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Jun 27, 2019 11:34:04   #
Jun 10, 2019 14:34:33   #
DAN Phillips wrote:
The discipline I was taught made me a better student, more tolerant and respectful of other peoples feelings.
I grew up knowing what the words work, reverence and respect meant. I knew how and when to say yes mam,no mam, yes sir, no sir and thank you. I learned to respect others rights, opinions and property. I knew the meaning of truth, honor and duty. I survived knowing that the world does not owe me a living and if I want something i have to work for it. I learned love and respect for family friends and co workers, I have survived!
The discipline I was taught made me a better stude... (show quote)

Amen to that.
May 24, 2019 16:11:25   #
Jim-Pops wrote:
My question is has she used her D90 with the 2 lenses, previously mentioned? What are her results? If she is getting pictures in focus with the D90 it might be she has a bad D7200 camera. Since it is so new return it to get it fixed or replaced.

She has a D80 and a D90 and takes excellent photos with both lenses. When she uses them on the 7200 it's hard to get a picture anywhere as good as with the D90 regardless of the mode or settings. I get better results with the 7200 than she does however only the close ups seem to be in fairly sharp focus. See the close ups below.



May 22, 2019 22:09:35   #
I have about every Cokin P series they made. I used them in the film days. They worked OK for general purpose work and were convenient in the field when I couldn't carry all my glass filters. I rarely use them now except for the circular polarizer. Which works very well. I can use it on every lens I have with me and I don't need to carry a bag full of polarizers.
May 20, 2019 09:08:45   #
Traveller_Jeff wrote:
Who remembers the timex-Sinclair 1000 (jokingly referred to as “the doorstop”)? It boasted 3.2K. Extra 10K attachment about $40. You could attach up to four of them. This was the very early 70s. In the late 50s there were three ENIAC computers in United States. One was across the street from where I lived. It ran on 10,000 vacuum tubes. It required two full floors to provide air circulation to prevent overheating. When it turned on, the neighborhood power surge caused the TV picture to shrink momentarily. And you could not watch channel 2 (W CBS), because of the RF interference. That was a 10 K computer. Then came the transistor, and the world changed.
Who remembers the timex-Sinclair 1000 (jokingly re... (show quote)

I remember those. I even have one with the optional memory module stashed away in my attic. Bought it and never used it.
May 14, 2019 10:29:23   #
joncogar wrote:
I agree focus is a issue on the photos. Also metering allowed the light background to over ride the sensor causing the turkeys to be dark. Watch this video. It will explain the 7200 auto focus system and suggest how to set the focus for different scenes.

Thank you, The link is very informative. I forwarded it to my daughter. She told me the other day she is disgusted with the D7200 and put it back in the box. She is going to use her D90 instead. I am going to see if she will drop it off with me again so I can hopefully find her problem.
May 7, 2019 17:34:20   #
Well, I took the camera out with two different lenses. The stock lens an 18-140mm and the lens in question a 75-300mm. The 18-140 gave better results. The pictures were considerably better with both lenses than the problem photos. However they were not as sharp as my Sony A77MII with equivalent lenses. I think that the problem was a combination of all three. The Camera, Lens and user error. Attached are 2 of the best pictures with the 77-300mm that was used to take the bad ones and 1 with the 18-140mm. I wanted to do further testing however she needed the camera. I will try again later this year when I get the camera again.
70-300 Lens

70-300 Lens

18-14 Lens

Mar 18, 2019 06:49:40   #
One would think that when the station ordered their next shipment and the price differed from the last shipment that the prices would change then to reflect the change in price. Not for what another station charged of because it is a holiday weekend. The profit per gallon should remain unchanged unless their costs increase or decrease. With the exceptions for there yearly increase or a gov't tax increase.Perhaps i'm a dreamer?
Mar 14, 2019 23:16:15   #
scphoto wrote:
Hi Polonis - Any updates on the out of focus issue? Have you received the camera yet?

Yes, I received the camera 2 days ago. I looked thru the settings last evening. Everything looks good. I took two pictures inside with the flash and they are not the sharpest but okay. Hopefully I will get out with it in the next few days and find the problem. It seems that close ups are reasonably sharp and the ones far away like a 100 yds., are out of focus. I thinking possibility it's the lens. I will post what I find out.
Mar 8, 2019 16:10:59   #
Mar 8, 2019 11:53:46   #
rmorrison1116 wrote:
You mean grand kids and great grand kids don't you. I would venture to guess the average age of many UHH members kids is late thirties to mid forties.
As for new vs old math, the video simply showed a different way to determine the answer, a way that doesn't require memorization of times tables. It's a form of visual calculation used to teach young ones how the numbers relate. Bottom line, one plus one will always equal two regardless of how you get there. When they graduate they will use calculators just like everyone else.
You mean grand kids and great grand kids don't you... (show quote)

What's wrong with memorization of times tables? It appears to have worked for many years.
Mar 8, 2019 11:20:21   #
fotkaman wrote:
How'bout the merchant's math: 35x12 is the same as 12x35
2x35= 70
Total - 420. Done! It can easily be done in head...

Right On!
Mar 7, 2019 10:32:52   #
Mar 4, 2019 21:06:42   #
scphoto wrote:
The Picture Control settings look suspect to me. The image information states "standard mode," but the individual settings are really extreme. I'd try resetting it them all to zero and see what happens. I couldn't see the focus points in ViewNxi, but I see the focus mode varied from continuous to auto.

Thank you, when she brings me the camera I will try to reset everything. Many of the settings were changed in an attempt to get the camera to focus. She sent me 700 pictures of the 6000 she took. She made setting and mode changes every ten pictures or so each day of shooting to try to get a sharp photo and nothing she tried gave her any sharp photos. That is why a lot of the settings are extreme. On Thurs. she spent an hour and half photographing the turkeys and took over 300 shots and none were sharp. I picked a few randomly to post from the 700 she sent me.
Mar 4, 2019 19:21:22   #
MountainMike wrote:
Okay, okay, you're being nit-picky! He meant "single-point center weighted focus".

Watch the video at:
I agree, Steve Perry does a great job of an overview of "focus problems", which may help you solve her problem.

Thank you, I watched it and sent it to my daughter.
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