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May 27, 2019 08:11:41   #
Nice picture that I will use in some of my emails. I am a Gideon Area Director for SW Florida and send lots of emails out to pastors, churches, and my chapter officers. Since our main ministry is giving out Bibles, this picture will come in very handy. Thanks and Blessings, Bob
May 23, 2019 08:28:17   #
Support is not the problem with Picasa. Google set it up so you cannot email anything from it!
May 23, 2019 07:25:21   #
Hi There: If you check back for about two years on this site, you'll see I asked, several times, the same thing you just did regarding Picasa. I used it for years and still do somewhat. After numerous posts, I bought Elements. It is too complicated. I ended up with Fast Stone. It's not as nice and user friendly as Picasa, but it is the best replacement and closest, for free or not. I use Fast Stone for the email end of everything, but still prefer Picasa for minor editing. Get Fast Stone and try to learn it. I have been dealing with this for two years and that is what I ended up with after all is said and done. Been there done that. It comes down to Fast Stone
May 16, 2019 20:14:59   #
May 16, 2019 19:56:15   #
I use pictures that are quite valuable to inmates for their family and girlfriends to get them to come to the chapel services. Hopefully they get more than a picture from their visit. As suggested, I have the background. I make them stand a few feet in front of the background. I use a Gary Fong diffuser for shadows. I use a lens at about 85mm. I use the bracket for red eye. What I can't seem to get are pictures that show some color (one of my backdrops has the American Flag) on the beautiful blue prison uniforms without getting some redness in the faces of the white inmates. Am looking for suggestions to in camera settings that might work. Right now I am in Program Auto mode, in Standard Picture Control with +1 in saturation and +5 in Sharpness. Background is blurred. Thanks to all who have already responded. Bob
May 16, 2019 18:34:24   #
Hi Everyone: I have lots of occasions to take simple head shots with my Nikon D7500. I only use jpeg. I don't want to post process. I use a single on camera flash. After playing around with all the camera's settings in picture control and pre set portrait modes, I can't seem to get what I'm looking for, no red faces and some color saturation on the clothing. Any setting suggestions? I realize that nothing I'm saying will get me great professional looking shots. Just want to get fairly good shots in a hurry. I'm a chaplain in a Florida prison taking pictures of inmates for their families and can't bring in lots of equipment. We are talking 200-400 head shots every three weeks in several prisons. Thanks Bob
May 16, 2019 10:22:27   #
Hi Everyone: In the Nikon d7500, under picture control, you have default settings in clarity,saturation, contrast, etc. You also have AUTO in each section. Does Auto just equal the default settings? This is for jpeg only. Does anything ever change in AUTO as far as values?
Also are the "0" settings in say Standard the same values as the "0" setting in Vivid?

Thanks Bob
May 14, 2019 12:56:13   #
Hi Everyone: I have checked most everywhere in writing and on line and can't find any information on the auto settings in most newer Nikon cameras Picture Control settings, e.g. vivid, portrait, standard, etc. Most camera default settings are set to auto. Not these. How do they work and is, for example, vivid still vivid? Do any of you just use auto most of the time? Thanks Bob
May 1, 2019 13:25:16   #
I'm having a problem with my Nikon D7500. When taking portraits, I want the colors of the clothing to be more saturated. After playing with the picture controls, pop and vivid modes, etc. I can't make that happen without the faces having a slight red tinge. I don't want to do any post processing. Any suggestions as to settings? Also, does anyone have any experience with the CHILD mode? Thanks so much, Bob
Apr 16, 2019 19:58:54   #
Hi Everyone: I am reading conflicting information reading regarding using Nikon's Snapbridge with a D7500. Can one transfer photos from the camera to a smartphone with files larger than 2mb? How about in Wifi? Thanks, Bob
Apr 14, 2019 21:10:42   #
Hi Everyone: Want to buy a new Nikon, D3500, or D7500, or D500 just to transfer pictures to my new smartphone. I am totally confused as to the differences in the systems. Using Snapbridge I read all the pictures are sent in only 2mb (something) not in 20. How do you get a quality picture transferred, etc. Please give me pointers in what to look for and any advise. I am totally confused as to how this transfer thing works!! Thanks so much for your help. Bob
Apr 5, 2019 18:01:46   #
Hi Everyone: What is the closest replacement to PICASA. Please do not include PS Elements. I use Picasa to store and edit. Thanks Bob
Feb 16, 2019 07:01:26   #
If you zoom in on the titles of his books in the background on the top shelf, you'll see a book by Benny Hinn and another one by Joyce Myers! I can't read another one well, but I think it is by Crefflo Dollar. Blessings, Bob
Feb 2, 2019 10:16:27   #
bsprague wrote:

Is there something inherently wrong with Elements?

I just find the learning cure to be too long for this old man. I don't need half of what it does! I have it on my computer and have spent hours trying to figure all of it out. Most of my body is working pretty well, but I think I am losing my mind!! Bob
Feb 2, 2019 06:23:56   #
Hi Everyone: What's the best SIMPLE, free or not, replacement for PICASA that modifies and catalogs pictures other than Adobe Elements or something in the cloud? Also can PICASA on a Windows 7 computer be switched to the same computer to Windows 10 at the end of this year when Microsoft no longer will support Windows 7? Thanks Bob
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