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Nov 28, 2023 07:25:08   #
DaveO wrote:
My, my! Yes, and here it is again! Singing your same old song!

I have numerous times offered proof of two of your lies, but you continue to deny that I did. Same old dance while you're singing your same old song, lol! I further offered to leave the Attic if you gave the proof you claimed you had that I whined to Admin. Crickets from the little liar! You don't pack the gear to upset anyone, so don't flatter yourself by thinking that you're worth going to Admin over, but I must admit that your cute little dance is getting old. You're just a whiney old liar who periodically goes on another boohoohoo lying binge denying you got caught! Man up! Stop deflecting your behavior with yet more repetitive lies.

Have a V-8 juice, bang your forehead and b-slap yourself back into reality and the t***h just might set you free!
img src=" (show quote)

If you have proof I have lied about something, why not offer it up? What are you afraid of? As far as admin is concerned, ever time I get scolded by admin, it happens right after I have handed you your ass. One & one is two Davie. Even someone with a liberal education such as yourself can see the connection. Anyway, I am done with this conversation.
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Nov 27, 2023 21:04:47   #
DaveO wrote:
Lol, didn't take you long to sink back into your good old bs lies and rhetoric!

You were long ago branded as a liar and you never fail to disappoint! Amusing how every few months you come back for yet another b-slapping! You shot your little boy mouth off about how you could prove that I went to Admin over you, too funny! For starters, you don't upset me one bit and second, you have yet to prove your lie!

Boohoohoo, little liar!

BTW, if you didn't suck so much, there would be more air for everybody else!

Hilarious how this all started because I caught you in a couple big lies, proved it to you a couple times and for a couple years now, you have this peculiar desire to start it all over again. Go play by yourself. You again bore me!
Lol, didn't take you long to sink back into your g... (show quote)

And there it is. You are such a big liar. You accuse me but never offer any proof. Dozens of time I have shown you to be lying. Now go cry to admin like you always do. You are such a loser. Go join your butt buddy Crackhead and have some fun.
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Nov 27, 2023 19:57:30   #
DaveO wrote:
Great response from a little hypocrite!

Lol, you are quite consistent, Pappy! The air would be better if you didn't suck so much!

Once more you get on the losing end and you resort to childish name calling. Next you will go cry to admin as you have done in the past. Can't wait. Davie.
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Nov 26, 2023 17:31:09   #
DaveO wrote:
Gee, just asking you a simple question.

Reminds me of you whining about your definitely snarky response earlier today when you were called out for what you claimed was a simple question.

Your posts are a waste of air Davie.
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Nov 26, 2023 12:09:31   #
DaveO wrote:
Actually, that's not what you stated and most certainly was not how you stated it.

I stated, "Are you saying what was reported is not true?" It is a question asking him if he believes the information reported in the article is not true. I don't know how much simpler I can make it for you Dave. You have a nice day.
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Nov 26, 2023 11:59:11   #
DaveO wrote:
Trouble with your reading comprehension again?

Of course, I can read. What does that have to do with anything? I asked a simple question whether or not he thought the information in the article was true or not.
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Nov 26, 2023 11:57:11   #
ArtzDarkroom wrote:
I agree. Was that so difficult?

Difficult? Why the snarky response?
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Nov 26, 2023 11:25:14   #
ArtzDarkroom wrote:
This is where I launch a rant filled with insults of the most heinous sort. Of course I have all the correct answers for a better USA. Us F*ck'n Radical Liberal Socialist etc. will save the world!

Enough nonsense, neither side has all the answers. We all must learn to compromise or else we will remain stuck in the muck of misery.

The problem is compromise means both sides must give a little but now, neither side will give an inch.
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Nov 26, 2023 11:19:26   #
ArtzDarkroom wrote:
I guess things have changed in seven years.

I have been working in Florida since 1972 and it has always been a right-to-work state with unions. Again, get your facts straight before you respond.
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Nov 26, 2023 11:17:36   #
ArtzDarkroom wrote:
Right to Work states do not allow the formation of Unions, taking away that choice. Some companies keep their workers so happy, the workers don't care to form a Union, That's a choice I agree with too. Those are smart companies. I do believe in choice. Unions properly formed help, not c***t workers. Participation in unions is necessary to keep them honest.

You are incorrect. Florida is a right-to-work state but also allows unions. Please get your facts straight before you respond.
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Nov 26, 2023 11:14:37   #
Kraken wrote:
Overall, we rate Fox News right biased based on editorial positions that align with the right and are Questionable due to the promotion of propaganda, conspiracy theories, p***********e, the use of poor sources, and numerous false claims and failed fact checks. Straight news reporting from beat reporters is generally fact-based and accurate, which earns them a Mixed factual rating. (7/19/2016) Updated (M. Huitsing 04/26/2023)

Are you saying what was reported is not true?
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Nov 10, 2023 19:37:34   #
terryMc wrote:
Why isn't this piece of MAGA s**t in the Attic?

What of it is not true?
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Nov 5, 2023 18:58:16   #
travelwp wrote:
On the internet, when you don't want to answer a question, you simply don't provide a reply.

But in your case, you did reply, but you deflected, which means that you couldn't answer the question that embarrasses you.

Frankie is all blue smoke and hot air.
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Nov 5, 2023 08:24:53   #
Frank T wrote:
It's sad that you don't understand the issue.

What issues doesn't he understand?
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Nov 1, 2023 18:23:24   #
Texcaster wrote:
lol! You diehards are very endearing and seemingly just love to *tempt fate.

* they got him on fraud in NY and 'unlawful hoarding boxes of docs at Mar-a-Lago' So ... he's going to the poor house.

As I said, until convicted, innocent until proven guilty. Do you have the same opinion about slow-Joe?
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