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Mar 22, 2019 09:56:53   #
Shutterbug57 wrote:
Looking for an economical way to set-up a video broadcast (youtube/skype/FB, etc) in a small auditorium. We can seat roughly 200 folks and already have an audio board that is well thought out. We are looking to put together an acceptable level of broadcast - think vlogger level - for folks who cannot make it to our events.

I am well versed in still photography, and aware that many vloggers use fairly affordable (sub US$2K) cameras to record their material. I am interested in what we would need to get and how to best set-up the equipment. I am thinking of a remote control of the camera from the sound booth and the camera mounted from the ceiling. Interested in thoughts from those who have actual experience in this area. Also, what is the easiest & cheapest forum to broadcast with?

I appreciate your thoughts.
Looking for an economical way to set-up a video br... (show quote)

The easiest and cheapest is using Facebook Live. This has become to go to way for many to broadcast live events. There is no broadcast cost except the equipment you are using, (Often a recent iPhone model such as the X, XS, or XR is used to film the action) to tune in one simply has to have a Facebook account. Believe it or not, you likely wouldn't need a ceiling mounted camera for this. If you prefer to use a Video Camera, it would need wifi capability, but it could easily be mounted on a camera mount near the sound board.
Mar 22, 2019 09:50:14   #
bsprague wrote:
....just getting back into photography,....have Lightroom ... Cannot afford Photoshop....

It changed a couple years ago. You now rent all of it in a package for $10 a month. And, the current version of Lightroom has HDR built in.

The 9.99 per month subscription includes both Lightroom and Photoshop. However, if you can't afford the subscription or prefer not to, there are some lower cost options as mentioned by others in this thread.
Mar 22, 2019 05:42:50   #
Mar 22, 2019 04:53:03   #
Beautiful shots!
Mar 21, 2019 23:23:00   #
Nice series! I especially like the tree in black & white.
Mar 21, 2019 09:47:42   #
Barketh wrote:
I have enjoyed photography for years, beginning in my 20's with the Canon AE-1 with FD lenses, then EOS 3 (my favorite) and 3 lovely "L" lenses, and finally an EOS 5D Mark II. Last year I realized I had not been out shooting for quite awhile. My gear had gotten too heavy to cart around. I sold it all and thought my photo days were over. Ha. I really miss having a camera in my hand and getting lost in a subject. Mostly I enjoy shooting old structures - barns & farmhouses when I lived in Wisconsin, ghost towns in Arizona where I live now, and a little macro. Another site suggested this forum so here I am. Looking forward to finding just the right camera and getting out there again. * "Tree" parent counselor at a Brownie Day Camp thus Barketh.
I have enjoyed photography for years, beginning in... (show quote)

Welcome to UHH! You might try a Bridge camera such as a Canon SX60, Lumix FZ80, or Lumix FZ1000 as a lighter weight option. Many here on UHH really like the Sony RX10 Mark IV with a 1" sensor and a 600mm Zoom, although it is pricey. Another option would be a mirrorless system such as the Fuji X-T3 or Sony A6500.
Mar 20, 2019 23:24:19   #
PixelStan77 wrote:
Megan, The Nikon Coolpix P500 Digital Camera is a great camera to start with. It has a great zoom and excellent reliability.
B&H is a reliable source and they offer good service. At $85 it is a buy.Welcome to the forum.

Mar 20, 2019 23:22:42   #
Architect1776 wrote:
Why not a Canon Rebel, 80D, or SL2?
These are very easy to use with the easiest to use UI on the market AKA menu system.
Or if you want to go compact ILC the Canon M50? Again top quality, easiest to use menu system of all.

The budget mentioned is $130.00.
Mar 20, 2019 23:22:02   #
Silverman wrote:
Sorry, for $130.00 you WILL NOT get a very good quality "Beginner" Camera, at least NOT a DSLR Camera. You might find a low end "Point & Shoot" camera. Save your money until you have enough to buy a quality "Beginner" DSLR camera, ex. Nikon D3500, D5600, or possibly a D7200

Really?!? As mentioned above, an entry level, used bridge camera can be purchased within the described budget. Why not start there? There is no reason the OP should have to start with a DSLR.
Mar 19, 2019 20:40:11   #
Mar 18, 2019 23:59:37   #
Welcome to the UHH forum, enjoy!
Mar 18, 2019 23:45:24   #
Mar 18, 2019 09:38:18   #
StanMac wrote:
Not being conversant on the wavelength make-up of our electronic flashes, what wavelength(s) that they produce would be so damaging to these historical documents? I’m sure they are brought out into artificial light for study periodically and is that light filtered to reduce/eliminate harmful wavelengths? And are the historical documents in the U.S. Archives on display under filtered glass that restricts harmful wavelengths? Or are all historical documents on display actually replicas?

Not being conversant on the wavelength make-up of ... (show quote)

Yes, the documents on display at the National Archives are under filtered glass. However, in the past they had been already damaged by exposure to light, having been on display in the U.S. Capitol, where they were exposed to natural light for many years. The documents on display are at least presented as being the originals.
Mar 18, 2019 09:31:57   #
SteveR wrote:
One of my old Greek professors is involved in a project to digitally photograph all of early pieces of early New Testament manuscripts for preservation purposes. They use Nikon equipment and I'm sure very fast lenses. Certainly no flash!!

Mar 18, 2019 00:26:45   #
Several years ago at the National Archives in D.C., a colleague in our group took a picture and accidentally used her flash. At that time, they had a strict policy against flash photography to protect the integrity of the original historic documents (Including the Declaration of Independence) from being degraded due to light exposure. However, non-flash photography was permitted. A security officer gruffly said to her"put your camera away now, or I will have to take it and you will not get it back." As you can imagine, my colleague was quite embarrassed by the incident. In subsequent visits to the Archives, I have noticed that the policy has been updated, NO Photography of any kind is allowed in the Historic Documents Room, in order to prevent such incidents of accidental flash!
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