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Apr 13, 2019 17:47:43   #
Capturing moments wrote:
Hi I’m looking to purchase a new or used wide angle full frame for a Nikon 750.
Suggestions!! Thank you!

With my Nikon D750, I use the Nikon 16-35mm F4. Most of my interiors are at F8, occasionally F7.1 so a larger aperture lens is not necessary for real estate photography. VR is off as always on tripod. Here is a recent sample of my work. This is a high volume, moderately priced product that is competitive in our market.
Apr 6, 2019 07:48:48   #
You can hook up a sound bar directly to tv (prices start below $100) or place a wireless speaker next to your chair. You may need a bluetooth transmitter for wireless speaker if tv is not bluetooth enabled. You will also need a home wifi in place.
Mar 8, 2019 07:28:53   #
Suggestion on fashion as I am not a portrait photographer. A long sleeve, soft or even furry, not too oversized sweater or jacket would look nice in the snow along with a smile. If she prefers an edgy look than a leather or fabric coat, not bulky. Some smoothing of the skin as well would improve the image.
Jan 8, 2019 07:16:29   #
Check out Moment. I use their wide angle lens and wood phone case to attach lens for Zillow walk through videos. Much improved over phone lens alone. I believe they have a variety of lenses.
Nov 17, 2018 06:43:26   #
I use the Nikon 16-35mm with the D750 for real estate shoots along with Nikon sb700 speedlight. Very happy with lens and camera. Dynamic range is great and even get nice window pulls with single exposures.

Wendy Mogul Photography wrote:
Yeah I figured that out.. I did research before hand if all my equipment fit the camera didn’t realize that even though it fits doesn’t mean it works.. oh well I am looking into an FX mount wide angle for my Real Estate shoots .. and will be purchasing it soon .. I also figured out the playback menu as well all is good for now until I find something else lol.. thanks for responding...
Oct 8, 2018 07:51:44   #
1, the sun is so bright and feels as if there in person needing sunglasses.
Oct 4, 2018 00:45:54   #
Finest motorcycle ever made. Wish I was tall enough to ride a wing! Enjoy you magnificent ride.
Sep 28, 2018 16:21:06   #
Stunning. Should be postcards. Different than the myriad of common Yosemite scenes.
Sep 21, 2018 07:27:58   #
This may or may not be helpful but are you compressing the file before uploading in Dropbox? I send several folders daily with 50-90 jpegs in each this way.

[quote=lamiaceae]I am trying to Share RAW files with a fellow UHH'er for Calibration purposes, so he can examine my unaltered RAW files (as they appear in ACR unadjusted) via DropBox. For some reason he is not receiving my approximately 32MB each DNG files.
Aug 10, 2018 07:46:57   #
Ideal set up, David. Not sure about the 810 but presume Nikon also has downloadable firmware to prevent lens distortion as well as in camera setting for same. Not having vertical lines or objects close to lens at edges of frame and barrel distortion should not be an issue. You did not ask any questions but there was some discussion in the thread.

DavidPine wrote:
This question pops up several times a month. I have a DSLR and a Realtor friend and I'm going into real estate photography. Something like 1). Nikon D810, 2). Nikon 14-24 or 16-35 3). Lightweight tripod 4). Manfroto 410 Junior or 405 geared head. 5). Reliable flash and remote trigger or ability to fire remote. 6). Have fun because you will play hell making a living unless you are exceptional and have loads of Realtor connections that have lots of listings.
Jul 16, 2018 08:10:34   #
Sent pm. Please send or post photos of the 24-120 lens,
Thank you,
Jul 1, 2018 11:17:25   #
Interesting and functional idea, thanks.

nadelewitz wrote:
A flash can put a lot of strain on a hot shoe when you're moving around, tilting it, carrying it sideways on a tripod, etc. Connection problems/failure are the result. The bigger the flash the worse it is.
Better to use a flash bracket with a dedicated cord .
Jul 1, 2018 11:15:47   #
Thanks, while moving tripod, not touching anything on camera.

cjc2 wrote:
Not even close, unless you are pressing the shutter while you move. Focus Assist is provided by infrared, not flash. You can program a button for "modeling light" which could be a possibility here if that has been done. Best of luck.
Jul 1, 2018 11:14:42   #
It shouldn't be on continous focus, but will check, thanks.

rcarol wrote:
Those mini flashes may be the result of the camera using the flash to focus. If your camera is set to continuous focus, the camera/flash combination may fire if moved. Just a thought.
Jul 1, 2018 11:13:51   #
Great idea, will try. I have on hand compressed air can, alchohol as well as Zeiss wipes.

GENorkus wrote:
A similar thing happened to me for a couple times. Mine turned out to be the third party flash mount contacts sort-of sliding on what little dirt that was there and breaking contact. My fix was to clean the contacts on both parts to make a better connection. No problems since. You might try that.
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