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Aug 20, 2019 01:47:22   #
Martys wrote:
Wonderful sharp lens but auto focus feature is going to waste on me,...cut my teeth on manual back in 1962,..don't even know how to use auto focus, 75 I'm a dinosaur even shooting this beauty with my Nikon D800E ....your gain if interested.

I bought this lens new from Adorama in 2017 at $796.95.
Due to health issues I didn't get to use it that much, going to manual equiv.

Would like to let it go for $650.00 plus shipping,....prefer PayPal payment if possible.
I'll double box it, pay for how you'd like it shipped with insurance from 04652 zip. Any questions PM me here and I'll get back to you.
Wonderful sharp lens but auto focus feature is goi... (show quote)

That appears to be an awesome lens and your pics are beautiful. Certainly gives me GAS for my upcoming trip to Italy but l'm afraid I've already spent too much on camera gear. I'm 69 and started in the 1967-1968 school year with a Yashica and it was 1982 before I got my first SLR, a Nikon FE. I really enjoyed that camera and I love my current Nikon D750. I enjoy it's auto focus and low light capabilities among other features. f/1.8 would really be nice.

I wish you well on the disposition of your very fine lens.
Aug 1, 2019 01:32:12   #
mwsilvers wrote:
While in this case is the OP does have a laptop, many of us still have desktops with large monitors because of the added flexibility and power. Laptops have limited expandability, limited video functionality, limited hard drive capacity, limited connectivity, small incomplete keyboards, and limited screen size. Don't get me wrong, laptops are wonderful things. But, I virtually never use a laptop at home, only when away on business or vacation.

I'm not so sure about that. I've seen many desktops with much less expandability than my laptop. In general I would agree that a good desktop should be more expandable than a laptop. However, that is not always the case. I have a docking station with a regular monitor attached and can use an attached keyboard if I choose but I happen to prefer my Lenovo laptop keyboard. I have it configured for dual monitors.

However, I suspect that the OP's real problem is the codecs. I installed the MS codec for viewing raw files when I got my Nikon and have not had issues viewing my raw files since. I would recommend reinstalling if it was previously installed but is no longer working.

Best of luck.

PS: I've upgraded memory (RAM) and my hard drive to a larger SSD and can upgrade to a larger SSD if I choose, just like on a desktop. I do have an NVIDIA graphics card on board. I have usb AND network drives (NAS) for backup on multiple drives. Never trust ONLY one drive for storage.
Jul 25, 2019 01:00:52   #
mwsilvers wrote:
I was going for a very lush green and somewhat oversaturated entrance path to the house. I cropped it a bit and removed the people because they were a distraction. I made separate adjustments to the grass, trees and the house itself. All done in DXO PhotoLab Elite. It doesn't support layers, but has flexible local adjustment features. My second image is significantly more cropped to make the house a more prominent element, and to better show the tangled tree branches.

It is a tough choice for me between your cropped one and R.G.'s. I've been there numerous times and it is definitely not south of New Orleans. I tend to think of it as north of New Orleans as you travel the River Road from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. However, if you look at the map, it is west of New Orleans.

There are a quite a few beautiful old plantations along the River Road and weddings are held at several. If you are along that way, another of my favorites is Knotaway just a little further up the road towards Baton Rouge.
May 20, 2019 05:14:33   #
oakvillebob wrote:
I have shot with a Nikon d5200 for 5 years using a sigma 17-70 macro lens but was always disappointed with the clarity upon enlargement, 24 megapixels anti alias filter. This year I purchased a nikon 7500 20.9 megapixels no anti alias filter. so this year I took the same picture with each body and a nikon 18-80 at 80 I cannot believe the difference, the 7500 is so much more clear upon enlargement. is this the anti alias filter or is there something wrong with the 5200

I've read this entire post. I would definitely say that you have a focusing issue with the D5200. I have a D750 with the filter and NONE of my pictures are as fuzzy as your D5200 pics.
Apr 29, 2019 04:02:16   #
DavidPine wrote:
Get a book from Steve Perry (he is a member here). You will be glad you did. Secrets to the Nikon Autofocus System.

