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Posts for: mikeaijl
Jun 13, 2018 11:06:35   #
Not to add confusion to the mix, but you can go-to Google. Type in Nikon lens hood for (whatever your lens is,) & you will get your answer from a number of different sources, including Nikon. I've bought used Nikon products from eBay at much cheaper prices than new, & you can't go wrong on a lens hood. Recently, I bought an HB-5 hood that was $12 or best offer & free shipping. I offered $10, which was accepted. Give it a try.
Jun 13, 2018 10:35:44   #
I too have arthritis from a number of broken bones over the years. The one thing that affects me more than anything is changing lenses. I use Nikon N8008s & N90s, & the pain in my thumb is extreme. I have several Olympus XA's also, but they're quite limited. Sorry that I can't offer any solutions to this problem, & reading through the comments I see that I'm quite fortunate because I still do so many things after all.
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