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May 8, 2019 12:30:49   #
That's why I always wear waders when entering the forum. All of a sudden, a pissing contest breaks out, and it gets knee deep real quick. 😈😈😈
May 1, 2019 09:12:05   #
How much flicker does a neon sign produce in 1 second?
Apr 26, 2019 12:03:17   #
Beemerrt wrote:
I got a Nikon 5500. I was playing around with the settings. I don't know what setting I got this on. Does anyone seen this before? This hasn't been post developed.

Looks like "Super Vivid" effect setting
Apr 17, 2019 09:39:02   #
Camera setup menu: Bluetooth, Network connection - enable.
Iphone: SnapBridge, camera icon, Auto link on, Download, ("enable camera wi-fi", hit ok), "snapbridge wants to join wi-fi network", join.
Select pictures to download, tap download, choose either 2mp or original size.
When finished, turn auto link off (on phone), bluetooth network connection to disable (on camera).
If you leave Autolink on, and network connection enabled, every picture you take will auto download to your phone.
Apr 9, 2019 14:39:54   #
And the best camera/lens for that shot was...
The one you had with you?

Somtimes, serendipity is your friend
Apr 9, 2019 14:37:06   #
CHG_CANON wrote:
I think there's some windmills over there ....

Which is the best?
Apr 5, 2019 09:14:30   #
dsmeltz wrote:
Which government services do you receive that you would like to give up for lower taxes?

The "WAMs", the pensions, the thousands - or is it millions - of potholes that never seem to get filled, ...
Mar 31, 2019 12:14:04   #
This started out as a test of my shooting the Tamron 18-400 handheld.
It's actually a picture of a picture on my living room wall, shot from the couch.
Aperture priority, f8, 1/20 sec, iso 3200, lens fully extended to 400mm,
WB incandescent (I think I should have changed to daylight).
Morphed into comparison of the 2 softwares.
I'll be heading back to the drawing board later on. What did they go back to before the drawing board was invented? Beware of Part Deux 😈

How do you add the "titles" ?

Thanks to all for your comments, but I thought Hoggers could hit harder than that. 😈😈😈
Mar 30, 2019 22:39:19   #
Raw (NEF) file developed in both Luminar 2018 (1st) and Affinity (2nd)
Luminar Raw Develop: Adjust Contrast to 30 & Clarity to 10
Accent AI Filter - Boost to 15
Saturation = +15; Vibrance = +8
AI Sky Enhancer to 67 (probably shouldn't have done this)
Affinity Develop Persona: Contrast +30%, Clarity +10%, Saturation +15%, Vibrance +8%

Sounds like the adjustments would be the same (except for the sky enhancer)

Feel free to use (or abuse), criticize, make suggestions, etc. I CAN handle the truth!


Mar 29, 2019 16:46:45   #
All aboard for Atlantis City!
Mar 29, 2019 13:20:50   #
Linda From Maine wrote:
G.A.S. for gear, so I guess it's S.A.S. for software? Thanks for posting this info, BigDaddy!

Or, it could be Acquired Software Syndrome 😈😈😈
Mar 24, 2019 09:16:08   #
Custom Setting Menu - Autofocus - AF-C priority selection
Release: "the shutter can be released even when the camera is not in focus"
Focus: "the shutter can only be released when the camera is in focus"
Mar 23, 2019 21:59:34   #
speters wrote:
I think, Goodwill would be a good place for them!

Goodwill is NOT - repeat, NOT - a charity!
Mar 19, 2019 11:53:23   #
Mar 12, 2019 14:12:54   #
rmalarz wrote:
I use an 27" iMac for my photo editing. It seems to work just fine and the prints I get after processing are spectacular. However, if I were using a computer that required a monitor, I'd definitely look at an EIZO ColorEdge CG319X - LED monitor specifically. I'd also use a Datacolor Spyder for calibration.

Do you print your own (what printer do you use)? Or, do you outsource (from whom)?
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