I love my D750 for lots of reasons but I also love how I customized it after reading Steve Perry. Don't just read Secrets to the Nikon AutoFocus System but also read what he says about Back Button Focus. Only time and use will teach you all of the buttons and dials uses and options on the D750. With time and use you will learn. Enjoy your great camera.
Apr 12, 2019 02:35:35   #
To the OP. I normally read all the post but skipped them this time. I love Florida but I love visiting Hawaii more. Not sure what your likes and dislikes are but if you enjoyed the lower 48, seems to me that you'd like Hawaii as well. I even liked Honolulu, especially the Iolani Palace. As for driving I loved the tours. You learn so much about Hawaii that you won't know driving yourself. They stop at various locations to give you opportunities to take pictures. I agree about not staying in Waikiki. Everything there is way over priced. Check out the Waikiki Beach if you can. If you like fireworks take the Friday night dinner cruise so you can watch the Friday night fireworks from the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. On the North shore which is about an hours drive from Honolulu, is the Polynesian Village. We did drive there. Many say it's too commercialized but my wife and I loved it. We had VIP passes and had our own tour guide. The luau there is very nice. Definitely don't miss the theater production after the luau. I thought it was awesome. We could have spent more than one day there but had not allocated enough time. Unlike Disney World, you can return for another day on your original ticket without paying for another day. We took the 7 day cruise to the Big Island, Maui and Kauai. My only problem was the stay on each Island was too short. Our favorites were the Big Island and Kauai. We took several tours and had lots of photo opportunities I would not have had if I had driven on my on. Go and enjoy the the things you enjoy. Your travel agent can advise you I'm sure.
Apr 9, 2019 08:32:11   #
Wrench wrote:
Looking for input. I cannot justify all the money for a Nikon 70-200 f2.8 lens. I’m not a pro nor close to that level however I am fussy if you will over quality. I also push myself to produce the best I am capable of regardless of whether it’s work or fun. Also after 40 years in the automotive industry I also have a tendency to favor OEM products. That said, because of what I like to photograph, nature or birds etc., I find myself out in early morning or late evening hours when light is hard to come by. So, I have been watching reviews for Sigma’s new 70-200 sport lens but also really like the older Nikon 80-200 af-d. I also would like to hear from anyone who has used the Nikon f4 version of 70-200 range. I am currently shooting with a D7200 but also watching the prices for an upgrade, possibly a D500 or even a D750 replacement. I’m concentrating on glass as it will be useable with or when I upgrade the body.
Looking for input. I cannot justify all the money ... (show quote)

I'm with you. Nothing has worked as well for me as Nikon lenses. Stick with them and you won't be sorry. 200mm seems a bit short to me for BIF but I don't shoot BIF so what do I know? As much as I love my D750, especially for its low light capabilities, again I understand that DX is normally better for BIF than an FX camera. You might be better off putting your money on the best lens and keeping your D7200. Don't forget the deals on used and refurbished lenses that have been mentioned.

Good luck.
Apr 8, 2019 04:33:39   #
JD750 wrote:
I like to glance at the comments before wasting any time looking at a video. Comments from the above link:

Oh my gosh, they just suckered me into watching a 8 minute commercial. Grrr

Horrible, I would not buy any of these products. I actually thought the Triangle-Lens was a joke. This should be video oriented not DSLR, this is mostly for video.

If you are new to photography don't buy any of these accessories... they will not help you learn or improve the core skills you need to become a proficient photographer... if you are not new to photography then you already know this video is a pile of dogs doodoo...

5 Worst DSLR Camera Accessories You Shouldn't Have!
I like to glance at the comments before wasting an... (show quote)

I have seen times that I would love to have had that lense hood. Shooting against glass it would be awesome for eliminating reflections on the glass. Shots from a tour bus (motor coach) for example.
Apr 5, 2019 01:17:51   #
Dragonophile wrote:
PLEASE, I DO NOT WANT A RAW VRS JPEG DISCUSSION. I have seen enough of those. You don't like jpeg, fine. But this is NOT the thread to explain to me and others why we should avoid jpeg.

My question is about real world experiences of those WHO DO USE JPEG in the area of degradation. I am asking if jpeg users have ever had to discard formerly good photos because they saw too much degradation after multiple edits. If so, how many edits? Were they saved at highest quality or compressed more each time?

Edit a jpeg repeatedly and you will see degredarion. I hope that answers your question.
Apr 4, 2019 05:29:33   #
Really nice shots of a very cute little girl. The teeth are great too. Love all the poses.
Apr 4, 2019 05:04:54   #
Sonar618 wrote:
As it pertains to my objective with photography, I am trying to get to the final answer to assure I am leaning to an optimal setup. Discussions with Adobe (Lightroom/Photoshop), X-Rite Color calibration, and NVIDIA on the Pascal Series dGPU, I have concluded [AND I HOPE YOU WILL POINT OUT IF ANYWHERE I AM WRONG] I will be starting with a laptop but realize to have the full color calibration and control, I will have to get an external monitor (X-Rite software, by design, set the limitation and X-Rite explains why). With that said, to maximize my color depth and gamut, I am trying to assure my laptop to be purchased has the right monitors (internal and eventual external), the right connector on the GPU, the right DisplayPorts, and externally connecting the right wire. I have targeted using an NVIDIA Quadro P2000 (an Adobe for LR/PS tested dGPU). The Quadro Pascal (P) generation GPU and generations after, have DisplayPort 1.4 support.

