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Jul 16, 2024 14:02:24   #
Mr Observer wrote:
We're sure that makes an important difference to the Comperatore family ....

I am sure it does not but those on the progressive side continue to call things by the wrong name. Why can't the correct names be used?
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Jul 15, 2024 17:41:09   #
DennyT wrote:
Your entitled to you opinion .

Not an opinion, fact. You need a lesson in civics 101.
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Jul 15, 2024 17:38:13   #
RixPix wrote:
Better luck next time. How much longer will this country tolerate assault weapons in the hands of the public?

Remember when Trump joked about Paul Pelosi? There are no rules.

If the shooter had been successful and shot Trump in the head it probably wouldn't have k**led him since his brains are not located in the particular part of his body.

NOT a assault weapon or a sniper rifle. Typical lib response re. guns.
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Jul 14, 2024 19:46:10   #
JohnFrim wrote:
On this point I agree with you 100%. There is absolutely no reason why a******n laws should differ between states. There are many good reasons for having variations in policies for issues that are very different across states, but a******n issues are not one of them.

You make a very good point, but for now, it is what it is. You can't blame Trump. Thank our congress for not passing the needed legislation.
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Jul 14, 2024 07:35:50   #
Robertl594 wrote:
That’s all I need. Face it, you screwed up.

Sure, I made a typo. What is your excuse for your insane responses? Too much progressive kool-aid?
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Jul 14, 2024 07:34:02   #
DaveO wrote:
My, you do crave constant attention, little fibber! Funny that you have a need to continue your sobbing into another day. So cute!

There ya go with the name calling right out of the gate. I must have hit a nerve already Davie. Don't fret, your butt-buddy Krackhead will be by shortly to stroke your ego. You have a nice Sunday.
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Jul 14, 2024 07:29:17   #
ken_stern wrote:
Since A******n directly affects Females -- Who represent a little over 50% of our national population --
Just how in the hell does that make it a State Issue -- You end up with States watching females that leave the state & bring them to trial --- Very similar to what the Southern States attempted to do to retrieve escaped S***es

It makes it a state issue because that how the laws are written at this time. Have congress pass legislation making it a national issue. Civics 101.
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Jul 13, 2024 13:54:25   #
Frank T wrote:
A woman's right to control her own body for one.
Want to know what else is planned?
Then read Project 2025 and I'll discuss it with you.

He did not take that right away. You are mistaken, as usual. The court simply said this was a State issue, not a federal issue. A******n is still legal where the majority of v**ers want it. Project 2025, when did Trump state this would be his policy?
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Jul 13, 2024 13:49:57   #
Texcaster wrote:
That's the 2018 Helsinki presser when Uncle Goombah informed *"the s**thole countries" and "the nice countries" of the world that ... "He (Mr Vlad) told me very powerfully 'STF Trump! It was the Ukrainians that rooted your e******n! It's always the Ukrainians!' I have no reason to doubt him. Annnd ... he said that our intel services suck BUT he's offered KGB assistance to help sort them out. That's a pretty good deal for the USA eh!" Big Pimp

These days the convict forkwit braggs that ... "Only I can make Mr Vlad release the WSJ reporter! He'll draw a line on the map and tell me 'very powerfully' the part that is his. That's when I tell him ... 'Sir, you're certainly welcome to bugger NATO as you see fit.'"

*'immune' p**********l words.
That's the 2018 Helsinki presser when Uncle Goomba... (show quote)

To repeat, what does the picture show regarding your alleged control of Trump by Putin?
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Jul 13, 2024 13:47:35   #
Robertl594 wrote:
What is liberal meda? You almost made a point until you eliminated your credibility by not proof reading your message.

Criticism for a typo? That the best you got?
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Jul 13, 2024 13:46:09   #
DaveO wrote:
LOL, this guy is off the deep end and no doubt foaming at the mouth! Pappie-kins is out to lunch!

Very good Davie. Now that you have Krackhead to stroke your ego and be your lap dog, you must be very happy.
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Jul 13, 2024 13:43:40   #
Kraken wrote:
Do your keepers know you are messing with their office computer?

Very good response. Krackhead. Almost as good as your butt-buddy Davie.
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Jul 12, 2024 19:47:23   #
Frank T wrote:
So tell me. How do you make America great again, by taking away the rights of its citizens.

What rights were taken away by Trump? Come on Frankie, two of us have ask.
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Jul 12, 2024 18:22:45   #
Frank T wrote:
Wow, You've got a case of the MAGA'ts. It's a disease where you think Trump actually makes sense.
I, for one will always remember that story he told about the electric boat sinking with sharks nearby and that he'd prefer being electrocuted as to being eaten by sharks.
Then there was the day he changed the course of a hurricane with his Sharpie.
So many stories and so little time.

MAGA - Make America Great Again ' Can you lefties tell me what is wrong with that?
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Jul 12, 2024 18:17:42   #
DaveO wrote:
Again with the “Bye!” You’re a silly prevaricator!

Keep lying, Pappie, and you’ll be forever known as a prevaricator. You probably don’t get it, huh, Pappie-kins!

If you think that’s a cute name, you’re in worse shape than imaginable! You always come up with the same bs, so it is you that is predictable, Pappie-kins!

What’s really funny about your insistence that I turned you into Admin is if I in fact did, why would I not own up to it? Are you some big and scary guy? A couple weeks ago I turned in one of your little buddies for remarks disparaging family members and not only did I admit to turning him in, but I told the slug that if he does it again I’d again complain to Admin. You must think your an intimidating little fella! Get a life loser!

This pissy kid stuff is hardly anything worth whining to Admin about, but it surely seems to get you all worked up.
Again with the “Bye!” You’re a silly prevaricator... (show quote)

There you go, more name calling, but you are finally admitting you have your nose far up admins back-side and you are in his pocket. You obviously have him on speed dial. How much longer will it take for you to run to admin and have me put in time out? How do you know Davie is starting to lose it? Watch for the increase in childish name calling. Come on Davie, lets see what ya got.This is fun, is it not?
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