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Jun 26, 2019 18:08:30   #
Good Cell phone is probably the best bet.
I am considering a P&S to replace my FSLR for vacation in certain situations but I also am looking for excellent image quality that I could make prints from if I wanted to...budget here is 600-1000 (Lumix/Sony high end gear).

IMHO, take your DSLR for images you may want to print/lowlight and use your cellphone for everything else....or if serious, get a Sony Rx100 model from version ii-vi ....all are good and the ii is close to your price range.

Low end p&s just dont seem to carry enough differentiation from cell phone cameras.
(Unless you want waterproof).
Jun 26, 2019 17:57:29   #
marvinjwolf wrote:
A Google search reveals that the world's cheapest country to buy cameras is...United States of America. That's why few Customs agents bother with camera equipment carried by returning travelers.

This was not always so. In the Sixties and Seventies, Japan was by far the best place for Japanese cameras, but Hong Kong was the cheapest for cameras and lenses in general. When I bought cameras in either place, I was given a form to give to local Customs on exiting the country, which saved me the expense of VAT.
A Google search reveals that the world's cheapest ... (show quote)

...and that has been my experience also. 2nd cheapest place is Canada :-)
Jun 26, 2019 17:50:30   #
rosarioc62 wrote:
sir i have set min. ss but it still dips below that on a 6D.

Hmm. I will look into that...
Jun 25, 2019 06:22:50   #
Go full manual and control shutter speed and Aperature.The challenge will be when you have ISO set to Auto and ETTL, you have 2 things that are Auto when it comes to exposure.
...I am actually not sure how the camera and flash negotiate the settings for flash power and ISO.....upt the ISO or up the flash power.

I shoot mostly full manual to avoid these kind of things. Exception is when I am doing fast transitions backing out of a church shooting a wedding. Set min shutter speed (so it never drops below a level where motion blur could start) and let the SS and ISO float with a set Aperature.
Jun 23, 2019 08:39:06   #
Been to Thailand, Hawaii, EU, Hong Kong, DomRep, Guatemala, Mexico, Jamaica, Singapore and the US (from Canada) in the past 5yrs and other than a security agent wanting to look at my gear (photography curiosity more than security), I have never been bothered.

Doesnt mean on a slow day that they will decide to apply the letter of the law for training purposes or they are "bored", I am sure they are within their rights to demand proof of purchase for large $ items. So far, no issues.
In the end, camera gear is cheaper in the US than probably any place on the planet, including Japan. (I have looked for cheaper priced gear while travelling and it's either been the same after exchange rate, or more expensive). If you are from the US, it's the foreign customs agents not the US I would be most concerned about. As long as you are a US national, I think they will leave you alone. If you are a Jamaican heading back into Jamaica from the US, you would want proof you bought in Jamiaca or you will pay duty.
Jun 21, 2019 18:15:52   #
Beercat wrote:
Thanks Tim ...

Still sme more tweeking to do before I'm comfortable with the new camera.

Did you do any comparison between your old setup and new? (Or did you sell off your old gear. Still sitting in the fence with no decent mirrorless offering from Canon - 2 slots, silent shooting are the weddig motivators....10fps with continuous AF is nice too cause I shoot sports. Canon mirrorless does 1 of these 3.

Such a disappointment. My 5dIV is good enough to not motivate me to go A7Riii or A7iii given the cost to transition. I am saving up for Canons pro mirrorless to be announced before the Japan Olympics (I hope), and if it's a winner, I will shell out the likely 8k asking price. If it's a dog, I will make the jump
Jun 21, 2019 18:06:31   #
juan_uy wrote:
Thanks for your reply.
I am not the OP, I was curious because I have the Protactic 450 on my wishlist. The use will be only for shoots, but was curious to know if it would fit under a seat (I think it may in some aircrafts if not loaded to max capacity).
Once I have it, if the occasion happens, I will try it as personal item (keeping in mind that any other carry on I have could be checked if the 450 has to take the carry on place)

I always am prepared to give up all except the camera bag. I will not allow them to check it. Will take a different carrier if I have to
Jun 21, 2019 07:13:29   #
Whether Canon, Nikon or 3rd party, you will need to check your lenses especially if you have any lenses under f2.8
I have the 35mmF1.4Lii and the 85mmF1.4Lis
And BOTH needed adjustment to be accurate at 1.4 . Whether I shot hand held looking st a rack of Kuerig coffee inserts or using a tripod and lenscal tools I could see the need :-) my Sigma 50mm1.4 almost needed to be adjusted beyond the adjustment range in the body.

My canon F4 lenses were good enough as is due to the sharpness range being wider, to the point where in practical terms, you probably wont notice the difference. (You can see the accuracy spot using a rulered sheet but it's usually close enough. At 1.4, the sharpness dropoff is extreme and you will notice it in portraits when you want to do those ("blur everything but the eyeball" shots :-)

Dont assume if it is Canon or Nikon it will be good out of the box on a DSLR. (Mirrorless cameras and Liveview on DSLR is a different discusson)
Jun 21, 2019 07:00:04   #
juan_uy wrote:
Have you tried putting it under the seat of international flights?