I am starting with a 14 bit RAW file for photography. From NVIDIA I have read 8-10-12 bit per channel RGB can be carried but I want to be sure I thoroughly understand what else I need to optimize the bit carried internally and externally to the monitors that are calling for it.
What should I be using for connections, DisplayPort, and wire to assure I am getting the optimal in color depth and gamut?
What should I be specifying in both monitors to assure I am getting the optimal in color depth and gamut?
Does DisplayPort 1.4A fit into the picture? What does the connector look like? How do I know if the laptop has it?
Does DisplayPort over USB-C (aka DisplayPort Alt Mode for USB Type-C Standard) fit into the picture? What does the connector look like? How do I know if the laptop has it?
Is there a reason to look for a laptop with BOTH DisplayPort 1.4A and USB-C DisplayPort Alt Mode?
Can the data be carried to an external monitor over a Wi-Fi network? to and external Printer?

There are a few more questions below:

In the referenced document, why is there no mention of HDR? Does the P2000 support HDR?
Pg 8 There is no single maximum resolution for a given connector type. The maximum resolution is defined by a couple of constraints which are different for each connector type
• The maximum number of pixels per second that can be carried across the link: It doesn’t matter to the graphics processing unit (GPU) if those pixels are allocated onto a single large desktop refreshing slowly or a small desktop refreshing quickly. The maximum desktop size allowed by the GPU is 16 k × 16 k pixels – the different operating systems may have different limitations.
• The maximum bandwidth available on the link: This is most important to DisplayPort connections.
Pg 9 Is Create Custom Resolution available when using a laptop with an iGPU on board? If not, how about when I get an external monitor, does that offer any workaround?
Pg 10 Is Change Resolution available when using a laptop with an iGPU on board? If not, how about when I get an external monitor, does that offer any workaround?
Along with the frame-rate and resolution, displays and connectors can also vary the bit depth of the color information for each pixel. Standards like DVI define that each pixel must be made of a Red, Green and Blue component 8 bits each or 24 bits per pixel.
Pg 10 HDMI and DisplayPort offer 8, 10 or 12-bit per component as well. The display device defines the bit depth that it wants to receive, and the GPU will honor it if it can. What could constrain the bit depth?
Pg 16 Common Supported Maximum Resolutions (at CVT Reduced Blank Timings)

― 5120 × 2880 at 60 Hz 24 bpp
― 4096 × 2160 at 60 Hz 36 bpp
― 2560 × 1600 at 120 Hz 36 bpp
Do I need Multi Steaming if I just want to watch a movie or work on a 4k video?
Pg 18 Single Connector 4K (From the table and its note, there appears to be a lot of capability with Pascal)
Notes: Pascal generation and generations after, the GPUs have Display Port 1.4 support.

Thank you.
As it pertains to my objective with photography, I... (show quote)

You can buy a Lenovo laptop with Nvidia built in and although the model I bought has been discontinued, it had the option of monitor calibration so that the laptop monitor could be calibrated. I also bought their docking station so that all my cables are connected to the back. I press one button to release the laptop from the docking station and just line it up and press down to reseat the laptop to the docking station. I do have an external monitor and it is connected with a DisplayPort cable.

Call Lenovo and they will tell you if they have a current model with monitor calibration built in and your Nvidia card options.
Apr 1, 2019 04:44:48   #
JoAnneK01 wrote:
Great catch. Love the clarity. Mahalo for sharing.

Love it when you say mahalo. 🙂
Mar 31, 2019 01:33:28   #
BjB1953 wrote:
Hello All,

Went to digital kicking and screaming several years ago and have been using a Nikon D200 for the past few years. I've been very happy with the results, however I seriously want to return to my roots in 35mm. I own several Nikon AI and AIS lenses and want to use them again. I know they can be used on my D200, however I want my 35 to be 35, not a 52.5.

I'm retired at this point so cost is a consideration. In looking into DX Nikons, I'm finding that the D600 or the D3 seem to fit what I'm looking for on paper. I primarily photograph landscapes, youth sports and wildlife.

I've been reading about problems with the D600 and some sort of spots. Did the D610 fix this problem? The D3 is somewhat problematic in finding one with a reasonable shutter count.

I will be using a lot of my manual lenses as I'm still old school and am not dependent on autofocus.

Suggestions? Other recommendations in an FX Nikon?

Thanks in advance for your replies and advice.
Hello All, br br Went to digital kicking and scre... (show quote)

I went from film to digital with the D750 and have been very happy. New the D750 is $1299 and refurbished from Nikon is $1196. There was a link in this thread to KEH with a price of $1069 I believe. Look around here and at B&H, Adorama and others.

I love my D750 and the 24-120mm lens. Good luck.
Mar 29, 2019 02:28:58   #
You don't mention where you are located. If you are in the USA and buy your lens in Hong Kong, it will be a Gray market lens in the USA and Nikon USA will not service it in the USA. I know the odds of a problem with that lens is very slim. I still have my 50mm from my Nikon FE film SLR from 1982 and it is just fine.

However, I did want to be sure you were aware that any Nikon camera or lens bought outside the USA will not be serviced by Nikon in the USA.
Mar 29, 2019 01:57:25   #
fotobyferg wrote:
Don’t use Facebook...they compress the images and the downloads will not stay true to size/resolution.

Who owns the photos posted on FB?
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