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Feb 13, 2024 09:41:02   #
Soft Orbits Easy Photo Unblur claims using AI to unblur, seems to be very powerful. Any Uggers have any experience in their software? Thanks.
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Feb 4, 2024 17:42:29   #
Based on my past experience in using several Minolta lenses on Minolta film bodies and on digital FF and MFT bodies, I recommend you to adapt your two lenses to your MFT body. On manual mode you will be okay, no need to worry about any damage but to enjoy the image quality.
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Feb 3, 2024 14:53:44   #
Very nice Leica feel!
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Feb 3, 2024 14:48:19   #
Advantages (IQ, weight, price, speed etc) can be huge for prime over zoom in many cases. Zoom offers variabilities. If a phone satisfies you needs, yes, you may forget about prime or zoom altogether.
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Jan 28, 2024 14:36:25   #
I heard about ON1 but never used it before. I downloaded as you suggested (the free trial is for one month), watched the demo video. I think ON1 is very powerful and easy to use as I saw the demo. Would like to know hoggers' experience. Please share.
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Jan 28, 2024 13:46:13   #
June is still on the cool side. July and August are the peak season and lodging costs are also at the peak.
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Dec 10, 2023 18:09:15   #
Spirit Vision Photography wrote:
This is exactly why I purchased an iPAD yesterday. In order to transfer my snaps from my camera to my portable SSD. I don not want to be hauling around a laptop.

Please tell me how to do it providing more details about the cables and connections.
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Nov 27, 2023 09:43:22   #
Thank you, my battery is good. This is not my primary camera. Like to sell it off.
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Nov 27, 2023 00:22:19   #
Hanson wrote:
I have the USB cable, so I think I am okay now.

But memory stick is not available on the market any more. I only have the original one on the camera.
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Nov 27, 2023 00:20:34   #
CHG_CANON wrote:
I had this model, or something similar, back in the day. Not only did Sony use an off-standard card, they also used a proprietary USB cable. You might find it easier to just give the body back, if they failed to include both the USB cable and the memory card.

I have the USB cable, so I think I am okay now.
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Nov 26, 2023 14:29:49   #
I was given a SONY DSC-W230 that uses memory stick. Please advise what can be used for reading and downloading the stick?
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Sep 18, 2023 17:23:20   #
People envy/like/use Leica for various reasons. Some of them may not be known to you. But I know that your opinion on Leica is not in minority.
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Sep 18, 2023 09:47:36   #
Leica missed the lead because they want perfection. That is what I heard. But I think the main issue was for Leica manual rangefinder system, AF was not an urgent/top priority?
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Sep 17, 2023 22:34:05   #
Many Leitz lenses are well-known for lack of contrast. BUT that was pre 1950s history. Leica lenses are known for image contrast after 1960 and on.

Leica researched and developed AF technology well before any public knowledge. Because it was not deemed good enough up to Leica standard, it was not used on their camera models for many years. Then AF was developed and widely implemented by Japanese companies and succeeded. They led and won at the starting line. The rest is history.
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Sep 11, 2023 08:04:11   #
Exciting specs!!!
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