I think I may have tried once but I can't remember. I have early boarding privileges whenever I fly Star Alliance partner carriers (Lufthansa, Air Canada, United etc) so I always have room to put it in the overhead. I treat it like my carryon and the dimensions are within the carriers carry on sizing. (You should always check before you fly, know your rights!)

I have another Lowepro backpack I use that does fit under the seat AND would be able to house what you want to bring BUT I dont think the 100-400 would be able to stay attached.

I have brought both backpacks when I went to Hawaii. Smaller unit was kept crushed in my luggage and the 450 "beast" carried all my gear as a carry-on. The beast is not a walk around backpack. Whenever on day trips, I only took the cameras and lenses I would be using and left all the other stuff in my hotel room safe. (My 150-600mm would be in a sling bag in the trunk also...)

Look forward to seeing what you get !
Safari is on my bucket list ....
Jun 20, 2019 21:41:01   #
Protactic 450 by lowepro.
Both bodies and lenses can stay attached although I would check the dimensions of the 100-400 when attached. The bag is highly configurable.

I have taken this bag all over the world. Will fit in the overhead of regional carriers (but not under the seat).

Can take several more lenses too.
Jun 20, 2019 20:36:16   #
woodworkerman wrote:
On some occasions I like to have 2 cameras when I walk an area to take pictures with a wide on one and extended telephone on the other. It's just a preference to changing lenses in adverse conditions (wind, sand, etc.) and can be fun. The problem is carrying them.

If I use a neck strap on one, then the other may be in my hand or on another neck strap. This can be irritating on my neck after a while and less convenient than I want. And the cameras can bang together.

Years ago I used a "hip side" belt clip with a camera attachment allowing the camera to slip in and out. While it was convenient, the camera mount threaded to the bottom of the camera (film) and in an L-shape pressed against the back of the camera. It was great and very secure. That camera clip, however, covers the screen on the back of today's DSLR's.

I had not thought of looking for a solution until recently when I saw a young female wedding photographer carrying 2 cameras at a wedding. The straps she used were slings. They looked like a great solution.

Amazon had a nice selection and I purchased two. They have quick disconnects and are extremely safe. I used them on a trip to South Florida to the Edison Estate. Quick and easy to use. Even if I only use one camera, there is no more neck pain and I don't have a camera hanging down on my belly. I like these slings and they are very comfortable.

Here is the Amazon link for what I purchased and a picture from their page. Tell me what you think.
On some occasions I like to have 2 cameras when I ... (show quote)

I have had the double strap Black rapid version until I lost 1/2 of the team in Thailand. Rather than shelling out the $200 for the BR version, I bought the $30 version here. You do run the risk of the clip "spinning" and letting the camera loose. It has happened to me once but I caught it. Now I check it regularly....probably should just invest in the BR. No problems since the original scare but I am more careful.
Jun 18, 2019 19:09:26   #
2mishka wrote:
On kits or digital software to calibrate my camera and lens. Any suggestions?

I always need to calibrate any lens below 2.8.
...if you care about pin-sharp during portraits with just the eye in focus.
Jun 18, 2019 18:58:28   #
Motion = increased shutter speed. Thats about it :-)
Longer the lens, the higher the shutter speed.
Depending on the boat motion and the whether the target is moving, you will need to crank it up:-)

There is no specific SS and it will depend if you have VR/IS. the end, you just need to try a few shots.
Jun 18, 2019 18:54:09   #
I get the privilege of being the Event Photographer for the Youth Conference in our area.

I get to mix my favorite pastime with "giving back". I used to be a youth ministry leader and once my kids moved on, I stayed on to provide event photography.
Just an amazing worship environment...






Jun 15, 2019 08:04:25   #
Bill Munny wrote:
I fly with a Lowe ProTactic 350AW. It is a perfect fit for a "Personal Item" and goes under the seat. I put a D750 with 24-120mm lens, a D3300 with an 18-140mm lens, a 50mm lens, a 55-300mm DX lens, and a filter holder with a CP for each lens in a small carry pouch. Still has extra room for external pouches to store inside until getting to destination. There is a removable pouch for a tripod/monopod, and the other two external removable pouches. It also has a pouch for my MacBook computer and charger. Plus it has a rain cover stored in the bottom and a great waist belt with small storage compartments. This is not a "sling" pack but a great photo gear back pack. Very well thought out and extremely rugged, yet compact.

The airlines lets me carry an extra camera/case (keep it minimal) besides the backpack and my carry-on.

Hope this helps.
I fly with a Lowe ProTactic 350AW. It is a perfec... (show quote)

I have the 450. Fits in all the overheads, even the regional carriers. Wont fit under the seats. I have status with Star Alliance so I board first and they leave me alone on the cattle calls for stowing luggage. If I am not flying Star Alliance, I bring a smaller Lowerpro bag which when it dies, I will replace with the 350 now that the 450 has proven its metal.
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