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May 11, 2017 16:51:32   #
I have just this week joined The Ugly Hedgehog forum. The first topic I clicked on was The Blackburnian Warbler. These birds pass through East Central Illinois in late April or early May and I have seen them a number of times. I was unfamiliar with your camera and had to look it up. Assuming a 600 lens setting was used, the bird still had to be a distance away and with 10 power binoculars, I have never seen this warbler this close up. I have only seen them high in trees and have to commend your great ability to get these excellent photos. Warblers move about quickly for the most part and this one is no exception. I have watched birds for 60 years and have done photography for 50 years. I have had Nikon and Canon cameras and lenses and did some developing 50 years ago as well. I was too busy in my work to take pictures other than of our kids and of our vacations which were always to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We have a cottage on Green Bay in the North Woods and have nesting Blackburnian Warblers on our property. I couldn't begin to get excellent photos you obtained. The main advantage of any modern camera is that digital is a fraction of the cost of developing film. All of the old photo magazines had add after add for photo lab companies now long out of business. The newer cameras learning curves can be a bit to a lot of a problem but that is the way life is. Computers had punch card inputs when I learned in 1969 to program in Basic and in Fortran 2, long forgotten by me. My first Compaq Deskpro 386-20 with a "you'll never fill it up" 130 meg hard drive cost $10K. It was the fastest computer in the world in 1987. I needed two of them. In audio, it is digital vs. analog. In photography, it was print vs. digital. Most people opt for the easier of the two paths. You make trade offs, cost vs performance. I would no longer begin to spend to get top of the line products as in not too long a period of time, it will no longer remain top of the line. I used a couple of Panasonic point and shoots and then got a Panasonic GX85 with a 14-140 lens. Maybe not the greatest but good enough for me. The new GH5 is looking pretty good to me as well but now I am thinking I should have gotten your Sony. I picked Miranda as my first camera due to an article in Consumer Reports and for video, went with Beta on the advice of an electrical engineer. 0 for 2. Your pictures were 5 for 5. Thank you for your beautiful photos. - Forum
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