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Mar 18, 2019 06:49:40   #
One would think that when the station ordered their next shipment and the price differed from the last shipment that the prices would change then to reflect the change in price. Not for what another station charged of because it is a holiday weekend. The profit per gallon should remain unchanged unless their costs increase or decrease. With the exceptions for there yearly increase or a gov't tax increase.Perhaps i'm a dreamer?
Mar 14, 2019 23:16:15   #
scphoto wrote:
Hi Polonis - Any updates on the out of focus issue? Have you received the camera yet?

Yes, I received the camera 2 days ago. I looked thru the settings last evening. Everything looks good. I took two pictures inside with the flash and they are not the sharpest but okay. Hopefully I will get out with it in the next few days and find the problem. It seems that close ups are reasonably sharp and the ones far away like a 100 yds., are out of focus. I thinking possibility it's the lens. I will post what I find out.
Mar 8, 2019 16:10:59   #
Mar 8, 2019 11:53:46   #
rmorrison1116 wrote:
You mean grand kids and great grand kids don't you. I would venture to guess the average age of many UHH members kids is late thirties to mid forties.
As for new vs old math, the video simply showed a different way to determine the answer, a way that doesn't require memorization of times tables. It's a form of visual calculation used to teach young ones how the numbers relate. Bottom line, one plus one will always equal two regardless of how you get there. When they graduate they will use calculators just like everyone else.
You mean grand kids and great grand kids don't you... (show quote)

What's wrong with memorization of times tables? It appears to have worked for many years.
Mar 8, 2019 11:20:21   #
fotkaman wrote:
How'bout the merchant's math: 35x12 is the same as 12x35
2x35= 70
Total - 420. Done! It can easily be done in head...

Right On!
Mar 7, 2019 10:32:52   #
Mar 4, 2019 21:06:42   #
scphoto wrote:
The Picture Control settings look suspect to me. The image information states "standard mode," but the individual settings are really extreme. I'd try resetting it them all to zero and see what happens. I couldn't see the focus points in ViewNxi, but I see the focus mode varied from continuous to auto.

Thank you, when she brings me the camera I will try to reset everything. Many of the settings were changed in an attempt to get the camera to focus. She sent me 700 pictures of the 6000 she took. She made setting and mode changes every ten pictures or so each day of shooting to try to get a sharp photo and nothing she tried gave her any sharp photos. That is why a lot of the settings are extreme. On Thurs. she spent an hour and half photographing the turkeys and took over 300 shots and none were sharp. I picked a few randomly to post from the 700 she sent me.
Mar 4, 2019 19:21:22   #
MountainMike wrote:
Okay, okay, you're being nit-picky! He meant "single-point center weighted focus".

Watch the video at:
I agree, Steve Perry does a great job of an overview of "focus problems", which may help you solve her problem.

Thank you, I watched it and sent it to my daughter.
Mar 4, 2019 14:00:49   #
jr168 wrote:
Nikon cameras come from the factory set in the AF-A focus mode (Auto). To me, this is the most unreliable focus setting. The camera guesses where to focus and usually chooses areas with the most contrast. Set it to single point or dynamic 9 point for better results.

Thank you, that could be the problem because it seems to be guessing where to focus.
Mar 4, 2019 13:58:55   #
sbohne wrote:
Best bet is to try to do a factory reset. I only owned one digital Nikon (besides the Fuji S1/S2 bodies) and one film Nikon. ALL of them tended to back focus. I nearly spiked one on a particularly frustrating day. Ditched the lot, went back to Canon, and with one foray into Sigma as a side camera, have been happy ever after.

Thank you I will reset it when she brings it to me.
Mar 4, 2019 13:56:49   #
mikeroetex wrote:
It's generally not camera shake, although I see some in a couple of photos. Moving up to a D7200, one needs to understand various focus modes. Spot metering isn't the same as spot focus.

Have her check her focus mode (push button in on body down by lens). Make sure it is also set to AF as well as the lens. I'm betting she is also on AF-A and d51 and the camera is grabbing first thing it see to lock on to. Move to AF-S or AF-C. And be sure the focus point selector is in Lock (L) position.
It's generally not camera shake, although I see so... (show quote)

I too think she needs some understanding of the focus modes. However I'm sure she used AF-S and AF-C and the focus selector was locked. She called me about the problem each day. Hopefully when I get the camera I can find the problem.
Mar 4, 2019 13:39:15   #
MountainMike wrote:
It is NOT camera shake.
Before looking at anyone else's response and thus being biased, I would strongly suspect that your daughter has her new Nikon on some form of "spot focus" and that "spot" is falling "away from" or "off of" her subject(s).

It would have been nice if you had numbered the photos before uploading them to the uglyhedgehog (UHH), so we could be more certain of which photo we are speaking about.

In the first photo, the white colored bird (goose?), has the bird out of focus slightly, but magnify the image and look to the blades of grass in the background. These are in focus, especially the area near the brown leaf to the right of the bird's neck. I am seeing a "zone of focus" BEHIND the bird of interest. So, the lens appears to be capable of focusing, it is just focusing in an area that is outside of the zone of interest.

Another factor, the "depth of focus" might be too shallow for her photos. What ISO is she using? Fast shutter speed? Wide-open lens? Maybe it is time for dad to check out the camera and lenses for his daughter, and return the camera if possible, or if it is under a new warranty, send it back to the manufacturer. New cameras sometimes are defective!

I have presumed your daughter is a teenager. So it will be a difficult teaching curve to show her she might need to change. Good luck!

Later comment: *************************
I have just read the other responses; we all seem to be "on the same page". If it is not the lenses, then it must be the (defective) camera body. Yes, they are mostly badly UNDEREXPOSED.

Obviously, if she has been taking photos for 20 years, she's past the teenage years!
It is NOT camera shake. br Before looking at anyo... (show quote)

She is bring me the camera this evening.
Mar 4, 2019 13:36:12   #
rrazdan wrote:
A good overview of solving focus problems can be found on this informative video by Steve Perry:

Thank you, I sent her the link
Mar 4, 2019 00:14:55   #
TriX wrote:
If she can’t get sharp photos with manual focus, then that points to the body or the lens (which she said is sharp on a different body).

I agree, she is going to drop it off this week and I'm going to see what I can do. If I can't get it to focus we are thinking it is the camera or possibly the lens. Yes she uses that lens on her D90 with no problems.
Mar 3, 2019 23:11:21   #
letmedance wrote:
Is she using Manual focus?

No, most were on auto focus. On Friday she told me she tried a few on manual focus and they were still blurred.
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